34 Unbelievable Uses of Coconut Oil…

With the time, we are hearing a lot about the usefulness of coconut oil. Is it true or just an illusion? It is said to be a magical treatment for every kind of pain may be your elbows or even your feet as well. It depends on you to use it or not. In your daily life, you have to bear lots of problems so, to decrease your problem all you have to do is keep coconut oil at your home. Nothing else.


Here you can get variety of reasons to use coconut oil. I’m sure you will be shocked to see them. What are you waiting for? Just check them out and try them in your home too.

Work as a makeup remover

Be careful while you clear out your makeup from your skin. You can use coconut oil as a make up remover and rub it all over your eyes or on skin.After that, you can wash your face with water. Thus, coconut oil removes all the germs present in your skin cells. So use it.

Soft hair

If you want to have silky soft hair, all you have to do is have coconut oil in your hair. It will help your hair to get softer than it used to be. For that, you  just have to pour some coconut oil rubbing on to your hands. Leave it for whole day to get a better impact.

Smoothen your dry skin

When your hands becomes dry while working in the kitchen, don’t think much and go for coconut oil. As it will heal all your skin problems. So, next time after washing the dishes don’t forget  to use coconut oil. I personally recommend it to you.

Use like a make-up base

While you go for a make-up, just stop once. Firstly, you can apply coconut oil as a base. It will help your face to look radiant and shinier.Always keep in mind to use coconut oil before you put make up on your face. You will certainly  see some changes on your overall look.

Lessen your wrinkles

Are you worried about  your wrinkles? Don’t worry. Just put your beauty cream aside and try coconut oil instead. Use coconut oil as a eye product to lighten your wrinkles.It will also help you to look fair. Always remember to have it to get a clear and soft skin.

In trimming your legs

If you go to market, for buying shaving cream you will be confused to see variety of products. At the same time, it may be a costly deal for you. So, it’s better to use coconut oil as it is affordable and will keep your skin healthy. At least give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Lip Care

Mostly in winters, your skin needs moisturizers. Your lips become dry and rough. Instead of using different lip guard or anything like that. You can simply go for coconut oil without any difficulty. You can rub it on your lips and after that you will see the results out of that.

Clears your dandruff 

If your scalp become dry and doesn’t gets good treatment then dandruff sticks to it. To remove it, all you have to do is massage your scalp as well  as your whole hair with coconut oil. It will definitely help you to reduce your dandruff and maintain growth of your hair.

Body Cream

You might find it silly or some of you will be confused but coconut oil can be used as body lotion.It easily melts on to your skin and keeps your body hydrated. It’s fragrance is so sweet and it gives you a moisturized skin.If you try it once, you won’t stop yourself  from using it again and again.

Heal your wounds

While playing or working at kitchen, you might get scratch. At that time, instead of going with medical treatment, you can cure them with coconut oil. If you use it, you will get relief from  your pain in no time. So, don’t forget to use it when you have wounds anywhere in your body.

Beautify you inherently

We all know, eating coconut is very healthy.But do you know, coconut oil is fruitful for your inside beauty? Yes, it’s a beauty treatment in every way. The coconut oil provides you energy and keeps your body fit. It’s on you, howto use it on your food. You can have it  bread or even with toast.

Deals with infection

In winter, we all go through cold sores and use unlimited medicines for it. When we have best product with us and we can’t see it. It’s non other than the coconut oil.It’s very useful product to deal with any skin problem. So, next time when you suffer from this kind of problem then make coconut oil your first choice.

Can be treated as perfume

You might have smell the fragrance of coconut, isn’t it delicious. As well as, it also kills the germs and gives freshness to your body. You can adorn it under your arms as it will help you in smelling good. If you want to try, you can go for it.

Wipe out all the lice

If you are feeling itching due to lice then I have a perfect solution for you. You can use vinegar on to your scalp adding some amount of coconut oil in it. You can leave it overnight. Early morning, you can brush your hair and then wash it away with shampoo. With this your problem will be sorted.

Baby rashes

Rashes is very common in terms of baby. When you see your baby having thrush in your mouth then you can coconut oil. As it’s  natural formula, it doesn’t have any side affects. Coconut oil is a product available in every home. Before it transfers, you better use it.

Whitening smile

Want to have white dazzling teeth? If you seriously wish to have it, you can. You just have to apply coconut oil with baking soda into it. With that, you can get whitening smile. So, are you ready to shine?

Scars during pregnancy

During the time of pregnancy, every women should have coconut oil by their side. It don’t remove scars but will helps you in lightening those marks. With that, you can use it for the dark spots on your face. Don’t forget to keep it with you.

Hair massage

For a healthy hair, you try to choose best product for yourself. In the meantime, you forget coconut oil which is equal to perfect for your hair. Massage your hair with hot coconut oil to get thicker and shinier hair. You will get nourishment and gifted with silky hair.

Dark circles 

If you don’t want to spend your money in your beauty products then switch to coconut oil. In an affordable price, you can get best treatment. Pour some coconut oil on your under eye lines. So, that you can lessen the darkness and brighten the charm of your face as well.

Useful for your nails

Just go through your nails and have a look at your cuticles. Don’t you think that they are weak? If you do, then you can easily keep them strong enough. By dabbing some coconut oil on your nails you can enhance their beauty. Not only this, it also protects your manicure being fade.

Mouth wash

When you feel your breathe is not smelling nice then trill it out with coconut oil. Using some amount of coconut oil, you can freshen up yourself. In addition, you can get rid of germs, make your teeth stronger and most importantly feel better. So try to use it on a regular basis.

Stop irritation

Coconut oil is natural ointment.It cures all your wounds as well as your itchiness. If any insect bites you, what do you feel? You will definitely find it irritating. Without any doubt go for coconut oil. It will help you to reduce the itchiness and will provide you a sense of relief.

Nourishes your roots

Before you wash your hair, give your hair an oil treatment. At least leave for an hour to rinse it on scalp to your roots of your hair. With that, you will get some changes in your hair. You will feel your hair glowing and much thicker than it used to be.

Breast ointment

When you are busy in enjoying your motherhood, you bear all your pain. Like, while you feed your baby, your nipple gets rough. Fort that, if you need a best cream then it can’t be better than coconut oil. It will nourish your nipples and protects it from being dry. So, use it as it is very important.


You can’t think how useful is coconut oil for you in your daily life. Working at the kitchen, when you suddenly burn your hands then take it easy. You do have coconut oil in your house right, it’s time to use it.It will let your burnt to heal as soon as possible and provide you relief.

Protects your hair

In the season of fall, your hair easily gets messy. I have a suggestion for you on that. You can rinse some coconut oil in order to create your messy hair smooth and soft. It will keep your roots strong and help it to grow faster. So this winter, give your hair the strength of coconut oil.

Reduces dryness of nostril

If you ever go through problem like this, don’t panic.All you need to get is coconut oil. Allow some drops of coconut oil on o your nostrils and rub it. With that you will feel better.Keep one thing in mind, don’t pour great amount of oil instead you will have to suffer a lot.

Constipation treatment

Are you worried about your constipation problem? Finding the way to get treated? Then, you can massage your stomach with coconut oil to make your digestion process on safe side. With this, you will soon see yourself out of this problem. Give it a try for once.


If you are scared of sun burn and stay at home to get rid of it then, you are impossible. For this, you can rub coconut oil onto your hand, leg and your whole body. As it can protect you from sun rays and helps to lighten your skin in every way out.

Cracked heels

Coconut oil can add glow to your skin. If you have your edges patchy and dry then no problem. Put some coconut oil on to your hands and dab it on to your crack. You can rub it in your heels to make it softer and brighter.

Increasing eyelashes

All of want to look beautiful as much as you can. Eyelashes is the key to attract someone towards you. If you want to enhance your eyelashes, you should use coconut oil every night. As it helps you in enrichment of lashes. Use it on a daily basis.

Soothing elbows

Elbows gets dry in no time. If you use coconut oil it will surely reduce the dryness of your elbows. You can do this before you go to bed. When you see them at morning, you will feel the smoothness and shine in them. So, it’s a best medicine to heal all your skin problems.

Cure your foot

Using coconut on a daily basis you can keep your feets healthy. Don’t forget to clean your hands while you rub coconut oil in your feet. It helps you to keep distance from germs.So, give your foot a massage in order to get relief from the pain. Try it, it really works.

Bum ointment

If you are suffering from bum problem such as itching or like that? Then, without wasting any time, you can apply coconut oil on them. You can put it twice a day and use it on your irritation areas. With that, you will feel better and can forget all your problems.