Popular Tattoo Ideas for Women

Many women find it hard to choose the perfect tattoo to match their body type and personality. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of designs that they like, they seldom find even just a handful that they absolutely love enough to have it tattooed on their body! So, where does that leave them? It leaves you right back into the pool of digging through tattoo books, researching paintings and photographs and sculptures – searching for the perfect image to spark their own creative juices. Many women may beg to differ, but this drawing board is not exactly the worst place to be when it comes to designing your tattoo. Here are some clever ideas and elements that women find helpful when creating their own design.


Think About What Means Something to You

It is all too easy to get your name, or the name of a loved one tattooed on your body. But where is the creativity in that? Many women, if they choose to o the name route, will incorporate a variety of background designs in their tattoo such as abstract tribal, flower vines, shapes such as stars and hearts or even butterflies. The font of the lettering can create a more detailed and unique look as well. If you prefer more imagery and detail here are a few elements that may tempt your fancy.

  • Footprints, handprints or animal paws are a unique tattoo design for women that always bring a smile to their face. These usually symbolize meaningful people or companions in a woman’s life.
  • Portrait tattoos have become popular amongst woman as they can depict an influential person or an abstract and creative perspective of one such as fantasy or pin-ups.
  • Disney characters are always a popular way for females to showcase their wild side when it comes to tattoo designs.
  • Collages of designs are also a common tattoo choice for women. Many choosing elements that may combine celestial scenes with shooting stars and pixie dust or Cupid’s arrow through bellows of clouds.
  • Religious symbols can be a dainty way for women to express themselves as well. While very few women chose angels, you will find it common to see rosary beads, crosses or halos located throughout a woman’s body.
  • Animal prints have become a fun and creative idea that women incorporate into their tattoos. Some even keep the design simple with small areas of leopard or snake skin print around their thighs, ankles, calves and rib cage.

Thinking of something with a bit more graphics, size and detail? Not every woman likes the small and dainty tattoos, you know! Let’s take a look at elements that satisfy a bigger appetite.


Large Style Tattoo Ideas for Women

Of course, everyone has their own personal definition of a large tattoo. For some a large tattoo can be a back piece, while others may think anything over two inches is large. In any opinion, however, there are certain elements that require more space in order to convey the right detail and imagery. Here’s some more complex elements that women like to incorporate into their larger design ideas.

  • Dragons provide an array of details, colors and unique additions for women. These tattoos can be spread throughout a larger portion of the body without needing background imagery or other elements to complement it.
  • Floral vines and gardens are often used to create a colorful display of artwork on a woman’s body
  • Sunset and landscape scenes are commonly used on back pieces and leg tattoos
  • Pinups on a larger surface of the body have often been used by women to showcase their sexy, yet sophisticated side.

Using fantasy imagery can often create very unique and different tattoo designs, especially on women. When it comes to tattoos, females have been known to be more creative and better able to tap into their imaginative sides – hence creating amazing ink work!