Pet Dander and Odor Relief: 5 Things You Can Do To Help

Keeping pets around the house can be fun and might still be a nightmare for some. Depending on the pet you keep, sometimes you are likely to end up with pet dander and odor. These two are the worst to experience as sometimes they could lead to allergies. No one wants to have a dog that smells in the house. The same goes for pet dander. So, what can you do to get rid of such cases?

Below is a list of ideas on how to deal with pet dander and odor.

1. Keep your windows open

This should be the easiest way to deal with pet odor. You might be surprised by the effect of opening your windows to let in fresh air. It is recommended that you open windows daily to let out the odor and help your house smell fresh. Having this combined with a fan can still be a great deal. It will help with circulating the air so that the pet smell is less noticeable.

2. Invest in odor absorbers

You might be tempted to use air fresheners, but some feel it is not the best for pets. This is because some air fresheners can be harmful to the pets, humans, and even the environment. As a result, you could opt for odor absorbers whenever possible. Odor absorbers can be in the form of fragrant candles. Once you have set them up in different rooms, they can do well to absorb the odor.

3. Buy a good air purifier

Another thing that can be good for pet odor is investing in a good air purifier. Keep in mind that there are multiple models available, all claiming to the best job. Well, consider doing a bit of research to pick the best of them all. Buying the right air purifier goes a long way to keep the house smelling great. Also, having one with a good air filter will further reduce pet dander. This in turn improves the air that you breathe in the house.

4. Clean the surfaces regularly

Pet dander can be hard to clean when it latches onto your furniture and other surfaces. As a result, there is the need to clean the various surfaces more often. It is not just about cleaning, make sure you use the right methods also. Cleaning of solid floors and carpets can be a bit different. Regular cleaning should also make the surfaces safe for toddlers in the house.

5. Bathe the pet more often

If you still look to control pet dander and odor, bathing the pet more often is also a good option. As much as we do not get to clean the pets more often, it is important to try. Make sure to use safe products for the pet to avoid further complications.

Pets are all fun until they start having pet dander and odor. It should not be hard to still keep your home clean and pet smelling good from the list above. Just make sure you get to keep the pet clean so as to reduce the workload in the future.