Stunning Matte Nail Designs For Your Perfect Look

Needless to say, neat, good-looking nails are an important part of the look of any well-groomed woman. A nice manicure always makes you look more elegant, refined and fashionable. The nail fashion is changing constantly and the ultra-sleek, glossy nails have been changed in favor of a more modern variant – matte nails. This manicure has been the major trend in 2009 and the appeal of matte nails is still going strong on runways and sidewalks alike. These nails are a win-win option for all occasions.

So, if you are looking for offbeat matte nail designs, you’ve come to the right place! Get inspired and choose the most flattering idea for you.

What Are Matte Nails

The matte nails are the nails, which have a smooth, opaque finish. This matte finish deprives the nails of the shine. To achieve this effect, you may use either special matte polish or use a matte top coat. The most sought-after nail polishes, which dry completely matte, come in collections of such brands as OPI, Orly, NYX, Zoya. As for matte top coats, Essie, Sally Hansen, and OPI offer some options. If you’ve decided to go for a matte manicure, consider its pros and cons.


  1. The nails look nobler and all contours of the nails become apparent.
  2. It is easy to apply as it covers the surface evenly.
  3. The first layer dries within 2-3 minutes.
  4. Even vivid colors such as burgundy, green, red, blue look solid and muted.
  5. The matte manicure allows many styling opportunities: a matte top may be combined with shiny nail polish insertions; there may be stamping on matte nails, and spangles of contrasting colors. Everything looks harmonious and stylish.


  1. Matte nail polish or the matte top coat highlight all mistakes: all chips, roughness, bumps will be visible.
  2. It isn’t as long-wearing as its shiny counterparts and it chips easily.
  3. If it is applied untidily, the effect of untreated nails is created.
  4. Some nail polishes and top coats are hard to remove.
  5. Some nail polishes and top coats may have a poor texture, which affects the appearance and the endurance of nails negatively.

Matte Nail Designs

If you have a desire to achieve a perfect look, then pick an opaque manicure as it suits almost all clothes and it is appropriate for any occasion. So, try this stunning manicure, check out the chicest matte nail designs and get inspired!

  1. Pale Pink Nails

If plain matte nails are too conservative to you, try several effects you may add. For drawing attention to the nail shape, add horizontal silver stripes and go for a matte rose gradient on your ring fingers to make the design more sophisticated.

  1. Black And Silver Manicure

Contrasting colors and textures are sought-after among women. If you want to stand out, choose this design. A black matte top finish works well with silver stripes near the cuticle. With this manicure, you’ll look always chic.

  1. Feminine Nails

This one is so glam and tender. Reveal your feminine and sensitive nature through this design. Just choose two major colors: pink and white, add crystals and golden stripes to make the design more polished.

  1. Blue Nails

Matte and glitter nails are eternal trends, so why not to combine them? A blue color looks very noble with a matte finish, but blue glitter adds playfulness. So, the general impression is cute but daring.

  1. Red And White Nails

Is a volcano of passions bubbling in your soul? Express this idea through these red matte nails and white lacquer with red stamping. This intricate design will last longer on the nails and add a zest to the manicure.

  1. Plain Soft Beige

If you stick to the motto “less is more” in your life, then simple square nails of a beige shade without any additional details is an option for you.

  1. Matte Nails With A Geometric Fox

Geometric shapes are great for any manicure as they elongate the fingers visually and make the manicure look stylish, neat and elegant. Now, women go far beyond traditional shapes and choose animal designs, done in a geometric style. If you are choosing the nail design, look at this one. These nude colors interact well and a black fox on the ring finger makes the manicure offbeat.

  1. Soft Gray Matte Nails

Soft gray matte polish and a gold chrome color look the unusual, yet appealing ensemble. The matte color looks solid and calm, yet a golden shade on the tips adds brightness. Besides, this nail design is practical as due to the golden shade nails won’t chip very quickly.

  1. Red Matte Nails With A Bird Design

Plain or intricate designs on ring fingers are something, which women will always admire. This technique is simple, easy to do and it brings uniqueness to each manicure. Opt a deep red color as the major one for your manicure and have the design of white flying birds done on the ring finger.

  1. White Nails With Crystals

White matte nails always catch an eye. And if you combine them with crystals and make the nails on your ring fingers transparent with straight intersecting lines, this manicure will play with new colors.

  1. Black Matte Nails

This manicure is trendy if you stick to fashion trends as many designers use this combination. For instance, the nails at Tom Ford were all about a combination of black and glitter this season. Go for a coffin nail shape as matte nail polish and glitter will look especially spectacular on them.

  1. Emerald Coffin Nails

This is one of the ways to wear stunning trends together – matte nails and the gold leaf. Wear the gold leaf on several fingers, leave the others completely matte and decorate with rhinestones. The combination of this deep color with a gold shade looks festive.

Thereby, use these nail colour ideas and wear a stylish and elegant manicure, which will complement your fancy look.