Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion

A family reunion is one of the major life events where you get to meet with family members, share fun times while trading stories from the good old days. Planning for the family come-together event is as crucial as attending it. You would want to take a powerful gift with you and let your loved ones know that you cherish their presence and care for them.

Below are some of the best gift ideas you can choose to embrace the day with and stand a chance to win the hearts of your loved ones.

Embroidered kitchen napkins

Kitchen is an integral part of every home and adding one or two sets of customized handkerchiefs or napkins can be the best way to gift any of your family members. For the napkins to stand out, choose to print some sweet words that convey a loving and personalized message. If you choose cotton or linen material, it’s best to stitch the message using a cool, non-shouting color trend that matches the sewing fabric. To achieve the best results, always pick the ready-to-stitch napkins and try to use some variegated thread so the message changes color. The stitching code and color pattern should, however, blend without some unnecessary exaggerations.

Personalized t-shirts

In areas where people rock with t-shirts all year round, having some personalized t-shirts with prints and portraits as gifts can be the best way to celebrate the reunion. Finding the best style to personalize your gift shirts shouldn’t be a daunting experience. All you need to do is pick the type of fabric and decide whether to order the custom made-to-order apparel or go DIY. According to Meowprint T-shirt Printing, personalized printing goes beyond contemporary heat transfer and silkscreen printing. Other forms of printing such as direct to garment (DTG), vinyl cutting, and seam-to-seam have gained popularity over the years, thanks to advancing technology.


Depending on your expectations, you can always specify what you want when ordering the made-to-order t-shirts. If you’re to go DIY, make sure you have the right fabric that will work with the printing type of your choice.

Family-printed mugs

Everyone loves some sort of personalization when it comes to the little things they use on a day-to-day basis. A coffee mug, for example, with a picture or name of your loving parents is a priceless gift you can’t afford to go without. It doesn’t have to be some imported glass material or the expensive ceramic ones; just make sure you can print your best lines besides the portrait. Depending on your taste and preferences, a family group photo or an individual portrait can do. If you’re creative enough, you can come up with some ingenious tags to complement the feelings you have for your loved ones. A good example is a Family Reunion print accompanied by a summarized family tree.

Customized sports bottle

Sports bottles are some of the most common personal items used on a daily basis. People hitting the gym, going out or those getting to offices will have a water bottle stacked somewhere. Gifting your family members with some personalized sports bottles is the best way to refresh their memories of you every time they are drinking from the bottle. You can take this sports bottle customization to the next level by incorporating some quotes from your recipient’s favorite movies/ books. This way, you’ll not only add a spark of exception to your gift but also let your loved ones know that you’re keen and care about the things they love.

Family flower pot

When nothing short of artistic will do, switch to a customized flower pot as a gift for the reunion. Here, you can go with a ceramic flower pot that is decent and of reasonable size. You don’t want to drag a huge vase with you to the family gathering causing some unnecessary commotion. The perfect pot will hold attractive wrath of flowers that can fit both indoors and outdoors. To add a touch of elegance, choose to pair the gift with an exotic herb, wildflower or sunflower seeds as a family-reunion souvenir. Printing some family initials or the name of the person you intend to gift on the soft ceramic surface works all the time. For materials other than ceramic, vinyl decals or printed stickers will do. If you also don’t have the means to print the ceramic, you can use a durable vinyl sticker with all the necessary printouts.

Building-block photos

This is probably the best gift you can choose if you’re on a budget and can’t think of something better to offer. An ordinary photo of your family members may not have all the impact that one made of construction blocks will have. The idea here is to create something unique out of the readily available resources. What you need to do is print a favorite family photo on some sort of construction cubes, cut it into different joinable shapes then reassemble into a fun puzzle for adults and kids alike. Where possible, you can make a 3-D print then cut it into some complicated shapes to make things even more interesting.

Handmade notebooks

Nearly everyone has that notebook where they write their to-do things, life goals, extreme life experiences, favorite quotes and takeaways from novels and movies. Since a notebook is an integral part of every organized individual, you can help improve the lifestyle of your loved ones by designing some handmade notebooks as gifts on a family come together. Going DIY with this may sound like a lame idea, especially when you lack the art and craft skills; but seeing it in a perspective of creating something unique and personalized changes this negating notion. So, instead of heading to the stationary store and ordering some generic notebooks, get your skills together and make it a responsibility to execute your notebook design.


Gifting your parents, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, etc. during a family reunion doesn’t need to be very complicated. You don’t necessarily need to buy some luxuries when you can embrace your creativity and stimulate a long-lasting companionship while spending the little you can afford. Again, always prioritize on gifting out something relevant according to the age, tastes, and preferences of the various family members.