65 Really Unexpected Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Do you remember The Little Mermaid, Ariel?

Mermaids, yes, these tiny, beautiful creatures with long hairs and amorous eyes, they have been accompanying the human kind since ancient times. An Assyrian legend tells the story of the goddess Atargatis who turned into a mermaid, because she was guilty and ashamed of killing by mistake her human lover. She jumped into a lake and the half of her body turned into a fish from the waist down.

The Greek mythology describes the sirens, femmes fatales who attracted the sailors with their songs and lured them to the seabed where the sailors got drowned.

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In the Slavic mythological tradition the mermaids (rusalki) are believed to be the spirits of young women who were killed and thrown into the water or drowned by the Water Spirit. The Water Spirit is their overlord, but they secretly hate him and sometimes help the people in order to mess up his plans and create disorder. Rusalki remain forever young, they are very beautiful, with pale skin and long green hair. They sit on the shores of lakes and rivers and when they pull out their hair, floods tend to happen.

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No matter which tradition you’d be interested in, there is a basic concept how a mermaid looks like. Have a glance at the Walt Disney’s Ariel and you already know one thing for sure: mermaids are exceptionally attractive young women. We cannot skip mentioning Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, which was first published in 1837. Unlike the Greek sirens, Andersen’s mermaid saves her beloved human prince after his ship has wrecked in a storm.

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Mermaid tattoo designs are admired all around the globe, both by men and women. Mermaids’ images are often accompanied by flowers, anchors, tridents, seashells, fishes, starfishes, birds, sun or moon, stars, hearts, thick ropes, chains, mirrors, treasures, whole ships, sometimes even a human lover.

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The symbolic cross-references behind the mermaid’s figure may be very variegated and multidirectional, including, but not limited to love, dream, dualism, beauty, attraction, destruction, storm, secret, danger, sensuality, sin, disobedience, shipwreck, death.

Having in mind all the above, we dived into the great variety of mermaid tattoos available on the Internet and succeeded to outline 8 Really Unexpected Mermaid Tattoo Designs. Hilarious, illogical, disturbing – we guarantee once you go through them, you will remember them for a long time. Pick up your favorite here:

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Black Tribal Mermaid: very stylish mixture of a mermaid effigy and the good old tribal style. The wink here comes from the fact that mermaid designs are created in the inspiration coming from the tribal tattoos’ abstractness drawn in traditional black color. The complexity of the image wakes up your curiosity and makes you want to look again and find the dragon’s face hidden into the creature’s long hair. Very appropriate for artists and people who tend to ponder on hard philosophical questions.

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Fat Mermaid: it is very hard to explain why on Earth someone would get tattooed a fat mermaid with a sinister look on her face and two different-sized breasts. The only solace here should be the fact that this design, if we may call it so, is extremely rare. In fact, we found only one picture of such a visual turmoil. Presumptively owned by someone who was drunk long enough to have a whole fat mermaid tattooed.

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Mermaid Skeleton: the flowers in the hair and the colorful fish tale are present, but you don’t want to take a look at this mermaid’s face or body. We wouldn’t exaggerate if we say this image represents more the remaining of the sea creature than the sea creature itself. Goes with lots of beer, long black hair and Megadeth’s “Rust in Peace” album. If you are a fan of metal music, you should consider tattooing this one – uniqueness is guaranteed!

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1 meter long Mermaid: well, this one is not for beginners. Some order 1 meter of beer, others – 1 meter of a mermaid tattoo. Staring under your arm and reaching your calf, this design may mean one (or more) of the following: 1. You do not live with your parents anymore. 2. For some weird reason, you are definitely too fond of mermaids. 3. You have plenty of money to spend on decorating your body. 4. You have plenty of spare time.

Sadomasochistic Mermaid caressing a shark pet: especially designed for fans of adult stuff, this red lady with spiked collar promises sky is the limit. Seriously, there is a hidden message in here, but we will let the image speak for itself. We guess you may replace the shark with a dog, snake, octopus or tiger, the erotic touch would remain unviolated.

The Mermaid Mom: if you ever wondered what the mermaid’s offspring would look like, here’s the answer. This tattoo suggests that mermaids have mermaid kids too. However, we don’t know whether the father is a human or another creature, but who cares – this bare naked mermaid mom wearing only an apron skirt has such a perfect body that she’s ready for the next Playboy cover.

The Little Pony Mermaid: yes, folks, no matter to what extent you are acquainted with the different types of mermaids, we bet you never thought of this combination. It is the Little Pony Pinkie Pie, as we all know it, ending with a fish tale. If your little daughter needs a girlish tattoo design, we would highly recommend this one right away.

The Tattooed High School Teacher Mermaid: we cannot deny the resemblance to Ariel, but still, this one has teacher-like glasses and an obviously unfinished tattoo of the Flounder fish. We are left wondering what has happened to this high school teacher’s tattooist and why did he leave the poor lady only with a sketch drawing on her shoulder.