Hot Summer Tips on Beating the Heat

You can’t let the scorching summer temperature bring your moods down or affect your electric bills when you  consider the fact that there are numerous strategies that you can employ to beat the heat.

Here are some practical tips that you can use at home that will help you cool off in times of extreme heat:

1. Stay Cool With A Pool

It’s blatantly obvious why pools and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Water will naturally cool your body regardless of the heat outside, allowing you to enjoy some outdoor rays while still keeping cool. If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood, finding the right pool for your home involves careful consideration of what kind of pool will best suit your property. The biggest distinction is between an above ground or a below ground pool. In the case of above ground pools, they are popularly used by most households since they are easier to install and you can exercise on them during the summer. In case a pool doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can dip a towel in cold water, then place it on your shoulders or forehead. Of course, the tried and true midday shower technique is always a good fall back if a pool isn’t in your near future.

Stay Hydrated

It’s always important to remain hydrated, during the summer your body tends to sweat a lot more than other seasons. With this in mind, it’s always advisable to take in more water that will quench the heat from your body. Water is readily available from the taps inside your home, there’s no reason not to have a spare glass kicking around to keep you on top of your hydration needs.

Reduce your Protein Intake

Meals that are rich in protein tend to increase your body’s metabolic heat since it takes a fair bit of energy to break down. That means that cutting down your protein intake can help keep your internal body temperature at more comfortable levels. Instead, you should try out milkshakes full of natural ingredients like berries to take advantage of their antioxidant qualities while also providing the body lots of readily metabolized energy.

Have the Right Clothing

During the summer, the sun is both your best friend and your greatest enemy. Your clothes will be the deciding factor on a daily basis as to which one it is on any given day.. You must dress appropriately for the weather and try out some cotton fabrics instead of synthetic materials known to trap heat easily. Cotton material is extra absorbent and lighter compared to other fabrics. Besides, try out some light-colored clothes since they reflect most of the heat, unlike dark garments that tend to absorb the heat.

Use the Fans

Try turning on the fan during this hot season or better yet; you could couple your fan with a temperature controller that will automatically regulate your home’s temperature.  Besides, a temperature controller will save on your energy bills since it turns on when the temperature rises above the threshold. In case you have a ceiling fan, try running it anti-clockwise during this season; believe me, you will experience the best cooling effect.

Make use of the Windows

You probably won’t have to use that AC unit if you made fair use of the windows during this summer. Try shutting the windows and make use of insulated drapes that will resist the heat during the day. At night, open those windows, and you can also try hanging damp clothing on the window that will cool the air coming into the house.

Relocate to a lower floor

In case you reside in one of the upper floors, you will feel the wrath of the sun. You probably know that hot air rises and that cold air settles; therefore, the lower floors might be cooler compared to the higher ones. In case you are on the upper floors, consider shutting those windows during the day.

Try Comfortable Exercises

The summer should not be an excuse not to exercise. There are some simple strategies that you can employ in the scorching sun, such as exercising in short bursts, avoiding the hottest daytime moments, and you can also try some water sports such as swimming. Try to precool before the start of the exercise that will minimize overheating as you work out.

Minimize the use of the Oven

During the summer, it would be nice to have numerous outdoor meals, although some foods won’t be that tasty when exposed to the sun. For this reason, you can make use of an evaporative cooler that will keep your meals warm as you eat outdoors. Besides, you can also have some ice blocks in the cooler that will keep your drinks fizzy. In extreme heat, make some cold soup and try cooking using electric appliances such as a steamed rice cooker.

With the above tips, you can almost be sure of having a cool summer. The techniques are easy to employ; therefore, don’t let the hot weather spoil your moments. Besides, consider consulting with your health care provider before you embrace one of these techniques since you might have a skin condition that requires proper care.