Iodine: Can it Help You Lose Weight?

When the term iodine is brought up, you probably think back to chemistry class in college or maybe you think of that time when you had a CT scan and it was injected into your bloodstream. This element does not come up in everyday conversation and you most likely had no idea that it is present in much of the food you eat every day. You would also be surprised to learn that iodine is extremely important to the majority of major functions that take place within your body.

Because it is so imperative to a number of processes, it makes sense that adequate levels of iodine may just be the key to losing a few pounds of weight you may have been struggling with. An estimated two billion people around the world do not have sufficient levels of iodine in their body. While there are numerous other symptoms that indicate a deficiency in iodine, difficulty with losing weight is one of the major ones. Even individuals who border on the low side of normal iodine levels can benefit from increased iodine intake, including weight loss.

You could be doing everything right to lose weight in a healthy way, however, no amount of exercise and dieting will resolve the problems that a lack of iodine poses. If the chemistry of your body is off, then any attempts to lose weight will likely be unsuccessful until the chemistry of your body is back in working order.

Thyroid Function Dependent On Iodine Levels

The thyroid gland located in your neck that is responsible for the production of the two hormones called thyroxine or T4 and triiodothyronine or T3. The heart rate, body weight, breathing rate, body temperature, muscle control, lipid levels, and expenditure of energy are all managed by these hormones. When the thyroid does not have sufficient quantities of iodine to make the T3 and T4 hormones, your energy metabolism slows down. This is because the thyroid cannot produce the hormones needed to keep it at a healthy speed.

Metabolism Dictates The Burning And Storage Of Fat

Metabolism is considered to be the process of which your body synthesizes nutrients from the food you eat and convert them into energy. A faster metabolism means that your body burns through the calories you intake at a faster rate. Once the body has burned through those calories, it begins to use fat to produce the energy you need. However, when there is not an optimal level of iodine for the body to do so, the calories are not burnt off fast enough. This means that instead of burning away at fat, your body will store the extra calories that you eat as more fat. This is what ultimately results in the numbers climbing on the scale for people who do not have enough iodine in their body.

Energy Levels Determined By Metabolism

Increased intake of iodine will provide your body with the optimal levels needed for the thyroid hormone levels to remain healthy and stable. Increased consumption of iodine can provide more complex benefits related to your energy levels as explained at Stable production of T3 and T4 hormones allow for your body to produce an adequate amount of energy to get you through the day. It will also enable you to maintain a healthy activity and exercise level. Providing your body with more iodine will correct any imbalance that is occurring between your metabolic rate and your energy levels.

When the proper levels of thyroid hormones are not being made, the body does not have the ability to produce as much energy as it should be producing. The result of this decrease in your energy level is you feeling fatigued frequently and abnormally weak. Physical activity and exercise are the last things that anyone wants to think about when they are feeling like they cannot even make it through to the end of the day. It goes without saying that the decrease in general energy leads to a decrease in general motivation. That fact is particularly prevalent when it comes down to the motivation to engage in regular physical activity. As we all know, regular physical activity is a key component to losing and maintaining a healthy weight even for those who may have proper iodine and higher thyroid hormone levels.

Even just a marginal shortage of iodine in your diet will cause you to be less active all around and keep your metabolism speed slower than it should be. The combination of daily exercise and healthy iodine levels is the solution that will actually result in you shedding those extra pounds. There are numerous supplements that contain iodine and a myriad of iodine-rich foods you can opt to consume more often to achieve weight loss and an increase in energy.