Fashionable and Comfortable Sleepwear for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most magical times in a woman’s life. The miracle of having a human being growing inside of you is inexplicable. Yet, most women fail to see this experience as such, given the physical changes their bodies go through. Not to mention the fluctuating hormones that send pregnant women on a wild emotional roller coaster make it hard for them to enjoy the journey of pregnancy. A pregnant woman will most commonly feel uncomfortable and unattractive in her new body. This is totally understandable when none of your cute old clothes fit and you end up prioritizing comfort over anything else when shopping for new clothes. This is especially true with sleepwear. You tend to think that it’s either itchy materials that look attractive or granny pants that are hurtful to look at but oh so comfy!

However, this does not have to be the case. As a pregnant woman, you can have the best of both worlds! With some useful tips, you can find clothes that make you feel confident when you look in the mirror and like what you see. Here are some stylish items to look for when shopping for fashionable and comfortable sleepwear:

Soft Shorts

Pregnant women usually complain of always feeling hot, especially at night when they are aching for that good night’s sleep. Seamless comfy shorts that feel soft to the touch will be your savior. Find the ones that have leak proof padding for those uncomfortable moments and you will see how the benefits of this useful product will transform your sleeping experience throughout your pregnancy. Not only will you wear them to bed, but you will also find yourself reaching for them to wear under your summer dresses and even your workwear. Find ones that have fun prints and colors to pair with your sleeping camisoles.

Stretchy Nightgowns

Nightgowns are a great option for your ever-growing belly. Look for ones made from fabrics that have a little stretch, as you would not want to be shopping for a new nightgown every week. When it comes to color, plain neutral and pastel tones always look fashionable. Steer clear of the ones with busy patterns and multi-colors since they will make you feel like there is so much going on with your growing body.

Fluffy Robes

Robes are a must for pregnant women. Thanks to the hormonal dances mentioned before, when pregnant, you will go from feeling hot to cold and then back to hot more than ten times at any given hour. Having a robe handy will be the easiest way to add and remove a layer when needed. Robes look chic and look more like loungewear than sleepwear. They are great for the days when you wake up not ready to take off your PJs just yet. You can throw on one of those fluffy robes that feel like a blanket hug and still look fashionable and cute enough.


There is a reason why onesies were first made for babies; they are just that comfortable! An onesie is the best option to avoid having your loose PJs flailing around when you are sleeping. Unlike the baby options, you can find onesie designs that look elegant enough and without compromising on the comfort element. The only downside would be the hassle you might experience when going for toilet runs in the middle of the night, but hey, onesies are pretty enough that they are worth taking the chance on them.

Silk PJ Sets

Silk elevates the look of any garment and makes it look elegant and classy. Pregnant women appreciate the softness of silk and the way it feels against their sensitive skin. Some women even appreciate how silk wear helps them slide easier out of bed. PJ sets will leave you feeling well put together instead of just feeling random with mismatching pieces in your closet. Since silk is not a very forgiving fabric, it is better if you go for flowy short cuts that will not stop you from moving freely when you’re asleep, and to guarantee your new favorite PJs fit you for as long as possible.

Just because your body is changing during pregnancy, does mean you should be left feeling any despair or letting it take over. So, do not give up the desire to look fashionable even if it were in bed. Any small thing that can enhance your mood will be worth it when you find yourself more confident and able to enjoy this special time before your little bundle of joy arrives. That is when the real hard work starts! So, take this time for yourself and enjoy dressing up that cute bump!