Home Kitchen Sink Repair: Here’s How

Running your own household for years will earn you some knowledge on doing repairs and maintenance so you do not have to call for a professional every time. This is especially true for the most common thing that gets problems in the house: the sink. Even newly installed ones get easily clogged for some reason. It is hugely because it is one of the areas at home that is used a lot everyday for all kinds of purposes. With a few tricks, you can save the day and make the sink up and running again without having to call your plumber.


This is the most common problem in most home sinks. You would find that they get clogged every once in a while and this can be attributed to the substances that you pour or drain. Even smaller particles have  the tendency to build up over time and accumulate at the bottom of the pipes where they might get stuck. An easy solution to fix this is by mixing equal parts of baking soda, dish soap and vinegar. The reaction from this mixture can dissolve the buildup while cleaning the whole pipe itself. In order to make this more successful, pour in a lot of boiling water then add the mixture. This will work most of the time. If it won’t, use a long wire to nudge the drain and clear out of bigger particles.


Having a leaky sink is one annoying problem in the kitchen. This happens over time with everyday use, and it can be a cause of the smell and mess in the kitchen as well. This can be avoided by investing in a quality set of materials in the first place. As stated in the reviews of Ruvati Sinks, a website that specializes in kitchen sinks, the durability of the sink is an important element you have to consider when buying for home supplies. Repair and replacement will cost more money than buying one good quality even if it is more pricey initially. If the damage is already present, what you need to do is to use a temporary patch to secure the leak. You can use epoxy or other sealants that can cover the area effectively.


Having noisy things in the kitchen sink is not just a sign of problem, but also a sign of possible infestation which you need to address sooner before it blows up. There could be physical problems in the pipe due to loose connections or there could be rats hiding under the sink. Either way, you have to inspect the physical pipes and look for any damages and apply either oil or lubricant. For rat infestation, set traps in order to get it out alive and dispose of it somewhere far from your house.

Doing home repairs is not just beneficial because of how much money you can save. It is important also in making sure that any problems in the house can be remedied without causing further problems. These simple tricks will help you address these problems easily in no time.