How To Be Comfortable Living with Your Partner for the First Time

One of the biggest decisions in a relationship is moving in. Co-habitation means your relationship has moved to another level that you’re ready to be spending more time with each other and share everything with your partner. Moving is essentially getting married in the practical sense that you’ll be adjusting every aspect of your life to accommodate another person. The transition will be a roller-coaster experience with some memorable highs and emotional lows.

Here are some tips on how to make the change from living the single life to living together with your partner comfortable:

Redecorate Together

Your house will have to change to accommodate your partner. If you have an old chair for guests and a bean bag for where you sit to play video games all day, then you’re seriously due for a makeover. The dining area will have to have seats for two or more and if it’s a guy’s place the bathroom doors will need to have a functioning lock.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your house is your bed and it’s also one of the main things to consider when you’re going to live with someone. Changing beds, including choosing a mattress, will have to be something both of you will agree on. The experts from Bed Advisor in their comprehensive review of the different mattresses emphasize comfort and support in choosing the right mattress. Sharing a bed with someone is something intimate and both of you must have the same feel the same comfort with it.

Divide Responsibilities

One of the important things that you’ll have to talk about is the division of labor. You must be objective and understanding in order not to sound domineering over your partner. You can start by volunteering on the stuff that you’re comfortable doing and discuss the things that are important but unfavorable for both. You will also have to check with each other to offer help or assistance when your partner is struggling. One of the most common causes of conflict is when somebody is nagging about how things should be done in the manner they prefer.

Chores and errands are not the only responsibilities you’ll have to share when you live together, you also have to talk about finances. You can either have a shared account or keep them separate. But you’ll have to divide bills, groceries, and other expenses. Keep an open mind and don’t get too emotional when discussing money. We know money is a sensitive topic, but since you decided you live together, you must have deeper trust and understanding with each other.

Bring Communication to the Next Level

You are going to spend a lot of time with each other and as the old adage goes, “familiarity breeds contempt”, it also applies here. When you feel irritated or not in the mood make sure you express it in a way that doesn’t disrespect your partner. It’s unfair if you offend them just because you’re not feeling yourself. Also, make sure you listen attentively when the situation calls for it. Communication is not only how you speak to your partner, but it’s also about listening and understanding your partner’s ideas. A lot of quarrels are born out of miscommunication that escalates to something worse.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

There will be things that you’re not comfortable with or times that you’d want to be alone. Make sure you talk about it beforehand and understand your partner’s feelings as well if there are things that they don’t want to share. A person is still an individual and nobody’s a perfect fit, so there are things that only you can deal with. Make time for yourself, so you’ll feel refreshed when you get home.

Keep Your Sex Life Alive

The excitement of going off early from work to have dinner and some alone time with your partner doesn’t have to end when you live together. Sure, you see each other after work and you spend weekends together, but don’t let routine ruin your sex life. Try new things in bed or anywhere in the house, make sure you keep your intimate moments exciting for both of you.

Don’t get caught up with the challenges of living together because there are also precious moments. The routine you keep every day will be easy to take for granted, but a few years past and you can look back with fondness on those simple moments. It’s not the grandest things that will stick with you through time, it is the simplest things and moments that will keep you warm when you’re old.