What are the new dating trends of 2017?

Despite the fact that modern life seems to be getting busier than ever, it’s nice to know that we can still rely on a fun date to keep things interesting!

But with the arrival of online dating and new concepts like being ‘ghosted’ and ‘breadcrumbed’, what are the key trends that we should be aware of in the dating scene in 2017?

Specialised dating

Everybody knows that Tinder has forever changed the way we find potential partners. But anybody who has spent a fruitless evening swiping through endless unsuitable faces will know that we can often have too many options!

So this is why specialised apps that focus on our individual interests have proven to be big news in 2017. From the likes of Sapio that aims to help brainy people find each other, to weird and wonderful apps that can hook you up with somebody based on your dietary preference, it seems that niche-based dating is here to stay!

Adventure dating

For those people who find sitting down for a romantic dinner a little passé, then there are plenty of dating apps that encourage those lonely hearts to get out there and have fun.

Part of the appeal of apps like MeetMeOutside is that it encourages you and your date get to know each other in an adventurous setting. So whether that means going skydiving, indoor rock climbing, or even just going on a nice long relaxing walk, it’ll certainly limit the chance of running out of things to say!

Lazy dating

Of course, some of us won’t have to want to run up a mountain to find our true loves. And this is why the Lime app has proven to be one of the surprising success stories on the dating scene in 2017.

This uses data from your iOS health app to make sure that you don’t accidentally hook up with a fitness fanatic. And by finding someone with a similar activity level, it will mean that you can enjoy as many Netflix binge-watching sessions or even the online games featured at New Jersey Online Casinos without feeling too much guilt!

Being zombied

And whilst all of this sounds like a lot of fun, we should always treat online dating with a certain degree of caution.

This is especially so when the concept of being ‘zombied’ online by someone you’d hope was gone for good has become increasingly common in recent months. So perhaps it’s just safer to keep our smartphones set to NJ Online Casino and hope that we’ll get lucky in love sooner or later!