Tips To Keeping Your Clothes Looking New

Power dressing has been a thing of late. People are now becoming more conscious with how they dress and look to other people. As much importance is given to style, the key in looking sharp and fresh lies in clothes that always look crisp and new all the time. The solution then is to make sure you take clothing care to a higher level in order to keep the best condition of your clothing.

Buying Quality Clothing

The best way to have new looking clothes is to buy quality ones in the first place. No amount of handling and hacking can save a low quality clothing from looking used and abused. Everytime you shop for new clothes, it is better to buy the one with high quality fabric. Quality wear can last you years especially with great jeans, sweaters, and coats. The extra money you spend on these would be worth it instead of buying the cheaper ones that will only last for a few uses before looking worn out. When shopping, check for the zippers, buttons, and hooks and how well they are sewn on the garment. If they are placed well, it means that the clothing is well put together.

Color Treatment

Always listen to your mama when she tells you that you should separate your whites from your colored clothing. Even some of your colored clothing should be separated because they tend to bleed and discolor others mixed with them. This is true because each category needs a different approach in cleaning. White would always need to be washed first and air dried because too much heat or sun exposure can cause yellowing and other discolorations. Colored clothing would need to be washed in a cooler water setting so the color will stay vibrant. They should be exposed to too much light either because the colors may fade if done constantly. If you want to revive their colors, you may look for dyes for clothing but these are limited to the primary colors so your black clothings can surely go back to its intensity since there are a lot of available black dyes in stores.

Thorough Cleaning

Thorough cleaning does not mean over washing. It means you follow the instructions labels on how to wash and handle the clothing. Cleaning should start by addressing problems immediately. As soon as you take off your clothing, get rid of stains right away because if you let it sit longer, they can cause discoloration and permanent damage to your clothes. Rinse it off with water first then use a stain removing solution or detergent. When it comes to the detergent you use, choose the right one for the clothing, and go for liquid detergents because these are gentler to the fabric. The final step of rinsing your clothes should be done thoroughly to remove all traces of the detergent you used because it can leave a white film on clothes.

Proper Storage

There is proper storage for all kinds of clothes. Sweaters, for example, shouldn’t be hanged because they can be stretched out and lose their shape. Some fabrics are too thin that storing them for too long can weaken their thread and be prone to breakage. There are termites that eat off clothes as well so beware of this. Do not keep them for too long because the years can take its toll even if they are unused. Better take them out for cleaning once in a while. Do not store them with your other stuff including shoes and bags because the dirt and moisture from these can affect clothes in the long run.

Don’t Overuse Clothing

The clothes you are wearing at work should be only used when you are at work. When at home or going elsewhere, change into casual or play clothes because these are more comfortable after all. Rotate your set of clothes as well to look like you have fresher and newer clothes by using only a limited number of clothes for a range of time before switching to another set after how many months or years. For example, use the pieces of clothing you have that will go for the current trend then keep the others and only use them again when the trend comes back.

Looking fresh and new is easy if you put the work on the care and handling of your clothes. It all starts by having an organized and thorough system in cleaning them out, keeping them, and using them for your everyday needs. When they are kept looking newer, you can enjoy using them longer as well.