5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Bride Feel Weak in the Knees

A perfect wedding ceremony is a dream of every woman. The thought of putting on a wedding dress alone makes women feel weak in the knees, let alone other surprises. Because of this, most men become interested to give their bride a perfect wedding experience. They do everything to give their soon-to-be wife whatever is special.

There are many ways to make your bride feel special. If you are planning to surprise your bride with perfect gimmicks that can make her even happier, start looking for good wedding photography packages now and document every move you make for your wedding to have a long-lasting effect.

To give you some ideas, here are five things you can do to make your bride feel weak in the knees:

  1. Record Your Proposal

If you have not yet proposed to your bride, this is the best time you organize it completely. Plan to record your wedding proposal without your bride’s knowledge. At first, bring her to a romantic place where both of you can spend time being alone together while enjoying a nice and beautiful ambiance.

You can go to a park or a restaurant. Just make sure you can set up a video recorder nearby. Record the video and propose. On your wedding day, play this video and highlight how romantically you proposed. This will surely make your bride feel weak in the knees.

  1. Set a Table for Two

Your bride will normally have mixed emotions on your wedding day. This is because of happiness and excitement. Your bride may also get nervous. To ease her tension, set a table for two on the morning of your wedding day and spend time having breakfast alone with each other. Tell her how you have waited for this moment, and assure her that this day will be the happiest day of her life.

  1. Secret Love Notes

Another unique way to make your bride feel weak in the knees is to give her a few love notes spread during your wedding day. Collaborate with her bridesmaids to give your love notes at specific time spots: one note in the morning after she wakes up, one in the middle of preparation, and one before entering the church. Say everything you want to say in romantic ways. Make your letters very assuring. Also express how happy you are.

  1. Give Her a Detailed Scrapbook

Although Facebook is now the means for many couples to gather their old photos, a scrapbook is still a better option to create a more dramatic effect. Collect all pictures that can make her remember how both of you started and all the photos that have become eyewitnesses of what both of you have gone through.

  1. End with Fireworks

It is common to see some fireworks after a wedding ceremony. Consequently, there seems to be no more special in doing so. Nonetheless, you can do it in a more special way by delaying them. The best time to launch your fireworks is when your reception gathering is about to end.


Making your bride happy is your ultimate goal. Your wedding may be special to your bride, but it should be more unique and far more different than any other wedding ceremony in order to make it really special. Plan ahead of time, and put all your efforts to successfully give your bride what she deserves. The above tips will surely make her happy.