How To Avoid Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are so common as they appear in everyone regardless of age, size or gender. Stretch marks are annoying because they have a great influence on body appearance. Stretch marks mostly result from pregnancy, weight changes, muscle gains and at times puberty. However, the stretch marks do not appear all over your body, some of the body parts that are most affected are thighs, bottom, stomach, hips and at times the chest. It’s important for one to know how to prevent stretch marks or reduce the risks of getting them for one to improve his/her body appearance. Here are some of the ways you can use to avoid or prevent stretch marks from appearing on your body.

1. Monitor Your Weight

The main reason for stretch marks mostly changes in body weight. To avoid stretch marks, you have to keep watch of your body weight, whether you are pregnant or not. Rapid weight gain tends to pull your skin apart, thus causing stretch marks. Also, rapid weight loss results to stretch marks; hence you need to be very careful not to gain or lose weight rapidly. One of the great ways of controlling your body weight is to monitor and prevent the body changes from happening too fast. Also, you can control your weight by eating healthy and exercising regularly. However, if your weight is rapidly reducing or increasing in an abnormal, you need to get checked by a doctor.

2. Use Creams And Moisturizers For Your Skin


There are creams and moisturizers in the markets today to help reduce the risk of stretch marks in some people. Moisturizers are good as they help reduce the itching that occurs when the skin is stretched. It’s advisable that you buy creams or moisturizers that contain vitamin A or vitamin E as they can help with the appearance of stretch marks. When you’re applying the cream or moisturizer ensure that you rub in the cream for better circulation. Also, apply it regularly because the more you use it, the more the effects on the stretch marks will manifest.

3. Ensure That Your Body Stays Hydrated

To avoid stretch marks on your skin, you have to keep your body hydrated. Mostly doctors’ advice patients to take eight glasses of water, but you can take more as it makes your skin softer and hydrated. When your skin is soft, it will not stretch so much thus reducing the chances of getting stretch marks. Taking a lot of water will not help you avoid stretch marks, but will also improve your overall body health. However, drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee often will only increase the chances of you getting stretch marks. If you feel that you cannot take more than eight glasses of water in a day, you can have other caffeine-free fluids like herbal tea.

4. Eat Foods That Are Rich In Vitamins, And Zinc

You have to ensure that you’re eating foods with nutrients that will help you avoid the stretch marks. For instance, zinc is an essential nutrient and helps a lot in improving skin health. Also, zinc helps to speed up the healing process of a wound on your skin. Other nutrients such as vitamin C will help to keep your skin elastic and strong. Vitamin C can be found in many vegetables and fruits such as oranges. Vitamin C helps to increase collagen levels, which are used to not only prevent stretch marks but reduces the appearance of wrinkles. For vitamin D you can get most of it from the sun as well as dairy products. Low levels of vitamin D will tend to increase the chances of you getting stretch marks instead of avoiding them. For you to get all nutrients that will help in avoiding stretch marks you have to eat a well-balanced diet.

5. Treat Stretch Marks When They Appear

Treating fresh stretch marks immediately when they appear is also a good way to avoid them. When you notice a stretch mark to ensure that you make an appointment with your dermatologists and get various treatment options for stretch marks. The dermatology will also help you to identify what’s causing the marks thus helping you to avoid them in the future. Your skin is very sensitive and needs the care of a professional dermatologist. Stretch marks tend to affect the appearance of your skin negatively and need to be treated when they are fresh. When you treat the stretch marks early with the help of a professional, you may not have to deal with the problem again in the future.

6. Avoid Direct Sun

It’s important that you use sunscreen every time you’re in a sunny area because the UV rays may damage your skin’s elastin and collagen. The collagen and elastin in your skin are what prevents the stretch marks, and when they are damaged, it will become hard for you to avoid stretch marks. Also, when applying sunscreen allow it to absorb for about 40 minutes before getting exposed to the sun. However, the sun is good for vitamin d, but you should get too much of it so that you can safeguard your skin from harmful sun rays.

7. Apply Aloe Vera And Other Natural Oils Regularly

Natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oils as well aloe Vera tend to play a huge role in avoiding stretch marks. The oils contain fatty acids and vitamin E that contribute to the health of the skin as they serve the same purpose as moisturizers. Aloe Vera contains enzymes and other nutrients that prevent stretch marks and restores skin health. Aloe Vera, coconut oil and olive oil can also be used as natural moisturizers for your skin.

Your skin is important as it may positively or negatively affect your appearance, thus the need to take care of it. Stretch marks should not be ignored when they appear as much as they are natural because they tend to get worse over time. By using these ways and many others, you can easily avoid and prevent stretch marks on your skin.