Dance Form That You Will Enjoy and Make Yourself Fit…

To remain fit and healthy, you need to workout atleast for half an hour per day. Today’s generation go for gym in order to stay in shape.But, they forget that gym only provide you exercise not the excitement you all need. So, it’s better to choose such a exercise which will keep you fit at the same time gives you the encouragement. This exercise is non other than Dance.

These days, dance has became an inspiration for all. Dance not only refreshes your mind but strengthen your body as well. There are many dance forms through which you can stay fit and feel motivated. So, have a look and you never know how it may help you in your daily life. Try something that suits your body and motivates you in every step of your life.

Salsa Dance

Salsa is a Latin dance form.This dance form is loved by all.The style is so elegant and chic that any age groups can learn it. If you choose to do Salsa, then you can easily lessen your arm and thighs.It can help you to become flexible. One more thing, to impress someone you like you can try it once.If you’re shy,then this form can boost confidence in you.So, choice is all yours.

Zumba Dance

Zumba is the one of the famous dance form in terms of workout. This style is enjoyable and energize your body as well. If you want to do it at you home then you can buy some CD’s and begin at your place. With regular session, you can stay healthy and burn calories. Thus, to remain strong you need to take care of your daily routine.

Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-hop is one of most loved dace form mostly by the youth. In this dance form, you need core strength and sync with the beats.If you are interested to join this dance form then you are likely to have fun with your fitness exercise at the same time. Are you dealing with overweight problems right now? If yes, start our hip-hop classes so, that you can get your perfect shape.

Swing Dance

Have you ever heard about this dance form? If no, let me tell you it’s easy dance style.All you have to do in this style is hopping. You can burn 300 calories in a long hour practice. But you know what, when you once join this class you wont even think to leave it. More than being healthy, you will enjoy yourself in each and every step. So, are you ready to swing?

Ballet Dance

When you watch a ballet performance being an audience then it might look easy. But when it’s time for you to do it, it’s really tough. For this dance style, you need to have patience. It not only need body postures but also your expressions.It can goes with both men and women. You can also take it as exercising mechanism. So, aren’t you in love with Ballet?

Belly Dance

Belly dancing is a sexy and flirtatious dance form. With this dance style, you can make perfect shape of your body. As it provides you a workout for your abs to single body muscles.It can tone your stomach as well. It can boost your mood at the same time freshen up your mind.So, girl it’s a nice way to remain fit and stunning.

Tap Dancing

You might be shocked to know that tap dancing also reduces your weight at the same time gives you a thrill. In this dance form, you can improve your body postures. It also helps you strengthen your lower body and flatter your stomach.If you dance for an hour, you can burn more than  250 calories. So, be wise while choosing your dance forms.

Pole Dancing

If you choose pole dancing for your workout then it’s not that easy. You will have to do hard-work in order to do your best.But once you learn all the techniques to climb in a pole, you are done. With that you will gain flexible body for sure. This dance can reduce 400-500 calories if you dance per hour or more. So, are you ready for pole dancing?

Masala Bhangra

You might be stunned to hear about this form. But yes, by doing bhangra you can loose your weight. Meanwhile, you can enjoy yourself. You will be thrilled in each steps coming in a row.  The amazing moves like bhot tamale, cupid, gabroo, bhangra groove is so exciting. You will not even feel that you are exercising. All you will do is enjoy yourself. Dancing in punjabi tunes can loose your 500 calorie within an hour.


In free style dance you can dance like a free bird. Without any choreographed steps you can roll your body.You won’t find those steps and moves that controls you. In this dance form, you can dance in your own tune and dance like nobody is watching you. It’s not known how much calorie is burnt as the steps are not set and matched up. But you can swing your body and stay fit through this dance form.


Kathak teaches you about certain control in yourself. You can concentrate on any particular matters correctly. As in each and every step, you will get relived from arthritic pain, tones your body, and develops your stamina. Not only this, you will learn something and structure your body at the same time. During this dance form you can loose 400-500 calories as per session. So, enjoy yourself.


While doing samba, it’s not compulsory to ave it’s costume. You can dance in your simple costumes. In this dance form, you will have hips movement. This dance enables you too reduce size of your waist and hips as well. Doing this style, you need to have straight body and bending of your knee at a time. Within an hour, you can lessen almost 340 calories.


This dance refer to aerobics merged in Bollywood songs. In Zumba you need to have high energy likewise in this dance style you have to energize yourself. With the sweat rushing to your body, you can loose your weight. With that you can workout any feel great while doing it. I’m sure.All in all you can burn 1000 calories in a single hour. Isn’t it amazing? I’m surely gonna join bollybics classes, are you coming with me?


Capoeira is very tiring and energetic dance style. In this dance form, high kicks, punches, non-stop moving and shaking are the basic element.It is one part of martial art which is mixture of dance, acrobatics and music. If you are fully prepared and do workout  in full power then you can reduce atleast 500 calories per hour. What’s your opinion about this dance style?

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is not what people usually expect. It’s quite different than our imagination.You will get to see three different dance forms in one. In this style, you should dance with your partner with each step combined together.You will enjoy and be healthy at same time. With that you can shape your body in a perfect shape and size. It will fill joy in your life.

Bollywood Style

Bollywood dance is fun, high-energy and embraces the female dance style through their expression.This dance style is great for people who are keen to shape their body in shape. You will get lots of enjoyment. You can learn it as a solo even in a group.With that you will get chance to dance in beautiful tunes. May be at festive or any occasion if you are trained then you can do it.So, wanna try this dance style for a workout?


Talking about this style, Flamenco is a Spanish dance form but it is now enjoyed worldwide. This dance is a little hard to catch up, but the dance form is very amazing to see and do as well. Especially if you are looking for a dance style where you can express and enjoy another culture, its perfect for you. This form tones your body and muscles to keep you fit. If you think you can do it, then let the dance begin.


In this form of dance, you need to be quick. As the rhythm of music changes with each step.So, you need to have a perfect balance, body postures and alignments as well. Remember, this styles requires lot of strength. You need to bend your knees while dancing in Tango style. It will provide energy to your core and increase your stamina as well.It  also helps you to reduce your stress as it don’t allow you thing anything else.

Street Dancing 

It’s a wonderful dance style with high-energy form of exercise. It’s truly a outstanding form which flows your body like a water. It allows every single part to move in the tunes. It also improves your core strength and balance your overall body. If you have given birth to your baby then, you should try it.It  shapes your tummy and strengthens your inner core.

Folk Dance

In any folk dance, you need full strength to represent your rich culture. You enjoy single bit as you love what you are. You may be Hindu or Chinese or anything else, you respect and show it at its best. If you dance in slower type song you can loose 250-330 calories and for faster style you can reduce between 310 and 420 calories.

Break Dance

You may take it easy but mind you it’s not. It’s a difficult dance form.This kind of dance style can need a great deal of strength and agility, as some of the steps require dynamic poses holding one’s own body weight. So, it fun as well as challenging too.With certain hard work you can burn 400-650 calories per hour in this dancing. Have you tried yet? No? Then, take a chance for atleast once for all.


You may hear about this dance for the first time. But this style is different than other dancing. You know what, this dance form needs the least amount of movements, but it requires a lots of energy. With that you can loose  400-750 calories in an hour.You will feel healthy at the same time get the shape you always wanted. Enjoy and stay fit.


Nia dance form is not new but never came into limelight. But in these days people are gearing up for different dance forms. One of them is this style called Nia. It’s actually a dance style which combines yoga, martial arts and dance in a single package. So, this fusion will make you stay fit, flexible and energetic. Thus, will entertain you throughout your session. Do you liked it? Wanna try something different? Then,go for it.


Yangko dance is a traditional folk dance of the Chinese.This dance form is particularly originated from China and represents a main part of Chinese culture. You will be surprised to know about this form, as it helps you to sway your body to single bit of beautiful songs.The most used part in this style are hips and waist. They enables you to drive your feet in order to sync with the tune. With that you can reduces your size of your hips and waist. If you are worried about your big waist then you can join this dance classes. As you will be more cheerful than you used to be.

It’s up to you which dance style you prefer. Keep one thing in mind, don’t push yourself in your first time. Your body needs times to bear all the pain in the beginning. After some time, you will start enjoy smooth ride for the rest of your life. Try to think, you are having fun don’t take it as a workout. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing then,you are not giving your 100%. So cherish single moment as you never know what will happen tomorrow.