In Pregnancy What Food a Women Should Avoid and Must Eat…..

When you come to know you are soon going to be a mother. It’s quite an amazing feeling. It’s a precious moment for you. At the same time, it’s a crucial time as well. As you need to be careful in what to eat and what not to. You have to take care of yourself twice you used to. Within nine months, your body goes through different changes and for that you should always be prepared.

Here are varieties of food which you should avoid while you are pregnant. So, see them carefully and try to use them in your life too. It may help you in your pregnancy so better take advice from them.


Alcohol is a big no for pregnant women. During this period, it can be injurious to health. Heavy drinking can make serious damage to your body which is unsafe for your coming baby. So, if you take-care of yourself then you are ensured with your baby.

2.Street food

Don’t you crave for sour treats sold at roadside stalls? If yes, then crave for those food which is healthy for you. Street foods are oily and you don’t know whether they are cooked well or not. So, stay away from street food. It can sometimes play role as poison. Thus, be careful before eat anything.

3.Raw meat

In these days, you should skip raw meat or under-cooked meat. To remain healthy, you have to do this. Research has proven that raw  meat must be avoided as they contain listeria bacteria. Refrigerated meat such as goat, lamb, beef, etc can make you to hold your stomach as well as you have to deal with several side effects.

4.Raw eggs

You should try to eat only and only boiled eggs. Don’t prefer raw eggs instead you have to deal with certain health problems.Homemade desserts and sauces such as chocolate mousse, cakes, mayonnaise, etc., containing raw eggs must be avoided. If you don’t skip these items you have to go through vomiting and diarrhea.

5.Canned foods

As the canned food are stored for long period time, so be aware of what are you eating or drinking. We don’t know how much time it has been in the store. It consists of harmful bacteria due to their long shelf life. Therefore, don’t have them mainly in this situation. You are soon going to be a mom so be alert what are you having.

6. Cheese

Stay away from mouth melting soft cheese. It may be goat’s or any other one. Soft cheese can lead to the state of miscarriage or bring certain complications during the birth of your baby. So, be careful while picking up your food at this time. It’s really compulsory to be in safe side.

7. Liver

During pregnancy wisely choose your food products instead you might fall in danger. Liver or liver products can be injurious during the baby’s growth. As it contain Vitamin A. Excess amount of Vitamin A in mother’s body can be harmful for the baby.

8. Caffeine

Limited amount of caffeine may do nothing during your pregnancy but if that increases, you can loose your baby. If you use caffeine more than the requirement then your baby will born with a low weight. You can find it naturally in your homemade products as well as in cold drinks.

9. Fish

There are some fishes you should avoid and have them in a limit such as tuna and oily fishes. Never ever have shark during this condition and don’t eat raw shellfish, just skip it. If you don’t stay away from then you have to face food poisoning in pregnancy. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to have it.

10. Unpasteurized Milk

It’s a risk to have unpasteurized milk during pregnancy. Don’t drink raw milk, it can be of goat or of sheep.Along with unpasteurized milk, avoid uncooked or unwashed food as within these products lies varieties of disease which takes you to health problems.

11. Raw Vegetable Sprouts

Usually we take sprouts as a beneficial food but during pregnancy it might work as an evil.In these days, try to avoid raw food items it’s because they may harm you in your pregnancy. The raw products consist of different bacteria and once in your stomach you will effected by food poisoning.

12. Nuts can cause allergies

As a normal lady, you can consume nuts as much as you like during your breakfast or in tea time. But as a pregnant women, you have to stay far from these products. They can be peanut cashews, chestnuts, filberts/hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts because you can have allergies or skin rashes on your body. Thus, take care of yourself as well as your baby.

13.Restaurant-Made Salads

We have a bad habit, when we are in restaurant we don’t see what are they serving. We just eat them without any objection. But in this situation, it’s unsafe instead make it at your home.The fruits or vegetables may not be fresh and nicely cooked. It’s better to be aware and stay away from unwanted germs and disease.

14. Herbal Teas And Supplements

Different people have different choices. Some of them may advice you to start herbal tea instead of what you are using. They suggest you for your betterment but sometimes it may result negative.Some herbs are dangerous for a pregnant women. Herbs such as Senna, wormwood, Saw palmetto are injurious for you. Do’t forget to check them while purchasing such products.

15.Nitrate-Rich Foods

Food that are enriched with chemical products are very risky to our health. Bacon, sausages, diet-sodas, artificial sweetener and other food items are full of nitrate.During pregnancy, it can work as unhealthy element. If you unknowingly had more then it will effect in development of your baby and presets weakness in your body.

16.Sugar-Rich Foods

Every women becomes demanding while she is going through this phase. It’s very common. Mostly on ice creams and deserts you can see the crave of these ladies. All in all, in reality they will only increase the sugar content in you. Nothing more than this.

17.Excess of Vitamins

When you have any product in a big amount then you are in a unsafe zone.For a pregnant women, it can be really critical. If you eat vitamin in a excessive amount, you are putting your and unborn baby’s life in stake. It can attack you in your labor and you know that’s not normal before seven months.

18.Simple Carbohydrates

The products such as breads and muffins are included as carbohydrates. They are not taken as harmful food items. But due to these products made out from flour can make you suffer from constipation. Try to avoid such products at least when you are pregnant.

19.Homemade Products

Are you the one who love baking? If yes, then stay away from this until you give birth to your baby. It’s because, if your food you prepared is raw at some area then you can be in trouble at that time. You may go through food poisoning or can damage your fetus. So be careful in whatever you eat.

20. Mulethi

Mulethi or Licorice adds spice in your cuisines and can be dangerous for a pregnant person. During these days, it may play very important role as it can cause uterine contractions.This can even lead you towards labor pain before the time. Be aware about what you have.

21.Artificial Sweeteners

Adding less sugar on your food or drink cannot help you during pregnancy. As you have it within other substances or we can say artificial sweetener, specially saccharin. Saccharin are not filtered by the placenta.That’s how you are giving artificial sugar to yourself and your baby as well.

22.Fatty Foods

You might think fatty food can only make you fat. But you are wrong, as it will not only increase your weight yet your cholesterol too. It will be very hard for you to manage your body after giving birth to your child. With that, you can even be affected by heart disease and obesity.

23.Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables

You will be shocked to hear that about 78% people eat or cook fruits and vegetables without washing them and that’s not safe for a pregnant women.Apart from ingesting harmful pesticides, the skins of vegetable and fruits also contains the other injurious disease.So, remain healthy with washed foods.


If you are pregnant, don’t you dare to eat left over foods.No matter if they are placed in refrigerator or not just avoid them. They can be full of bacteria so be in safe side. This phase is the time where you should take care of yourself in each and every step. Small-small mistakes can be risky.

25. Unpasteurized Juices

Drinking juice is a best habit in any state or condition.Juices are healthy but these fresh juice puts you at risk as it carries unseen and harmful bacteria with themselves. Don’t go for unpasteurized juices instead you can blend juices by yourself with natural fruits. You will be safe and remain fit.

26 .Pate

Pate can be unsafe for a pregnant women. Mostly those pate which are restored in refrigerator for so many time. Don’t forget,these stored food items contain numerous bacteria. Try to avoid these stuff otherwise you will find yourself in trouble.

Now have a look on those items which you should include in your meal.It will not only make you healthy but you will give birth to your baby in a normal delivery. So see to it, you atleast add some food in your daily routine.

1. Lentils

Protein is a must during pregnancy. You should have minimum 10 gm lentils on a daily basis.As they have high fiber and useful for you to fight constipation.You can apply them with your meal so you will have a better taste.

2. Broccoli

It’s a bunch of nutrients as it includes calcium and folate. It’s a brilliant food product for a healthy mother and her baby.This  green vegetable,Broccoli will help your body absorb iron when you have ate some iron-rich food.

3. Bananas

As banana carries potassium in high range and is necessary for you to combat fatigue.They are very easy to swallow and can eat anytime you wish. You can have them with cornflakes or with yogurt or even as  a salad.


To energize your body you need to have a bowl of oatmeal during your pregnancy.It not only makes you strong but lessen your cholesterol levels too.Instead of buying high-sugar flavored oatmeal, make the plain one.With that you can add jelly to give it your taste.

5. Green Vegetables

Did you know spinach has got high levels of folate and iron, and kale and turnip greens are both good for calcium.If you don’t like them as vegetables add them with your favorite dish.You can also apply those greeny leafs to a sandwich or stir them into soups and pasta dishes.


You should have varieties of fruits as you are soon going to be a mother. You should be strong enough to make your baby healthier. Oranges contains Vitamin ‘C’ and is full of water.With the intake of oranges, you can complete the ratio of fluids into your body.

7.Nuts & Nut Butters

Fat is sometimes necessary for a pregnant women. Many people suggests that replacing some saturated fats with unsaturated, a form of heart-healthy fat found in nuts.But be aware, if you any sort of allergies such as peanuts when you are pregnant then it’s better to avoid them.

8. Soy food

If you are vegetarian and you don’t want to change yourself just because you’re pregnant, that’s ok. You can go along with vegetables but sometime you need some nutrient and are not found in veggies then, it might be a problem.So be sure to add foods like tofu in your diet plan to be safe and fit.

9.Whole-Grain Bread

Avoid white bread for a whole-grain bread as it is more beneficial for your pregnancy.Whole-grain bread also gives you a better share of nutrients such as iron and zinc. So, choose your food wisely unless  you will harm yourself.

10.Fortified Breakfast Cereal

Folate is required before conception and during your first few weeks of pregnancy. But Vitamin ‘B’ is in need whole nine months.For that you can include cereals minimum a meal in a day. So that in ninth month you will be strong enough to bear all the pain at time of you deliver your baby.