25 Ideas for a Fairy Tale Wedding (With PICTURES)

Weddings are the standard of romance because there is nothing more beautiful than two people swearing to love each other until the end of time. Most women have been dreaming about this important day in their life ever since they were little girls, so they have a million ideas about how everything should be like.

And then, once they meet their Prince Charming, every little detail magically falls into place to form this fairy tale wedding that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Planning the wedding is tremendously fun because it is in itself a dream come true.

So feel free to dream as big as you want because the possibilities are virtually endless. We have some amazing suggestions for fairytale weddings that can inspire you for your big day. Take a look at our ideas and turn your dream wedding into reality.

1.  A Princess Wedding Dress

Picture1_Princess Dresses

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the wedding dress is the single most important detail of the entire event. And no fairy tale wedding is complete without its perfect princess bride. Be prepared to spend quite a lot of time on finding the dress of your dreams, but we guarantee that you will have an amazing time every step of the way.

Whether you want a classic princess dress, a mermaid-style one or an A-line cut, you will have an endless amount of glamorous options to choose from. And if nothing meets your expectations, then you can have your dress custom made so that it is absolutely perfect.

2. A Princess Tiara

Picture2_Princess Tiara

The tiara is a key accessory that can make any woman feel like a real princess, so make sure you add that to your list! Whether you want the classic Cinderella tiara or one that sparkles like you’ve always dreamed it would, make sure you take your time with finding the perfect one.

3.  Romantic Hairpieces

Picture3_Romantic Hairpieces

Every little detail about the bride’s outfit has a special significance. Hairpieces are particularly important because they can complete the princess look and add a touch of magic to the whole look. You can opt for delicate flower hairpieces or for unique metal models decorated with your favorite precious stones. These can also be custom made if you want to add a personal touch to your accessories.

4.  Vintage Cars

Picture4_Vintage Cars

Can you think of anything more romantic than a vintage getaway car for you and your spouse to begin your honeymoon in? Limousines are great for other special events, but weddings require an extra touch of elegance that is perfectly represented in vintage cars. Specialized websites will help you find the ideal one and they will make all the arrangements for you so that you can ride off into the sunset in style.

5.  A Horse-Drawn Carriage

Picture5_Horse Drawn Carriage

Another incredibly romantic getaway for the bride and groom is a horse-drawn carriage. This can be integrated perfectly into the fairy tale wedding scenario and it will add a touch of magic to the entire event. We suggest adding an “And they lived happily ever after…” decoration on the back of the carriage for that perfectly dreamy scenario.

6.  Flower Girls

Picture6_Flower Girl

Children can truly bring the smallest detail of a fairy tale wedding to life with their unique innocence. Flower girls traditionally walk down the aisle in front of the bride and sprinkle petals on their way. This is a very special moment meant to get all the guests in the mood for the rest of the event.

7.  Glass Slippers

Picture7_Glass Slippers

Magic truly lies in the details. A pair of glass slippers can make you look and feel like a real life Cinderella. These delicate wedding shoes will remind you of the special significance of the day. You can even recreate the slipper scene from the fairy tale in your wedding photos. You will have a great time looking at them for years and years to come.

8.  Ariel Hairstyle

Picture8_The Little Mermaid Hairstyle

If “The Little Mermaid” was your favorite fairy tale growing up, you can adapt your hairstyle to look just like Ariel. This will enable you to live your childhood dreams and feel like an actual princess. If you have red hair, then this is the ideal hairstyle for you. You will have an amazing time noticing the reactions your guests will have when they see you, so get ready to receive lots of compliments!

9.  Arwen Headpiece

Picture9_Arwen Headpiece

The story of Arwen and Aragorn is one of the most romantic ones ever told and including elements from it into your wedding will make the even all that more special. The beauty and grace of the Elves are truly unpaired in the fantasy world, so adding elfish-like accessories to your bridal outfit will make it absolutely amazing. We recommend an Elvish headpiece because it is extremely delicate and it provide a special type of elegance to your look.

10.Snow White Hairstyle

Picture10_Snow White Hairstyle

Snow White was the fairest of them all and this is just how every bride should feel on her wedding day. You can opt for a hairstyle similar to the one that the princess had in the 1937 Disney film and you will absolutely glow. While this hairdo is perfectly suited for brunettes, it can be adapted to fit any hair color.

11.Beauty and the Beast Rose

Picture11_Beauty and the Beast Rose

Including theme elements from your favorite fairytales will mark the romantic nature of the event. The rose from Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beautiful symbols of love out there and it can be easily integrated into your wedding as a centerpiece. It is guaranteed to impress your guests because they will think back to the incredibly romantic scene from the fairy tale.

12.Arwen’s Necklace

Picture12_Arwen's Necklace

This is the best possible piece of Elfish jewelry that you can wear on your wedding day. This necklace is a symbol of the selfless nature of love, but also of the deep connection that two people can share. It is perfectly suited for a simple wedding dress because it is an extremely complex piece. You can also recreate the moment when Arwen gives away her jewel to her beloved Aragorn. This is guaranteed to make every one of your guests smile and hold their significant others tight.

13.A Romantic Bride Swing

Picture13_Arwen's Necklace

A bride swing will truly look like something out of a fairy tale and it will make the ceremony hall look magical. The photographer can use it to create outstanding wedding pictures with both the bride and her guests. It is the perfect combination between elegant and playful and it will add a certain type of positive energy to the event.

14.Romantic Boat Ride

Picture14_Romanti Boat Ride

A romantic boat ride can be the centerpiece of the wedding photo shoot or if the wedding venue permits it, it can be the main attraction of the whole event. It is perfectly suited for weddings because it creates one of the most romantic scenarios possible. Imagine your husband looking deep into your eyes as you row quietly down the river. This is one of those moments you will remember for years and years to come.



Lanterns are some of the most delicate wedding decorations available. Their uplifting elegance makes them key elements for any type of ceremony venue. You can create a truly special moment by opting for Chinese lanterns that you can light up together with your husband and then watch them fly away into the night sky.



Fireworks are a symbol of celebration and including them in your wedding will make for a truly special moment. We recommend you have fireworks either during the first dance of the bride and groom or immediately after bringing out the cake. Your guests will be very impressed by the show and they will rejoice along with you in the sheer joy of the moment.

17.Outdoors Fairy Tale Ceremony

Picture17_Outdoors ceremony

Having your wedding ceremony outdoors will make it all that more special. Opt for an enchanted setting to get the full fairy tale effect. Tell your wedding planner what your preferred elements are and you will be provided with a full list of options to choose your dream setting from. You can have anything you wish for on your big day, so think about the place where you have always visualized your wedding ceremony in. Remember that what certain locations might lack in magic can be easily retouched by adding lights and decorations.

18.Outdoors Wedding Party

Picture18_Outdoors party

If you hopelessly fall in love with your dream venue for the wedding ceremony, you can take your fairy tale wedding to the next level and organize the party outdoors as well. There is nothing better than being surrounded by nature that can lift your spirits and enable you to dream and be fully connected with the event. Your guests will be impressed by this atypical party and they will feel that they are part of a unique moment alongside you.

19.Fairy Tale Decorations

Picture19_Fairy Tale Decorations

Whether you choose to have your wedding party outdoors in the woods or in a luxurious event hall, the decorations will be the central elements that set the mood for the entire event. And if you have your heart set on having a fairy tale wedding, then the right decorations will make this possible anywhere. Lights are particularly important because they can almost singlehandedly create that dream setting you are aiming for. As for accessories, the possibilities are endless. Anything you imagine can be crafted into life to help you get that magic wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

20.Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage


Picture20_Cinderella's Pumpkin Drawn Carriage

As we have mentioned above, including small enchanted elements in your ceremony will help everybody get into a dreamy mood. This is why it is best if these elements are there from the very beginning of the event. For instance, the moment when the bride arrives at the ceremony is one of the central moments of the entire event. You can make it magical by riding in Cinderella’s famous pumpkin carriage. The photographer can take advantage of this charming moment to take some amazing pictures that will remind you of how you felt that day for the rest of your life.

21.Enchanted Music

Picture21_Enchanted Music

After you have your dreamy venue and your magic decorations and you have created your fairy tale setting, you only need one more element to make everything perfect: music. The music you choose needs to be in line with the whole event. It needs to be soft but uplifting and elegant but joyful. In one word, it needs to be enchanting. It will connect all of your fairy tale elements together and it will make your dream scenario complete.

22.Enchanted Wedding Bands

Picture22_Enchanted Wedding Bands

In spite of the fact that you will wear your wedding bands for the rest of your life, choosing them is most likely going to be among the last items on your to do list for the wedding. If you cannot find rings that meet the expectations that you both have, we suggest that you have them custom made. Your wedding planner can put you in contact with some of the most talented jewelers so that your dream rings can come to life.

23.Fairy Bridesmaids

Picture23_Fairy Bridesmaids

Choosing your bridesmaids will be another one of the last wedding-related decisions that you will make. While your best friends have been fully prepared to live up to the task for many years now, you should expect to have to choose some last minute bridesmaids. It is important that you have as many of them as your future husband has groomsmen. When the final decisions have been made, you will have to integrate them in the ceremony. It is crucial that you find dresses, accessories and hairstyles for them that are in line with the theme of the party and even your wedding dress. Your fairy bridesmaids will be there on your big day to make sure that you are having the best possible time.

24.Fairy Tale Wedding Bouquet

Picture24_Fairy Tale Wedding Bouquet

This is the final decision you will have to make before your big day. There are no limits to what your wedding bouquet can be. You can opt for traditional or atypical flowers that compliment your dress or you can have your bouquet crafted from any given material you want. Bouquets made out of beads are simply outstanding and they are extremely practical. You can also opt for textile flowers if this closer to what you have in mind for your wedding bouquet.

25.Fairy Tale Photo Shoot

Picture25_Fairy Tale Photo Shoot

Your perfect wedding will have to be immortalized in dreamy photographs that you can look at for years and years to come and remember the happiest day of your life. Your wedding planner will recommend the best possible photographers you can work with, but making the final choice will be quite complicated. We advise you to explore the portfolios of the photographers you like and to take the time to meet with them and tell them what you expect from your wedding pictures. The one who shares your vision is the ideal choice.

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