Gifts for Boyfriend: Give Him the Gift He Will Never Forget

Ladies, let’s face it when it comes to gift giving for our men we tend to get it wrong sometimes right? Men are hard to shop for as it is and now that special occasion has come up and you need something that will blow his mind. Well, the three things men love the most are food, sex, and sports so why not incorporate those into his gift? This does not mean the typical sports event tickets or a night at a fancy restaurant. Instead you need to think outside the box and think of a gift that will have him falling in love with you even more than he already is! Below are just a few unique and awesome gift ideas for that special man in your life.



Sure you can take him to his favorite restaurant; but stop and ask yourself how many times have you already been to this favorite spot? Keep it unique and fun when it comes to food. Here are a few ideas:

  • The human buffet- Ok, this one combines the food and sex categories but it is still a great unique idea your man will love. Think about the scene in the Sex and the City movie where Samantha put that food all over her body. Well, you can do the same thing for him! Strategically place small portions of his favorite foods all over your body and wait for him to come over. As soon as he sees your hot body draped in his goodies he will be more than happy to ravish you!
  • Focus on his specialty- Is he an herbal tea junkie? Does he love to make mixed drinks? If he falls into a category like this then you may want to check out for some great ideas. They have some pretty cool herbal tea gift sets and mixology sets. Browse the site to see what they have that your man may enjoy.
  • The bbq junkie- Is your man one of those who will grill out in the winter at 10 degrees in a foot of snow? True bbq junkies always appreciate some fabulous food to grill. Consider giving him a gift card to a place that sells high end steaks and other meats he can grill. Do a simple Google search for places like Omaha Steaks. It may not sound romantic but it will put a huge smile on his face. And chances are he will be cooking that meat just for you.


Every man expects birthday sex we all know that, but that doesn’t mean you can give it to him with style! Check out these cool gift ideas that will definitely get things rolling in the bedroom.

  • Create some sexy art– Lay out a white canvas and get some neon body paints. Cover your bodies and start rolling around on the canvas while getting intimate. Even if it is just some light kissing and petting you are going to get the canvas covered. Don’t pay too much attention to it though; pay attention to your man and stay in the moment. When you are done you will have a unique piece of art with a sexy story behind it. You can even frame it and hang it in your bedroom for some awesome memories.
  • Strip for him- Every man wants to see his woman strip down and twerk. Not feeling confident just yet? No worries, just head to your local dance studio where they offer pole dancing classes; many offer the first one for free. Get some ideas and head to the lingerie shop for a cute outfit. Then late at night when things start to heat up turn on the music and show him what you are working with!
  • Take him to the club- The swingers club that is! Now I know many women are already shaking their heads no but hear me out. Swingers clubs are not what people think they are; you do not drop your keys in a fish bowl and hope for the best. You can go as a couple and just enjoy the sexy atmosphere. In fact the fronts of swingers clubs are set up like regular clubs anyway. This is a good time to explore your sexual sides more as a couple. You can go to the club and just watch others have sex, you can get a room with a window and have sex while giving everyone else a show or you can take it even further depending on everyone’s comfort level.


Sure tickets to see his favorite team are nice but unless they are stellar seats or for a game that is nearly impossible to get tickets for this gift is boring. If your man is a sports fanatic then check out these cool ways to incorporate sports into a gift for him.

  • Put together a sports basket- So this is taking the idea of just tickets to the next level. For example, if he is into baseball then fill a basket full of peanuts, crackerjacks, tickets to a game, a jersey, and other cool sports stuff with his favorite team logo.
  • Check out a hall of fame- Make a weekend out of it! Take him to the hall of fame for his favorite sport and let him act like a kid in the candy store. Even if it is boring for you trust me he will absolutely love and appreciate the gesture. Afterwards take some time to explore the city and go sightseeing. He will have his own special way of thanking you at the end of the night.
  • Signed memorabilia- Search for something rare and unique that is signed or authenticated. Search pawn sites, sports auctions, or get the help of his friends to find that perfect gift.

There you have it! There are some great unique and cool gift ideas for your boyfriend. Have fun and enjoy!