Tips on What to Wear on Your First Date

If you are going on your first date with someone, you will want to look your best. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, your image should be important to you. There are a number of things that you will need to remember on what to wear when going on a first date. Clothing styles become fads and then come back into style again. It is like a never ending cycle, where repeats are inevitable. You will need to prepare for your first date as soon as you know where you will be going. Dress to impress that someone who thought enough of you to ask you out. This article will let you in on some tips from the experts about dressing for that all important first date.


Planning is the key to anything important in life. Of course, your first date with that special someone that you like will be right up there with the other great things happening in your life. Begin to plan what you will wear after finding out where you will be going. You will need to pick between 3-5 great outfits that are appealing to you. Prepare these outfits as if you are going to wear each one. If there is a last minute change, then you are ready. The outfits should range from casual wear to a dinner date to formal gown and tuxedo. Anything that your date has in mind, you will be prepared for.


They say that the eyes are the window to your soul and your date will probably be looking into them all night long. Choose colors that will flatter your body type and bring out the color in your eyes. Your date is interested in getting to know all of you. This lets them know that you understand what works best for you. There are great colors that will work best for your tone of skin. Allow your best girlfriends to decide what you should wear, particularly if they have great taste. Your colors should also reflect your personality and tastes. What color looks good on one person may not look good for someone else.


One of the best tips that you can get is to not wear too much jewelry. Particularly if the jewelry jingles every time you walk. This can be distracting and annoying to your date, even though they may not say so. Keep jewelry to a minimum of perhaps a watch, one bracelet, earrings and a necklace. Wearing multiple jewelry will only be distracting to the clothing that you have on, which is what you should want them to notice first.


If you are a man going on that first date with someone special, remember that some of your casual wear can be the right thing to wear. Just because it is just a pair of shirt and jeans does not mean you cannot wear it. Pay attention to your hygiene and what your date calls for. If you are taking her to a movie, then this outfit will come in handy. Adam White, founder of, explains that a t-shirt should feel perfectly comfortable while still looking nice enough to wear on a date with your lady. Looking good is all in how you wear your clothing. Be casual but look nice while you do it.


There are some women who go on dates with outfits where they cannot walk, talk or breathe. The outfit is so tight, particularly across the stomach or belly area, that it looks awkward to your first date. It also looks like you are going to burst at any moment. Give your date peace of mind in knowing that he will not have to pick you up off the floor, do CPR or take you home early for a new change of clothing. While you do not have to wear unflattering clothing that looks like you are wearing a trash bag, it should also not be so tight that you cannot enjoy your first date.

Going on a first date with someone that you really like is difficult enough. Make that date a little easier by preparing and planning, wearing great colors that work well with your skin tone and eyes, dress casually, but make sure it is appropriate, change clothing if need be to fit where you are going and wear clothing that allows you to breathe and enjoy being with the other person. These are all great tips that you should try when going on your first date. And who knows, after everything is over, you may be asked out for a second one.