How to Impress a Girl over Text in 10 Easy Steps

One of the prominent trends of modern dating is that the entire communication runs in written. Consequently, the success of your love life depends on how well you can navigate through text conversations. See our 10 tips on how to enhance your online dating now!

  1. Take the initiative

Especially if you wanna meet Russian women online, you are supposed to take the first steps first. Although modern ladies are free to play leadership roles in relationships, they nevertheless want to see the signs of attention coming from men.

  1. Demonstrate chivalry

Chivalry isn’t dead regardless of what feminist tabloids say. Well, and I believe a man can even boost his self-esteem by doing deeds. Perfect manners help you stand out and make a good partner for educated and intelligent women so you shouldn’t forget about those.

  1. Compliment her

Compliments are actually part of proper wooing. And it is not about writing clichéd pickup lines to your potential match, absolutely not. The main thing about complimenting a girl is to be original and sincere. By the way, don’t praise her beauty only but her personal qualities as well.

  1. Take an interest

Anyone feels when other people want to know more about him or her. If you let your girl know she is interesting for you, she will definitely be happy. Ask questions about her life and her hobbies, give your opinions and encourage her to tell you even more cool details.

  1. Be yourself

This might sound obvious but many people still try to appear someone who they aren’t. In my view, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. What can it bring you (unless you are about to have long-distance communication for your entire life)? Otherwise, there is no need to wear a mask.

  1. Don’t raise too intimate subjects

No girl likes being asked about her ex-partners, secrets, or sexual preferences if she doesn’t know her new companion well. Start from safe and neutral topics that would allow you to gradually extend your dialogue.

  1. Tell jokes

Humorous talks work as icebreakers: you feel more relaxed and can promote the conversation. Strictly speaking, you shouldn’t have an excellent sense of humor to impress a girl, just track your dialogue and pick the details to make fun of.

  1. Share your mind

Don’t forget to submit curious facts about yourself since she needs something to use in communication. Tell about events that take place in your life, share media, and try to open your soul to her. Yet keep the right tempo.

  1. Leave cliffhangers

Let the last word in each dialogue be yours. I wouldn’t say it is an obligatory feature but it is just another technique to sustain a girl’s interest in you.

  1. Initiate a real date

Do you two live in the same area? Then you shouldn’t stay online for too long as a live meeting provides you with way more impressions and emotions. Don’t be timid and ask her out!