Tips On Picking The Perfect Hair Color For You

Picking your next hair color has never been easy. Several factors determine the shades that will blend well with your complexion. Besides your skin tone, it is also crucial to know your undertone complexion. That will help in narrowing down to the certain hair color shades that will work perfectly well with your complexion.

Here are some simple tips that will help you know the best hair color shades for your skin tone.

Know your skin tone

The most important thing to do when choosing your next hair color is to know your skin tone. That can be pretty easy and incredibly complex as well because skin tone tends to be extremely diverse and it falls into numerous categories. Generically, the color of your skin should come under olive, medium, pale or deep/dark. That won’t be difficult to identify, and in many cases, people know the tone of their skin.

Identify the undertones

After identifying your skin tone, the next thing is to select the undertones. You can choose an undertone by trying on silver and gold jewelry, looking at the color of your eyes, and guessing your veins’ color. You can end up with the following outcome:


  • If you have a cool undertone, silver jewelry will look good on you.
  • People with green, blue, and gray eyes have cooler skin undertones.
  • If the color of your veins is blue or purple, then you have colder undertones.


  • If you can see some of your veins especially on the wrist and they’re green in color, you have a warm undertone.
  • If your eyes are hazel, brown or green, then you have warm undertones.
  • If you decide to put on golden jewelry, and your skin tone is warm, then it will look good on you.


  • If the vein color is a combination of green, purple and blue, that means that the color of your skin is neutral.
  • If you decide to put on jewelry, then both gold and silver will look better on you.

Look for opposites that complement

Look for hair colors that are opposite the tone of your skin. That may appear counterproductive, but opposites always attract the eye near you. People who have warm undertones should opt for colors with cool tones. People with cool skin tones need to use warm skin tones. If you have neutral undertones, then you have more freedom, because you can select almost any hair color you want. For example, you can try rose gold ombre hair ideas since it’s a massive trend and also looks good on absolutely everyone.

Have a visual example

Always have some visual example in your mind to show your hairdresser. You can get an image of a celebrity whose eye color, hair color, and skin tone closely resembles yours. That enables you and your hairdresser to get a more practical idea of the look you have in mind and how the color will look on you.


You don’t have to be a celebrity for you to rock a bright, bold color and also pull it off. Whether it is a platinum blonde mane or a vibrant red bob that gave you a profound case of envy, it’s time to start trying new hair colors. Even if you are not considering a bold appearance, then you can make the appropriate color selections every time with the help of these simple tips.