Tips to Keep Your Pipes Clean and in Excellent Condition

When you first move out of your parent’s place and into your own, it can be quite an exciting time of your life. You get to finally become independent and enjoy all the perks that come with that. One thing that you don’t really plan for is the fact that responsibilities come with that independence. It is up to you to fix anything malfunctioning in your place, cook, clean, and do all sorts of house duties that are probably less fun than you would’ve thought. Perhaps the most annoying problems you could deal with in your home have to do with plumbing. From clogged drains to freezing pipes, these issues could really complicate your life. Follow these tips to keep your pipes clean and in excellent condition.

Regularly Clean Them

Arguably the most important tip to keep your pipes in excellent condition is to regularly clean them. You cannot afford to neglect doing so, because they can and probably will get clogged. You have different approaches to clean your drains, but a good home-made mixture always does the trick. You can use a combination of vinegar and baking soda, which works like a charm in cleaning the pipes as well as the drains from any debris. When you pour that mixture in, it dissolves stuck particles and anything in its path. You need to do this once a month, at least, to keep your pipes in good shape.

Get Help from Experts

It is always a good idea to call an expert whenever you are facing a problem with pipes in your place. You might be tempted to try and fix the problem on your own, but the chances are you will make it only worse. When it comes to plumbing, it is always best that you call an experienced contractor to fix any problems you are facing with leaking faucets or clogged drains and pipes. They will know how to efficiently fix the problem, and quickly, without damaging your piping networks, which will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. It is also recommended that you have a plumber check your entire piping network on a regular basis –– every 3 to 6 months. This will help you detect any problems before they develop into something more serious.

Be Careful What You Dispose Of

One of the biggest reasons why people have problems with their piping is because they dispose of the wrong stuff where they shouldn’t. Never throw oil, grease, or fat down the drain. They could cause all sorts of trouble and clog your pipes, and they can cause more damage over time, and are not easy to get rid of. You should also know that the accumulation of fat and grease damages your entire plumbing system, not just the one in the kitchen! As for toilets, you should never flush anything but human waste –– toilet paper might be ok, but it is still better to use a trash bin. Never dispose of wipes, diapers, feminine products, food leftovers, or anything else. People do that all the time, and it causes some serious damage to the plumbing system.

Insulate Your Pipes

Fat and grease aren’t your only potential problems with pipes. When it is wintertime, pipes could easily freeze unless they are insulated. Freezing pipes take time, so water could flow normally before the pipes explode, which is both very costly and quite dangerous. So, make sure that you properly insulate your pipes before the beginning of winter.

Use Strainers

While this sounds like a no-brainer, a lot of people still ignore this tip. You absolutely need to use a strainer on the drains, as it will keep particles from accumulating and clogging your pipes. Whenever it gets full, empty it immediately to avoid having any particles seep into the pipes. It is a simple and cheap solution, but it is also very efficient.

Don’t Ignore the Obvious

When it comes to the pipes around your place, you cannot afford to ignore the obvious. If your pipes are too old, replace them. Don’t wait until they start causing problems and damage your entire network, which will be exponentially more costly. You should also fix any problems you face as soon as possible. A leaking pipe might seem like a small problem to you, but it could cause a lot more trouble if left untreated.

At the end of the day, the more effort and care you put into maintaining your pipes, the better their condition will be. The last thing you want is to wake up and find your house flooded because of a clogged pipe. So, make sure to follow these tips consistently.