Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Destroying Your Home

Truth be told, a healthy home environment is as crucial as eating healthily and exercising. However, we rarely ask ourselves whether we actually live in a healthy home environment. Creating a healthy home does not have to be an exhausting endeavor. You can make some tweaks in the way that you take care of your home. Fortunately, the more you keep a routine going on in your home, the less of a chore anything will seem.

We’re going to go over some of the bad habits that could be secretly destroying your home, as well as some suggestions to solve these issues.

Ignoring filter changing

Many of our home appliances have filters (e.g., HVAC system, dishwasher, or dryer). If you notice that your air conditioner runs but not enough air comes out of the vents, then this could be due to trapped dust buildup on the filters. To clean the filters, you don’t need to call in an expert, since most people can do it on their own. The dustier the environment you live in, the more you might need to clean or replace the filters. When you don’t clean them out, the dust can jam your AC. Also, knowing that filters are meant to protect your appliances should urge you to clean them on a regular basis.

Dryers also have filters that trap lint. When there’s an excessive lint buildup, not only does it make your dryer run less efficiently, but also lint can catch on fire. So get going on cleaning filters of different appliances.

Ignoring gutter cleaning

It’s a job that no one enjoys to do, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. When gutters get clogged, water can begin to seep into the cracks of your home, causing damage to the foundations. Fixing structural damage of a house is an overly-expensive job and one that can be avoided when you take note to clean out the gutters.

Using harsh chemicals

If the water is taking too long to drain, take it as a warning sign that your drain is getting clogged. Sometimes we treat the sink or tub in our home as if it was a garbage bin, throwing all sorts of things in it: hair, food particles, coffee grounds, fats, oils, and grease, you name it. In fact, all of these belong in a trashcan, not a sink. Even substances as tiny as coffee grounds can cause damage to your pipes.

To make it worse, we douse our drains with store-bought products to unclog them, which usually contain harsh chemicals that cause more harm than good. Fortunately, unclogging a drain doesn’t have to be destructive or messy when you follow the guide from AllMastersPlumbing.com that will tell you how to make and use an all-natural drain cleaner. You will probably find the ingredients you need for a natural drain cleaner right in your kitchen. Natural cleaners protect pipes from corrosion and can be more efficient than chemical ones.

Walking with shoes

If you just stop for a second to think about all the places you’ve walked to and fro, you probably wouldn’t need someone to convince you not to walk in your home with your shoes on. Walking with your shoes on will spread all that grime and bacteria which can wreak havoc on your health and the health of your loved ones.

In one study, carried out by the University of Arizona, 10 people were given new shoes to wear for two weeks. After those two weeks, 400,000 types of different bacteria were identified. One of which was E. coli. Make it a habit to always leave your shoes at the front door before entering your house. This will keep a lot of germs and bacteria at bay.

Slamming doors

When you’re angry, a good door slam might release some of your tension (though we highly doubt that), but it does a lot more harm than good. When doors are repeatedly slammed, the door jamb can get out of alignment. This creates a gap between the jamb and the trim, which, in turn, allows cold air and moisture to seep into your home. When that happens, expect your heating costs to go up, so no more door slamming to make a statement. Use an exclamation point instead and close doors quietly!

There you have it. Your home could remain in much better condition when you follow some good habits and stop the damaging ones. All our bad habits in the house are worth breaking since it’s much cheaper than having repairs. We just need a little consciousness to break unconscious habits.