Things You Need to Know Before Going to South Korea

Are you thinking of visiting the beautiful country known as South Korea? This country has a plethora of beautiful natural and manmade attractions that are a must see if you are travelling. South Korea is also incredibly culturally diverse and as a result its large cities have all kinds of cool stuff to check out. Maybe your a music buff? K-Pop is a sensation that is gripping the world, and definitely worth checking out while you visit. Maybe you love to eat? Who doesn’t? South Korea has a ton of amazing culinary experiences that will make your trip a memorable one. Read below for some hot tips on things you need to know before visiting South Korea.

Brush Up 

If you plan to go to South Korea you should do some research on the country before you travel. This can help you plan your trip and make sure you are well informed. This will save time and make sure you can make the most out of your time in the country. You could also try to learn a few phrases in Korean to help you be more favourable and friendly with the locals. 

Pack Warm 

Some people think that South Korea is really warm because it is ‘South’ Korea. However, this country can actually get pretty cold. Make sure you check the weather projections for your time of travel before you pack, so you won’t be caught off guard. 

Length of Stay? 

Depending on how long you will be in South Korea you can plan your trip accordingly. If you are having a quick stay then you should absolutely consider checking out some famous tourist attractions. If you have already visited and are returning you may have an idea of some of the fun locations or activities, but maybe this time you could venture to the less touristy areas and discover hidden gems loved by the locals. Who knows, you might fall in love with this country and actually consider relocating there. However, before you do that you should read this before moving, as it provides basic and essential information you may need to aid in the process. South Korea is a prosperous and culture rich country in which anyone can find something to enjoy. Regardless of the length of your stay, Korea definitely has something to offer you. 


South Korea has an amazing music scene with all kinds of different genres, famous groups and musicians having originated there. K-Pop in particular is very popular on the world scene, and is a huge part of Korean pop-culture. Make sure to get out and see some live music during your stay. Regardless of your musical tastes you will be able to find something you can enjoy. Consider checking out Mudaeruk if you want to see some interesting live music and other culture. 


South Korea has a rich food culture, so you should definitely consider checking out some famous restaurants while you visit. Being the originator of foods like bibimbap, kimchi, korean barbecue and other food dishes there is definitely something you will enjoy. They are also famous for their street food, like Tteokbokki, fishcakes, Gimbap, Egg bread, and many more. Head on over to Myeongdong, a very famous shopping area for tourists and locals alike, but boasts of delectable Korean street food as well. 

Entertainment/ Attractions 

There is a whole host of amazing entertainment attractions in South Korea that you can check out when you visit. Whether you like music, theater, zoos, adult entertainment, art, or pop culture there is something you will enjoy in South Korea. Consider checking out the Seoul Racecourse if you enjoy horse racing. The Nanta Theatre Jung-Gu is a hugely popular tourist attraction. If you like Korean opera the National Theater of Korea is a must visit location for you. Gamblers should check out the Paradise City Casino for a Vegas style experience with a South Korean take. The National Gugak center offers traditional Korea folk music experience for Koreans and tourists alike which will leave you bewildered. If one of these attractions doesn’t interest you, consider exploring some of Korea’s national parks, or do some research online to find some notable locations so you can experience the country. Even renting a car and driving through the country side can be an enriching experience to see what life is like in South Korea outside the big cities. 

Hopefully this list has been helpful in providing some insight into the beautiful country of South Korea. If you are a foodie, music lover, culture lover, or just happen to be visiting, there is something you will enjoy. There are a ton of amazing attractions to see and we encourage you to explore on your own and discover new things in addition to the ones listed in this article. Regardless of the length of your trip, this guide should offer you some interesting experiences. Consider doing additional research on the things listed here, as well as looking into your own destinations to make sure you have a unique and enjoyable trip to South Korea. Wishing you safe travels and a memorable experience!