30 Ways You Can Make Your Love Feel Jealous…

To maintain a healthy relationship, all you need is the effort to build your bond stronger. Although he might be moody or always teasing you With some time, your love and affection can go in vain. Try to bring something unusual so that your relationship will be fresh forever.If you won’t able to do that, your partner will loose interest from you. Hurry up and prepare yourself for a blast.


Go sexy

You need too transform your look.Have a new haircut and add something appealing on your personality to drag attention of your partner.If you want, you can visit to the parlor in order to look amazing. Remember, to make your loved one jealous you have to do these stuff. Otherwise, you won’t make him go crazy over you. Got it!

Have flings with someone else

Nothing matter to a guy else then seeing his partner having fun with someone else. It’s a perfect trick to feel how much your partner loves you.When he will see you flirting with other guy, he can’t control himself and will burst out. This is great way to make jealous to your loved one.

Through social networking sites

With the use of social media, you can engage yourself and spend your time with another guy.If you want to make him jealous, it’s an amazing idea. From adding the person to liking all his activity and commenting in each and every post can really work for you.If you do such things, your partner will surely investigate about what’s cooking between you and him. It means he is jealous isn’t it?

Girls day out

It’s better to hang out with your friends instead getting bored at home. Sometimes try to enjoy without your partner and find your happiness in something else. Don’t waste your time waiting for him rather go with your plans and do whatever you want to. If he has no time, why would you suffer?

Dancing with his friend

When you are at party, don’t get struck around him. Think of something that will make your partner jealous. Look for a guy, with whom you can dance. Dance with him like a perfect couple. After that, I’m sure your partner will be red face and get irritated soon.

Give someone a flattering remark

While making jealous to your partner, this way is incredible. When you see someone looking handsome or taking care of his baby, you can compliment him. If your person watch you talking to another guy even appreciating him, he won’t stand still. He will surely reach to the guy, no wonders what will he do next.

Become a member of gym

Join a gym and discuss about your gym friends with your partner. If you choose to have a trainer, it’s even superb. You can tell him how much support your trainer gives you.Tell him about his nature,his muscular body and everything related to him. No guy can listen someone’s else appreciation from his lady love. It will undoubtedly effect to his heart.

Chat with your ex-boyfriend

If your love catches you talking to your ex-boyfriend, he can’t tolerate that. He will have an arguments with you. You all know, besides every fights there is a deep love. So, this is a correct way to flow his love towards you and get drowned. Sometimes doing something like this is actually fun.

Do something for someone unless him 

A guy can see everything. But can’t escape himself to look what you are doing for someone else. It can be dropping someone to their place, delivering home-made food and stuffs like that. If he watches the care and love you are spreading to others, instead of him he will definitely get jealous. He will think rather doing those unnecessary things, you can spend time with him.

Get help from your neighbor

Getting help from your neighbor to settle down your stuff or to take help for internet services can easily make your partner feel jealous. How? When your neighbor and you are doing something alone and suddenly he reaches home. Isn’t it fun? It is, looking at his face oh my god…

Show it with your behavior

Your partner know you how you behave with him. He don’t know your other side. Then, don’t waste time and show who you really are. For that, throw a girls party and enjoy the single bit of it. With that, he will find a new you. He will note that you are so loving and caring, you can make-up your friend’s mood in no time. As he is not invited, he will miss the party and most importantly you.

Grab attention from someone else

Without hurting your partner’s feeling, just try to gain someone’s eyes on you. For this, all you have to do is have a sexy dress, no one can stop complimenting you in. In front of him, when a guy comes to you and can’t keep his eyes off. Then, your partner have no choice except being jealous. This trick actually works. 

Click snaps

Whenever you go for a party or some fun, don’t forget to click pictures. As you need to show them to your love to make him feel what he missed. Without him, you had a blast with your friends.Or else, you can upload them on Instagram. All in all, he will just curse himself.

Go with  your friends

In vacation, when he planned a trip for you but you choose your friends instead. Won’t he feel jealous of your friends. Of course, he will. He will think how lucky are your friends, enjoying a great time with you.Feeling heart broken he have to stay alone.

Slow reply

If he sends a message for you, don’t reply immediately.You should show as if you are busy with anything else. Try to text him atleast an hour back.In this way, you can make his mind divert towards you.He will be thinking what’s  the important work then he himself. With that, you will be successful in your plan.

Be unavailable

Sometimes it’s good to avoid him and hi calls. When your partner calls you up, don’t pick.You can call back him after hours. When he ask you out then tell him to cancel them. As you have some plans with your friends. It can attract him towards you.Hearing that, he might find himself less important and jealous as well.

Leave conversation 

When your partner shares something with you, you left in the middle. How bad will he feel? He will feel as if your interest towards him is decreasing. You don’t want him in your life. With that, he will see what’s going on in your life.If you will show him like you are happy, he will be insecure.

Make him feel annoying

You can tease your partner with some other girl. With this, you can observe his reaction and will know whether he loves you or not. It will sort out all your queries related to your partner. You don’t have to switch your plannings to know how much your partner need you. If you will do so, you can hurt him as well as yourself.

Bring a guy’s name

While you are telling him about your day, mention name of a guy who is not even in your friend list. Listening a guy’s name, your partner will be insecure and try to end the conversation. But you know the reason, why he stopped it right. You could smell the jealousy inside him. I know, deep inside you must be enjoying it.

Leave your phone

When you are having a chat with a guy make sure your partner is beside you. After that, drop your phone aside. With that, he will realize that how popular you are. You have enough guys friend to have fun. He will re-read all your talks and feel jealous of the guy you was chatting with. Nice!

Craze for stars

Whether you have met your favorite star or not.But the craze in you about his style or acting makes your partner go irritated. As you know, men can’t digest anyone’s else appreciation in front of themselves. When he feels you are mad fan of the actor, he gets jealous and won’t allow you to see his movies by then (can’t stop laughing).

Ignore him

When you will pay less attention to your partner, he will start looking after you more than he used to . Sometimes for getting love of someone special, you have to hurt yourself. This will help you make your loved one more closer to you. Thus, if you want to make jealous to your partner, try this technique it will do wonders for you.

Don’t seem obvious

Be careful while you plan something to make him feel jealous. Sometimes he may catches you. So,always be prepared with your tricks. For that, you can exchange smile to such a guy, who easily gets flat over you. He can even without reason walk around you. When your partner see what’s going on, he will be jealous.

Fighting without reason

Just fight with your partner and don’t talk to him until he comes to you. When you will involve yourself in something else, he will feel ignored. You can also go out with someone else. He will feel disgusting. By the time you are back to home, he will talk you and shower love on you. As he felt that without you, he is incomplete.

Create on your own

Every time it’s not compulsory to add someone else for making your partner jealous. You can also do that. Tell him that your handsome boss has invited to for a dinner. Within a second, he will imagine all the setting of your date. With that, he will be left with jealousy and can’t do anything further.Good for you!

Reach home late 

When your whole day is spent at your office and no time for partner how do you feel? You surely will think that  your love has been lost. So will think your partner. He will feel jealous and might think you have an extra marital affair with someone else. Sometimes it may create misunderstanding. So, be careful while you go with this trick.

Be mysterious

Being mysterious is good when you want to jealous your partner. When you are doing everything openly, your partner will know your intentions. So, try to create mystery in your partner’s mind. Then he gets curious to know what are you about to do. Check your phones or follow you to know where are you going and so on.

Spending time with someone

When he will finds that you are having fun with someone else than him, what will be his reaction? He would feel like he is nothing for you. Your love him has fade. But actually, you are doing all this to make him more closer to yourself. You need to understand his condition too. Sometimes it can backfire you.