Tips to Design an Eco-friendly Bathroom

The world is on its toes towards trying to curb the effects of climate change and global warming. But from the look of things, there isn’t much option than choosing to go green. So if you feel like you should be part of the process( which you actually should) then there is a way you can help. That’s letting the change begin with you. And the easiest way to do that is by gradually changing your home into an Eco-friendly ambiance. You don’t have to cover all spaces at once. On the contrary, starting with the most used areas such as the bathroom will give you the motivation to keep moving. So how can you design an environmentally friendly bath area? Here are some tips to get you started.


There is no denying that we all need light when in the bathroom. So while there is no way you can do away with it, you can change its source. And this can be by trying to maximize natural light. You start by getting rid of the blinds and instead consider using clear window glasses. If privacy is your number one concern, then go for frosted film/glass. Also, try adding in some skylight and let you space burst with bright. This is a sure way of saving energy. And you will also appreciate the decreasing energy bills.

Water Usage

Water is the number one wasted resource in the bathroom area. From showers, taps to the toilet, it’s always about water. Since there is no way to stop using it, why not try working on the fixtures faucets instead? For instance, be intentional about choosing Eco-friendly fixtures for your sinks and shower heads. Nowadays there are a variety of awesome shower products that offer low water flow without having to compromise on pressure quality.

Consequently, pay attention to the type of toilet you have in place. Let each flush be part of your water-saving efforts. You can achieve this by installing one with a dual flushing option or one with a low-flow as well.

The Heating

The bathroom area can breed a lot of harmful organisms if left unheated. Therefore as much as you want to keep it warm and hygienic, look for an inefficient heating option for that purpose. From Eco labeled Led lights to infrared heat lamps, you can never run out of excellent options.

Walls And Floor

When it comes to designing an environmentally-friendly bathroom space, it’s vital to source out for both permanent and temporary products. Ensure that the ones you choose can be reused once you’re done with them. For example go for recycled tiles, natural stones or bamboo items. In fact, bamboo shouldn’t miss on your consideration-list. It’s renewable and doesn’t wear out easily. You should also make its products your number one choice when it comes to toiletries.

Designing an environmentally friendly bathroom is your way of participating in making the world a better place. But this doesn’t mean you will have to compromise quality. If anything the market is flooded with Eco-labeled products you can use to enjoy your bath-time. That too at affordable prices. From your lighting needs, water usage to the wall and floor decor. You now have no excuse, right?