Understanding the Meaning of Common Dreams

Dreaming is one activity that is common for everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion or culture. Dreams are our connection to our subconscious mind, and the content of our dreams can sometimes be intended as a message to our conscious mind. It’s almost as if your subconscious is writing a letter for your conscious, trying to relay some important or significant thought that may be suppressed when we’re awake.

Throughout recorded history, philosophers and theologians have placed great significance upon the content of our dreams, and oneirology, or the scientific study of dreams, has been practiced for centuries. Certain cultures believe that dreams are a message from God or gods, that dreams are prophetic, or magical, or inspirational. Dreams may be a manifestation of our innermost desires, or an expression of deep anxiety. They may also belong to repressed memories. The images and ideas that fill our dreaming hours have been studied and classified in order to interpret their meaning, and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud developed a specific psychological technique in order to interpret the symbols in our dreams.

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Whether your dreams are frightening, or creative, bizarre or surreal, sexual or sad, it is possible that there is an important meaning hidden within the images of your dreams. Some of the most common things we dream of and their symbolic interpretations are described here for you:

Falling Dreams:

A dream that you are falling is one of the most common types of dreams and one that can have various interpretations. Some dream theorists believe that falling dreams are an indication of anxiety and insecurity, as if you feel you cannot control the situations of your waking life. Dreams of falling can show a fear of failure, that you’re afraid you’ll lose your job, or a romance. Freudian theory holds that falling dreams show that you lack impulse control and will give in to your sexual urges indiscreetly. Biblical dream interpretations say that a falling dream indicates your realization that you are acting outside the will of the Lord.

One certain falling dream theory is more of a myth: if you dream of falling and don’t wake before you land then you will die. There is no scientific data or recorded events to support this theory.

Flying Dreams:

In the waking world, human beings can’t fly on their own power. Some dream theorists believe that flying dreams symbolize a feeling of being undefeatable and able to accomplish any task. Most flying dreams are lucid dreams, meaning on some level during the dream you are actually aware that you are dreaming. A flying dream can make you feel exhilarated, liberated, and exuberant. There are flying dreams with an element of fear, indicating a deep need to escape a situation. If you dream that you are running away from something, and then you take off and fly, then there is probably something going on in your waking life that makes you want to get away. Flying dreams in which you are having trouble staying aloft or in which you have to fly around a lot of obstacles, like trees or mountains, indicate that you have obstacles to overcome in your waking life.

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Chase Dreams:

These kinds of dreams can be terrifying, and seem to parallel fears and stresses in your waking life that cause you anxiety and from which you want to escape. A chase dream scenario involves you running from some kind of attacker. You could be running away from a person who wants to do you harm, or from a vicious animal, or even from some unseen entity. If you have a running dream, you may want to ask yourself who or what in your life do you need to escape.

Naked Dreams:

In your dream, you are just going about your normal daily routine, such as going to work or to school, when you suddenly realize that you are completely nude. There are a couple of different ways to look at the interpretation of naked dreams, and neither is sexual in any way. First, a naked dream like this where you feel mortified or disgraced at your nudity could mean that you are anxious about others seeing through your outward appearance to your true feelings of apprehension, fear of failure, or being unprepared and unable to cope.

Secondly, a naked dream in which your discovery of nudity finds no embarrassment, or you even feel proud of your nakedness, then you don’t have anything to hide or be ashamed of and you feel honest, open and carefree.

Dreams About Hands:

There are several different types of dreams involving hands. If you dream that your own hands are bound, then you may feel trapped or helpless in your waking life. Dreams of washing your hands repeatedly can be an indicator of a guilty conscience. Dreams that many hands are grabbing at you and trying to hold you are frightening, and can indicate that you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities and that there are too many people who need something from you that you may not be able to provide.

Dreams of Houses and Doors:

Many dreams include a house or portion of a house, wherein each floor, room or hallway can symbolize different memories and emotions. A house in a dream often represents your own inner psyche. Dreams of walking down a never-ending hallway with many doors could mean a couple of things. If you try to open the doors and they are locked, you may feel as if someone is denying you an opportunity or blocking your progress. If you dream you are entering an open door signifies new opportunities in your life. To dream you are closing a door means you feel the need to put an end to a situation. Wandering through an empty house means you feel alone.

If you dream of being locked inside a house or a room, then you deeply desire someone to rescue you and set you free. Perhaps in your waking life you are involved in a bad romance, and you wish someone would come along who would treat you better.