37 Things That Will Help You to be an Independent Women..

Being a strong women is not as easy we think. For that just your good studies are not enough you should have more than that. If you think it’s  matter of beauty then you are so wrong. You should find the best in all your situation and work hard in improving yourself.

Did you understand what things an independent need?  If not then here are 37 ways to be an independent women. Have a look and try something you feel you can do that. So here you go..

1.Speak your mind

To have confidence in you and how to express your feelings and being honest to others is really important. In today’s world, we are free to speak and welcome it being happy. When it comes to independence firstly, you should speak what is in your mind not what you want to show.

2. Doesn’t roll with the crowd

Be yourself. Don’t loose your identity in a crowd. Try to go alone away from the mess. While you area free bird, don’t cover-up yourself in someone’s back. It will decrease your position. Thus, ensure yourself that you don’t need someone to be with you.

3.Look fresh and be prepared for any encounter

Don’t make people feel about what you are going through. In any situation, try to be relaxed and chilled out. If you ever think you might be facing the problem then be ready to deal with it. Thus, be prepared for the roadblocks coming to your way.

4. Make your own path

Sometimes, you need to try something different then traditions. Go with your dreams, don’t be afraid to get what you want. Otherwise, people may not take you seriously. But if you became strong  enough then no one can stop you. You can fly high.

5.Never wait for any guy

Try to value yourself and time as well. You can’t wait for him as you have many works to do. If he can’t be on time, it’s not you who have to suffer. It’s only him as there are better option than that of him. So, react according to yourself.

6.Does not cry or overreact

If you cry or overreact then you will be seen as weak. If you are not wrong, you are suspected as a culprit. Be brave for your own. Don’t make yourself down as it may drop your confidence in you. However, be what you are.

7. Build enough confidence to walk away from a bad situation

We always get struck in a situation where we find ourselves in dark. It’s not easy for you to come out but you have to do it for yourself. For that, you should gain confidence in yourself. If you can do that, then you will be able to face the worst. So, girl try it unless it’s too late.

8. Pay your way

Don’t count  on someone to pay for your belongings . Well, it’s not bid deal to get them from your friends and family but try to do things on your own.If you want, take a step for job and enjoy on your saving. Isn’t this a better option?

9. Accepts situations as they arise and adapts to them

Try to accept whats going in your life. If you don’t, your life will be messed up and you could do nothing. With that, situation can get complicated. So, go with it and you will be familiar with the situation.

10. Recognize your asset 

When you recognize your potential, you can’t place yourself in a low level. As you have secured yourself in a good position. You are fearless in every manner. Be like this, so that no one can underestimate your power. Otherwise, they take you as weak.

11. Home can be Sanctuary

Your home is a place where your wish gets fulfilled in anyway . Happiness can be in you or with your whole family. Here, you can freely become what you really are. When you maintain your position in your house then, you have crossed one level. Be ready for the next.

12. No unrealistic expectations

Expectation really hurts. Don’t have too much faith on someone.Because when it breaks you re scattered into pieces. Be there for yourself. So, that you won’t be dependent on other for any help or anything else.

13. Don’t get spoiled

When you are independent, sometimes you take advantage of your freedom and caught in a problem. So, think wisely as you are not a baby. You are in a age where small mistake can make you fall in a trap. Don’t indulge in something from where you can’t get back.

14. Travel Alone

Try to be alone sometimes. It may sound silly but you will know yourself more.   You will know how to tackle with  every situation. It can lead you to a better path and your journey will be a lesson for yourself. Enjoy!

15. Has no practical need for a man rather than for emotional support and love.

In today’s generation, most women earn their own living. They don’t need someone to feed them. They are independent and they are very much strong practically. In some part, they feel to have man only to share happiness. Thus, every women needs a man who touches her heart.

16. Stands with conviction

Don’t stop yourself thinking about others view. Show the people, what’s your point. Otherwise, you will be never appreciated nor taken seriously. Have faith in yourself. With dignity state what you feel. So, anything you do try to do with conviction.

17. Social determination

Without your friends can you go out where you have never been ? Can you open-up something taking nobody’s advice? Some situation may terrify you but you can’t run away.If you try something like this you can be confident in what you are doing. Exams are never easy at the same time life is the same.

18.Don’t give out yourself into a relationship if you’re not given the same back

If you’re in a relationship what you expect from your partner? Simply love isn’t it? If you don’t get that, will your relationship last? Absolutely no, then it’s better to have break-up than a bond with no feelings at all.

19. Doesn’t have time for bullshit

As a independent women, you are clear about what to do and what not to. By playing games or doing things like this you won’t waste your precious time. I’m sure, you don’t want your life to be dramatic. So, try to take time seriously. Otherwise, it’s you who have to suffer.

20. Bounce back

We all go through lots of problems and hurdles in our life. But we can’t get sticked to that problem forever. Try to show the world that,if you are the reason of your mistake then the same you with full strength can improve them. With that you can develop yourself.

21. Know your own value

Whenever, if someone tries to make you fall then, don’t surrender. As this can loose your confidence in you. Try hard to to strengthen your identity. Sometimes you may forget how valuable you are. In the situation like this, you may know how priceless you are.

22. Reach for the bill

When you are at the restaurant with someone, he pays the bill is a pleasure. But try to do it by yourself. Be strong enough to show that you can take care of yourself. You don’t need anyone to look after you. You are enough for yourself.

23. Look for number one

Be an independent women who know what is right an wrong for her. You should be able to take good care of yourself. Care can be about your body, health or anything about you. Get time and pamper yourself as well.

24. Knows how to handle the situation

You know who are your friends and who are not. As a girl, you are very strong enough to combat problems.Keep one thing in your mind, be aware of what’s going around you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to deal with the situation, you are in.

25.Puts her goals first

Don’t let anything to come between you and your goal. You have to show dedication and hardwork to complete your journey. Remember, never sacrifice your ambition for others. If you do so, at first you will not get affected. Afterwards, you will be in tears. So, make your goals, your first priority.

26. Know who you are and what you want

Knowing yourself is really important. With that you will know where you are strong and what’s your strength. Try to spend more time with yourself. So, you will get to identify what you desire in your life. How far you re from your dream, you are following.

27. Is not needy in any way

She is not needy in any way out. Not in the case of money or for your your emotional support. They are much stronger than the guy, emotionally and financially as well. Thus, don’t treat them any less.

28.Is happy always and does not need entourage to make her feel whole

Without someone’s support, you can be happy on your own. Little-little happiness can make your day. You are enough for yourself. For company, we want someone who know us. Then what’s better than you yourself. Nobody can replace this company.Mind it.

29. Is financially independent and responsible

For buying anything, you don’t have to give a second thought. As you are financially secured and can freely get what you want. With that, you are very responsible person who knows how much money, you should invest. Always ready to help others if needed.

30. Knows her worth

If you don’t know your worth, it’s quite silly. Because one should realize the capacity of yourself. Whether good or bad, right or wrong you should feel what you are actually. So, you should understand in what way you are worthy.

31. Does not dramatize

Try to control your emotions in every situation.Whether you are happy or sad, react normally. Don’t pour your feeling and start create a scene. Keep yourself calm. With that you can be a girl who is not bothered at all. You can make it happen. I know.

32. Never apologize

Whenever you feel, you should apologize then drop that idea. As apologize make you guilty. Do you want that happen? If no, then draw yourself in your work rather than being sorry. Thus, let go those things which comes in your way. Got it!

33. Don’t stop learning

You should involve yourself in learning or trying to have own sense of knowledge about the different matters. You can  never ever be phased by someone thinking about your passion.You can  move on to people whose opinions are mattered. They never let anyone to come beyond their passions or their dream.

34.They don’t let someone else dictate their relationships

Most couple want to get involved in maintaining a healthy relationship.You should never let anyone else to dictate in your relationship.Don’t entertain your partner who disrespects you and  attempts to control your freedom. If this it , then it’s better to throw them away.

35. Don’t act in first impulse

Sometimes,it’s good to show patience. You should always be calm. You should take enough time to think about something. Try to do such things that will truly make them happy. Not that one, which assures you for a big surprise and at the end you get a big shock.

36. Don’t rise to baite of haters

Haters are seen everywhere. All over social media to every turn to the street. They are harassed and trolled & it’s not a new thing at all. You can be the next target but don’t rise yourself in this issue as it can harm you. Try to get busy in your work so that you will not notice these stuffs.

37. Don’t neglect the opportunities

You are the seeker. Beyond everything, hardwork is something that matters a lot. You should focus on grabing the opportunities as much you can.You should keep your standards, dreams, and aspirations as high as your work drive. Thus, keep your eye right there without a blink.