Things You Have to Work on Before You Say Goodbye to 2015…

Every year we are gifted with lots of happiness and the same year brings the sorrows. Before ending of the year, we wish to have new sense of joy with the beginning of new year. Whether it’s a bad habits or some other thing stop them earlier than the new year.I know you all are preparing for new year resolution’s list but before that have a look at the things you should work on before the end of this year.

Keep one thing in mind, if you don’t give up your bad habits and behavior before new year then there is no need of resolution for new year.If you wish to try something new. You can have a glance on different ways you can work on yourself . If you did that, you can brighten up your new year. Hope, some of you may relate your strength and weakness from these things.

Get out from the negativity 

Deep inside you are fighting with lots of lies.You are questioning yourself and your identity as a whole. If you do this to you yourself then,it could be problematic for you. Thus, you have to be what you are. Not that, what you think. In the edge of this year, end the negative thoughts in you.

Don’t stop; simply burst out

If you are holding something for someone, dont think much just speak out. With that, you will get a sense of ease inside your heart, it’s speechless. Speak up to him and sort out your problems.Unless it becomes too late. Sometimes holding something can affect our relationship and can lead towards confusions. So, it’s better to go and talk with the person.

Don’t avoid the bitter truth

Avoiding the truth is not a solution.If you run away from the reality then your life will be complicated. Try to see the things as they are. Otherwise, you will loose many things behind.Do something that will help you to face the things instead escape you from looking at it. Afterwards, you will realize that you could have done it before.Let’s go for it.

End the bad habits you are indulged to 

Whether you are addicted to smoking drinking, it’s bad for you. You know that. But you are not trying to come out from your addition. If thing will go on in the same track, you will never get chance to realize the fact.When you will face the truth, all you will do is cry on what you did. So, by the end year try to control yourself and skip these pointless things.

Forget what has happened

Don’t keep things in heart instead forget them. Try to forgive those people who planted things against you. It’s a tough job but do it for your own sake. If you forgive someone, all you will get is great amount of relief. With that, you will be able to forget about the person. So, think about this matter. It’s a best way to keep yourself feel good.

Discard your anger

You can’t control anything for so long. So, is your anger. You have to let it go as it will create negative atmosphere around you.Not only this, it can change your nature, the people you are with and many other things.So, it’s time to overcome from those unwanted memories and create good ones. Stay happy and find happiness in all the things you are connected to.

Stay away from addiction

Some of you may have television addiction and some have reading book. They forget the world when they are busy in their hobbies. At some point, you will realize the value of time and think what you have done. If you want, this doesn’t happens in your life then take it easy. Get out from your addiction and do something that uplifts you. Of course, things that will create new you.

Start doing something you are good at

Don’t focus on what people are doing. Instead look at yourself and see what are you capable in. Go for it. Don’t think further about it. Just concentrate while you do something for the first time.So that in coming days, you will lead your life at your choices. Thus, keep negativity out of your mind and be prepared to face different challenges in your way.

Loose your weight 

If you think, you are quite heavy then reduce your weight. Once you start doing it, I’m sure you will be sticked to it. Without any difficulty, you will cross this way as well. So, are you ready to loose some weight before you bid this year? If yes, then your time starts now. Get set go.

Don’t comment on yourself

We are human and we all make mistakes. But you can’t deny those right things, you did in your life. Try to memorize those moments which you have live the fullest.As you know, bad memories makes you sad. So, accept the reality and try to develop yourself. With that, you can step forward and get a better life.

Break-up unwanted bonds

If you find some of your friends unwanted in your life? If it is so, you can let go unhealthy relationship from your friend list. For this, you can lessen your talks with that friend.If you want start avoiding them. Just be with those who values you and take you as an important part. Give priority to these relationship instead of fake ones.

Leave all complexities

Some of you may have gone through some inferiority complex. But that doesn’t mean to prove someone, you have transform yourself  according to them. Never dare to underestimate your looks as it’s not a right thing. Whatever you are, you are beautiful in anyway.If you think you are not, you should consult your counselor. As criticizing can do nothing but makes you suffer.

Stop being afraid

Worrying without reason is not a good thing. Rather it will lead you towards danger. If you are having a problem, that’s a different thing but when you are to something and you seem anxious, that’s your stupidity. Beside this be calm and peace minded enough to focus on he matters, you should look forward. So, stop being afraid for small-small things. Otherwise, you may loose something important.

Quit from being egoistic

Don’t forget, even if you are now counted as a named personality, someone was there for you.Everyone might not be as lucky as you are. Never think people has pass through same phase as you have traveled.Just get out of your superior tag and have a look around others. Then, may be you can see clear pictures of your imagine thinking.

End your laziness

People take care of themselves and support others as well. In the meantime, they gets involved in things coming to their way without any quires. Try to make yourself like this. Don’t ever try to hide your potential. It’s time to know your worth and put some efforts to stay fit every time. Instead making excuses.

Don’t get mad thinking you have no time

Don’t get panic when you can’t finish your work on time.Just take it easy and make every single moment worth. When you are prepared for something, leave everything else. Focus on what you are doing instead of thinking of non-sense.So, don’t get frustrated while you are not having enough time to do something.

Appreciate yourself

Don’t neglect your abilities in any cost. You may not capable to do everything but what you do everyone may not do. Rather being upset, be proud of yourself and the things you are good at. Thus, demoralization can’t help you in anything but will make your life hell. Whatever you are, you should be good for your own nothing else matters.

Don’t expect from anyone

If you are in a problem, try to find the way out by yourself. Don’t be in an illusion that someone will rescue you in this problem.It’s better to think of something that can help you out. Thus, expectation can hurt you the way or the other. So, be for you yourself. Always remember that.

Believe in yourself

When you think you are not capable of anything, nothing can work. As you should have faith in yourself. If you don’t see the abilities in you, how can you show them to others? The main thing is just flow yourself. Do what your heart says.Afterward, you will notice the change in you and what you can achieve as well.

Never say, you can’t

At first step, your feets shake that doesn’t meant you won’t take next. At the same time, try to speak and say ‘I can’ and with that you can develop your confidence in yourself. Other people will also recognize your ability. So, erase the word i can’t, from your dictionary.

Don’t struggle for perfection

Put your best efforts to draw attention of everyone out there. You should give your best and think you are capable of doing everything. So, don’t let yourself down and show your hard work among all. So, don’t wait for your perfect chance it’s just waste of time.

Follow your intuition

Everything can go wrong but your intuition never fails. It really works while you are in a trouble or having some misunderstanding with someone. All you have to do is listen your intuition and move your step according to that.With that, you can clearly see your way and all in all you will reach to your destination for sure.

Go with classy look

Whether you go to office or for party choose the dress that stands out of the crowd.It not only gives you beautiful look but energize your personality too. So, if you wanna make your position stronger, you got to go chic and classy. Don’t forget, appearance does matter in your everyday life. Look gorgeous and walk in style.

Always remember happiness is all you need

Happiness starts with you. Nothing can change your mood than your happiness.You are the selector and what you wish you prefer to do that. Whether it’s a horror mood or chilled out. It depends on you and the situation, you are facing.

Avoid sarcastic remarks

Don’t put things unsaid, just pour it out. But keep one thing in mind, don’t use snarky comments on anyone. As it can cross anyone’s mind differently than you utter. You should pick your words correctly and speak what you want to. Otherwise, you might be taken as wrong person. Before you say anything think about it.

Don’t attract people with learning

Never impress anyone with your technical learning.As it can bother the person, whom you are talking.Try something different in order to capture anyone’s attention other than this one. All you have to do is create an environment where the people have fun and relax instead of being bored. Thus, you can make the atmosphere thrilling if you need to impress anybody.

Every time is a right time

Don’t wait for the correct timing. If you do so, you will just have to wit. Nothing else.So, go with your working abilities and your experiences. With that,  you will see time doesn’t matter. All it matters is your will power,  you are gifted with. Work with dignity and stop depending on time.

Sometimes be selfish

When you think you are capable, put yourself at first position. If people think you are selfish then be. But don’t sacrifice your position for another person. It won’t be correct for you. So, you must fight for yourself in order to stay where you belong. Not at that point, where you are not comfortable at. Be positive and take stand for yourself.

Don’t get troubled

Overthinking can create problems in your way. Slowly steadily think about the matter you are concerned with.Don’t get overexcited or over thinker. It can make your mood happy to sad in no time. Be aware and stop thinking too much. F you don’t, your next adventure trip would be in a hospital.