How to Kiss a Guy so He Comes Back for More

Kissing can be an art, and it can be intimidating to kiss a guy for the first time. While there are techniques you can use to make sure the first kiss goes well, don’t forget to set the scene and prepare a romantic evening. Eating right, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding coffee before the kiss can put your body in shape for the perfect kiss. Dress for success – this does not necessarily mean – showing a lot of skin, since guys generally like their girls with a more natural look – and take the time to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Then have a wonderful dinner, put on some music and get ready for an exciting first kiss with your guy. The aim here is to have a relaxed, intimate experience, not a hot and heavy French kiss. Leave all that for later, if you want to continue the relationship.

how to kiss a guy

Preparing to Kiss your Guy

The Brain is the Sexiest Organ

Believe it or not, the brain is the sexiest organ in the body, according to scientists like Dr. Daniel Amen. When the brain is healthy, you can be loving, thoughtful attentive, consistent, romantic and playful. So when you get ready to kiss your guy, make sure that you have deal with problems and have a clear mind so you can relax and have a positive experience. Help out your brain by eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising.

Are Aphrodisiacs Real?

Aphrodisiacs, foods or other substances that arouse sexual desire, have been around forever. But do they really work? While there are many claims of effectiveness of aphrodisiacs, for women it is much more complicated than that. Women want to be treated as equals, to be treated respectfully and to not be angry. Some go as far as to say that men who do housework get more sex. If you want to try an aphrodisiac before kissing your guy, try Asian ginseng, gingko biloba and the supplement L-arginine which boos blood flow to your brain. Avoid caffeine and nicotine.
Setting the Mood

To make the experience of kissing your guy special, prepare by using a scent that he likes and choose an outfit that fits you well and makes you feel good. Stay with a more natural look without a lot of accessories that can get in the way. When in doubt, go for the LBD (Little Black Dress). Do not wear too much lipstick or lip gloss, and do not skimp on the mouthwash. Plan a romantic date and go out to a quiet restaurant or have dinner at home. Just make sure not to eat food with garlic and strong spices. Candles, flowers and soft music can get you both in the mood.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Kissing a Guy

1.     Get close and touch: Hold his hand and move closer to him. Touch his hair or face, and if the moment is right, try a hug
2.     See if the time is right: Look him in the eye, and then look at his lips while he is watching you. If he responds in kind, the moment is right. If not, wait a bit.
3.     Let the guy take the lead: Once you let him know you are interested in a kiss, let him take the lead. The kiss will be more romantic that way.
4.     Relax: A kiss should be very relaxed. Think about how cute he is and don’t act nervous or pull away. Focus all your attention on him and stay in the moment for a wonderful kiss. Listen to the music, feel his warm body, and concentrate on how good he smells. A kiss is a sensory experience.
5.     Move your lips toward him very slowly: Tilt your head a little as you move toward him to avoid bumping into each other’s nose.
6.     Close your eyes: You will want to keep your eyes closed during the entire kiss, but make sure to close your eyes at the very last second just before your lips touch. You need your eyes open so you can see where your lips are going.
7.     Keep your lip relaxed: Relax and aim for a gentle, open-mouthed kiss. Do not pucker your lips like you are kissing your grandmother.
8.     Breathe through your nose: Avoid breathing into his mouth.
9.      Keep your hands around his back and lean forward: If he does the same to you, he probably really likes you. He may stroke your hair or cheek. Remember to keep your eyes closed. The kiss should last only about 20 seconds the first time.
10.  After the kiss: Move slowly apart, an open your eyes. Look at the boy, and if he seems slightly flushed and smiling, he had a good experience. Remember that he is just as nervous as you are so smile back to reassure him. If your arms are still around each other, leave them there for a couple of seconds so it is not awkward when you part.

After the Kiss

Now it is time to congratulate yourself on being a great kisser! If you feel like saying something like “you are a good kisser” or “I had a really good time,” he will probably appreciate it. Remember not to kiss and tell. What happens between you and a boyfriend should stay between the two of you.