Things Everyone Should Never Do When Staying in a Hotel

Hotels provide convenient and comfortable accommodations for people on vacations or different trips. Hotels also act as entertainment and relaxation joints that people can always rely on whenever they want to connect with friends and family. However, many people tend to break the hotels’ rules and trust, even after getting a warm welcome and excellent services. Unknown to many, single hotel misbehavior can easily land you to serious legal issues, or cause other repercussions. Besides, you might also touch some things and cause health problems. So, if you are planning to use hotel services in the future, here is a list of some of the things that you should never do during your stay in the hotel:

Do not bring a pet

If you have an emotional support pet, find out if the hotel you are booking supports the pets. Many hotels allow some pets, but others have strict measures regarding the pets. Also, do not hide the pet with the thought that the hotel staff won’t know! Your pet might be clean and smart, but, you should not break the hotel rules by checking in with your favorite pet.

Do not smoke

Many hotels and motels do not let in smokers. This is because many hotels are shared, and smoking might cause allergies and other health problems to the other people. If you have to smoke, be sure to move outside, or use any other reserved area within the hotel for smoking. You can be fined easily for smoking in the open hotel areas, or within the restricted places.

Do not steal curtains, towels or clothing

Many hotels have reported similar cases of customers stealing hotel essentials such as beddings and clothing. Some people also lift the toilet seats, television sets, and other expensive facilities owned by the hotel. Many modern hotels have monitoring cameras in every room, and this means that you can easily get traced. Above all, stealing is not an ethical thing to do.

Do not touch the bathroom sinks

Avoid touching the bathroom counters and the sinks with your bare hands. Most of those places are not always clean, and many times, they are exposed to yeast and other types of germs. Remember to disinfect your hands immediately whenever you touch those surfaces.

Do not drink the tap water

The tap water of your favorite hotel might look clean, but that does not mean that it is safe for drinking. You can directly take the tap water at home because you are sure of the water source, and probably, you are aware that the water has been filtered. Unless you know the water source and the type of water filters used in your hotel, water, avoid drinking it lest you take in toxic chemicals into your body.

Do not touch the coffee machines

Many modern hotels have embraced the norm of having coffee machines in every room. Well, there is nothing wrong with the machines, but the problem is that you may not be sure of how the hotel management cleans them. Some machines could have been in use for more than a year, meaning that they could have a significant amount of bacteria. Do not use the machines unless you are confident of their cleanliness status.

Do not allow unauthorized people

Many hotels always inquire about the number of people who will be using the room. Hotel managers require that information to tackle the appropriate planning steps, and also, to know how they will enforce the safety measures. Bringing other people into your room breaks the hotel’s law, and the hotel management might take significant steps against the actions.

Do not disturb other people

As mentioned earlier, many hotels are shared. You should, therefore, avoid causing drama or causing any chaos that would disrupt the other people at night. Unless you have made a special reservation in the hotel to hold a party or any other related event, avoid making unnecessary noises to the other people. Pack your belongings quietly, and avoid switching on the lights unnecessarily.

Do not use free Wi-Fi for business activities

Nowadays, many hotels allow their customers to gain access to a free public Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is an excellent addition to keep you busy and lively throughout the period you spend on the hotel. You should, however, avoid using it to carry out sensitive business transactions. This is because public WI-FI can increase your vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Stay safe, healthy, and free in hotels by observing the above tips. If possible, pack a disinfectant that you can use every time you touch the hotel surfaces. Lastly, contact your hotel management immediately whenever you experience difficulties during your hotel stay.