Romantic Ways to Cheer him up…

Have you ever thought of making someone’s mood or tried to cheer him up in anyway? It’s seems easy to put a smile on someone face but when you have o do this it’s quite challenging. But we can’t see our loved one suffering like this. We have to think of something that can divert his mind and mood as well. All we have to remember is, it don’t back-fires.Sometimes,unknowingly things can go wrong. So, be careful in whatever you do. Here are some brilliant ways to support them and lift their confident. Check these ideas and apply them when you go through the same problems.


Give attention to him

Allow him to speak whatever he wants to. That may make him feel good. It can go very well as by speaking to someone else you can get a sense of relief. So, automatically you will fix your problem by yourself.

A big hug 

To cheer someone up, all you can do is give him a big hug. If you will make him feel your presence in this situation, he will feel glad to have you. With that, he will be closer to your heart. You can surely try this.

A simple note

A simple handwritten note can create wonders. It can make the person feel that he really matters to you. Exchanging the cards can really motivate him. For a special person, you definitely have time to send him a message through that note. He will feel better.

Get a present

Everyone adores gift. Small or big doesn’t matter, they are filled with love. You can gift him his favorite perfume or his branded watch. Always remember, don’t   think of money just try to bring the missing smile in his face.

Laughter therapy

You know what; laughter can heal all your pain. Try to make him laugh with your silly jokes. If that’s not enough, you can tell some imaginary talks. Just focus on your mission of making him laugh by hook or crook. Have you tried it?


For an extra special friend, you need to amuse him with small small things. Whether you can take him at massage parlor or something like that. Just to blow out the unwanted things in his mind, you can surely do something out. That can make him feel special.

Surprise him with something special 

Want to cheer him up? I have a great idea for you. You can make up his mood by cooking his favorite food. When he realizes it’s you, he will gonna love you more Thus, you will be able to put a smile on his face.

Take him for a walk

To refresh his mind, you can take him for walk. While walking, he might feel relaxed and feel free. If he is going through some problems, then I’m sure it can lessen his stress. All in all he will feel relaxed.

Indulge him in his beautiful past 

You both can chat about those stupid things that you’ve done together .Make him understand that life won’t be same it changes within certain time period. Don’t force him but try to dilute his mind on the things you both experienced at the same time. It might help him to cheer up.

Let him pick the movie

If he is feeling low, give him a chance to select the movie. Sometimes, movie can turn anyone’s mood, why not him? Along with each comic scene, looks this face. You will notice his cute laugh at least for a while.

Going out for a dinner

While moving out, order the food he likes. Food can really work in term of switching anyone’s mood. After that, you will definitely see certain development in his mood. Don’t worry girl, he will be back to normal soon.

Distract his mind

Try to help him with his other undone works. Like, he hasn’t completed his assignment then asks him to do. If he is not able to do, give him suggestions. With that he can divert his mind in different direction.

Go for a spa

Taking him to spa will make him feel good. When he will experience the treatment, he will be amazed. As he will find he is in a different world. That’s how you can make improvements in his mood. So, your purpose of cheering him up  is accomplished.

Invite his friends at his place

Gather all your other friends to make your friend feel happy. If you know, your friends are always there for you, no matter then that will be the happiest moment. Friends won’t let you be alone when you are feeling low.

Gather his mind in plantation

If you want to loosen all your problems, you can spend your time in gardening. It will help your mind to remain in a good way. With the change in the environment, you can cheer up his mood in no time.

Make him emotional

If nothing works, make him emotionally weak. With that, he won’t stop himself and cry. It will split all worries and tensions going on in his mind. You can find solution in his crying. So, sometimes you have to try something like this. Do some efforts to see your love smiling.

Appeal to the senses

Sense of smell is very common one. If you have got that then you make your loved one happy in no time. With your smelling power you can easily now his favorite scent or anything like this. To add happiness in his way, you can present him the flavor he adores.

Provide him a help

If he is going to office and being late, make him a breakfast. He will appreciate your support. Try things like this so, that his stress level decreases and no more place for new ones. Thus, it will give him strength that someone is there for him.

Motivate him

What we speak and the words we use really matters. When someone is feeling down, all you can do is encourage him. In each step, inspire him. Make him understand that he is capable to do more than he think. Hope it can change his mood.

Be there in every situation

To take good care of someone, at this time is really important. All you have to be is being kind to the person in every way. It’s obvious to make him feel that you won’t let him fall and always be there when they need you. Thus, try to do this if possible.

Call him

No matters, what’s the time just dial his number. You can talk bout anything you wish. Just remember, you are cheering him up. Tell him about interesting happening that might make him happy. Thus, try is all you can do.

Message him

If you are not able to be there physically, you can connect through messages. Single message can make the person feel that you care. That message can help him to change his mood and think about good things in his life.

Eye contact

When you connect to him through eyes, he can feel your emotion. You can present him the trust that you are there from him.If you show the person, the care and support he will be proud to have you. And will get a reason to be happy.

Make him face the problem

Running away from the problems is not a solution. He will have to face it one day then why not today? It will make his mind clear and his stress will be disappeared. Facing the situation can help him to get a good mood.

Write an acknowledgement

Drive your loved on a path, where he can look for the good things.This might feel him realize that he is linked to the world and to for you someone very close.When you appreciate someone, they can get rid of depression as well.So, be there to help them what to acknowledge and what not to.

Give him a compliment

It’s seems quite easy to offer compliments but it’s really a tough job. With a small compliment you can make someone’s day and give them a reason to smile. You know what, it’s little hard. If you have strong will power than you can do it for sure.


Try to make him think in a positive way. If he did so, he will go on a right track. He will be able to think wisely and won’t get disturbed in his problems. So, always keep in mind, positive attitude can make you feel good in any situation.

Video games

Games can energize your mind and make you tension free.You can play video games with your friend in order to change his mood. It will surely help you to distract his mind and put smile on his face.


Do something you have never done before. It may be skydiving or go for trekking. It will make you feel relax and give you a way to enjoy yourself. Try to experiment on you. So, you can avoid such mood swings and glow your smile. Make yourself involved in some work.

Involve yourself in craft

You can make your friend get involved in crafts. It can clear his mind. If you are good at crafting then teach him as well . It will make him concentrate on other things instead of his bad mood. You can go for this to cheer up someone.

Do something stupid

Try and make  fool of yourself to see your loved one smiling. For his happiness, you can do something that you have never done.Simply go for skating or something else, he is expert in. That’s how, he will burst out in laughter.

Buy him a book

Get him a book that can inspire him to come out of the world, he is strucked in. By reading the book he can learn how to come across and what can he try. Thus, he will know the correct way to get out of his sad mood and step towards happiness.

Get him on dance floor

If you want to change his mood, you can bring him in a dance floor. Dance can relax your mind. It will also help you to forget all your stress, you are going through. It’s a great option in making up someone’s mood. Go and try it.

Late night party

It’s one of the nice and brilliant idea to organize a party. When someone is feeling down, you can do different things that can brighten his smile. Whether through games or anything else, you can entertain him. At the same time,make him feel that he is not alone, you are always there.


Take him for a shopping, so that he can think something else. Showing his varieties of clothes make him busy choosing clothes or anything he wanted to buy. With that, his mood will improve and you will get to see some changes in his behavior.

Social Work

Involve yourself and him to those who needs you. You can have a visit to different organisation and analyse what’s their problem and need as well. Being a citizen, you should help them as much as possible. It will be a double trick as you can divert his mind and support the needy.

Long drive 

Driving to different places can freshen your mind. You should pick your loved one and take him to the place he has never been. Without any mood swings, he will enjoy the trip and won’t remember about his sadness. If your loved one is sad, you can select this way.

Re-arrange his room

Different environment can really works in cheering up someone. From color to furniture, redecorate his room. With a change in his room you can switch his mood as well. Remember, if you try you can do anything, it’s just a way to change someone’s mind.