Top 5 Places for a Perfect Honeymoon

Planning a wedding can be a taxing endeavor. Dates, dresses, colors, flowers, cakes, reception venues…the list is endless. After reward? A perfect honeymoon!

Choosing honeymoon-central, though, is a task. Keep a few key ideas in mind and you can whittle your options to make the selection process easy and stress free:


Make sure your destination isn’t during the rainy unless you aren’t planning to enjoy the great outdoors.

            Entertainment alternatives

You can’t hang on the beach, slopes, or at the tables the entire time. You’ll have to relax, as well.


You’ll be eating at least three times a day so it will either add or detract from your experience. Have lots of options, and make sure the area is known for safe food and water.

#1 Baja California Sur, Mexico

Pacific Mexico is at the top of the list of Mexico destinations. Boasting hot spots like Los Cabos, Cabo san Lucas, and San Jose de Cabo, this is a location full of opportunities. Best travel times are November though July.

Baja offers not only beautiful beaches, and warm climates, but a superior night life, zip-lining through rain-forests, ATV trails through the jungles, amazing offshore fishing spring through fall, and winter months make for the best whale watching.

Bundle that with Baja food and this place is off the charts! Authentic Mexican and fresh seafood make this a destination that wins.

#2 Las Vegas, Nevada

A year-round destination, though some of the summer months top the 100s. Weather here is dry so heat does not play the same factor as locations with high humidity. This place is full-speed ahead, 24/7, so you can play inside during the day and come out at night!

Vegas is entertainment, with roller-coasters and zip-lines over the strip. The city also has great hiking and rock climbing activities. Red Rock Canyon is a renown climbing spot in Southwest US. Hoover Dam tours, lakes for boating, museums, and botanical gardens are just some of the mix that makes Vegas great.

And food? There is no end to the food possibilities in Vegas. Countless buffets and food trucks are both in abundance…and gourmet restaurants? Can you say Gordon Ramsay? Not to mention restaurants at Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio, Stratosphere, MGM Grand, Aria, etc., this is a food mecca.

#3 Bahamas

Yearly tropical climates., though the hurricane season runs in peak summer months, so careful pre-planning is required, with back-up plans.

Once in a lifetime experiences, you can snorkel and scuba dive the most beautiful reefs in the world, as well as swim with dolphins. But the Bahamas gives you more than that. It is a place for architectural sight-seeing, home to Christ Church Cathedral, built in 1670, and great shopping at the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

While in the marketplace you have access to 30+ restaurants of island cuisine. This cuisine brilliance carries through the entire Bahamas, offering some of the most fresh and healthy Atlantic seafood available.

#4 Tuscany

A most romantic place, year round, Tuscany is a perfect honeymoon choice. This scenic countryside destination has beautiful vistas with charming villages, vineyards, rolling hills. No season is off limits.

Castles, iconic churches, and medieval towers give a Renaissance feel. The Leaning Tower of Pisa adds to the culture. Vineyards and wineries, olive groves, and secluded beaches make this a one-of-a-kind honeymoon spot. Limitless options allow you to make it your own.

Taste buds are in for a treat, as Tuscan flavors ruminate through all local cuisine. A rich cappuccino at sunrise, rustic Italian foods at sunset, or a rich cake or gelato under a romantic Tuscan moon…delight.

#5 Aruba

This blonde beach Caribbean island off the Venezuelan coast offers a year round treasure for those wanting a honeymoon of rest and relaxation. A yearly average of 82 degrees, warm trades winds, and cool evenings, make for an inviting journey’s end.

This is a compact island destination with chilling out in mind. While the 20 X 6 mile island has an active social scene with an active nightlife, shopping, restaurants, and casinos, and it is geared toward island life.

Aruban dishes are a fusion of Spanish, Dutch, and African cultures. Other influences, too, have left their mark and Aruba is known for a diverse flavor. Fresh seafood, local coconuts and bananas, and island rum make this cuisine unique and unforgettable.