Rainy Season: Secrets to Staying Warm and Dry

If you have been to England, then you know about the saying which implies that there is no such thing as bad weather, but only inappropriate attire. As the weather changes from winter to spring, you can expect that the weather can also change from time to time. During this time of year, some days you can expect warm and sunny weather or some wet or rainy days ahead.  However, no matter what part of the globe you may be living now, it is important that you always prepare yourself for the rainy season. Part of this preparation is to know some secrets on how to stay warm and dry when the rainy days come. Some of these secrets are the following.

Wear a Waterproof Jacket

Who says it’s hard to remain fashionable during the rainy season?  You can still be as comfortable and fashionable as you want even when the gloomy weather sets in. The makers of Rains jackets highly recommend that you choose the one that not only suits your personality, but your rainwear should also be both modern and functional. Keep in mind as well that a jacket will also serve as your best protection against the rain. Your clothes and your head will remain dry when you’re wearing a waterproof jacket in the midst of rain.

Use Microfiber Towels

When the rainy season comes, see to it that you always have some microfiber towels stored in your gym bag, raincoat pocket or in your workplace. These microfiber towels are super absorbent which helps dry your hair quickly in case you suddenly get caught in the rain and find yourself drenched in a downpour. These towels will also be helpful when your socks get soaked as well. Place your socks flat on a microfiber towel then roll them together and squeeze tightly.  The microfiber towel can absorb most of the water and moisture from the socks and help it to dry quickly.

Prepare a newspaper.

Newspapers have the power to draw out moisture from your wet shoes. You only have to ball newspapers up and then place them inside your shoes. You also need to wrap the shoes with the remainder of the newspaper and secure it with some rubber bands. You may need to change the newspaper a couple of times to ensure that all the moisture inside your shoes has all been absorbed by the newspaper.

Pack a Pair of Clean, Dry Socks

A pair of dry socks can indeed be a life-saver during the cold, rainy season. This is why it is important for you to always have a pair of it inside your bag wherever you go. This is a must even if you know that you are wearing the right shoes for the weather. You cannot guarantee 100 percent of the time that you will always have dry socks inside your shoes when there’s a heavy downpour. So, even when your socks get wet, you can always rest assured that you have a back-up inside your bag to make you feel dry and comfy all over again. Even when you’re wearing the right shoes for the rain, there are no guarantees that your socks won’t get wet. If you see rain is on the agenda for the day, simply throw a spare pair of socks in your bag, just in case.

Staying dry and warm is important for the prevention of colds, cough and any other illnesses that may be triggered by this cold and wet weather. Luckily, you have this list of secrets to staying dry and warm. Just a word of note though: do not hesitate to share this secret with your friends and loved ones.