43 Cute Ways To Be the Happiest Person…

Want to have a happy life? What are you waiting for then it’s quite easy. Be what you are and be thankful to what you have. Don’t compare yourself to others nor underestimate your personality. You can live a happy life but it depends on you how you feel like. Here are numerous ways through which you can be a enjoy your life can be a happiest person…


Be Positive

Negativity can be poisonous so try to think in a positive way. One negative thought can create your situation complex. But when you are positive you will feel happy as well as you will find happiness all around.

Accept that life is not perfect

What we think or choose doesn’t match up. Sometimes we don’t deserve what we get and sometimes what we have we don’t appreciate.Always accept the reality that life is not perfect.It goes on and on. So, follow your path and smile in every situation.

Keep Smiling

Whether things are occurring at place or not don’t let your smile fade. It not only affects you but will ruin the work you are doing. This can loose your confidence. Thus, don’t let anyone to know about your problem. Give a smile.

Appreciate love

Can you visualize you life without your loved one? Absolutely no. Sometimes we try to find happiness in money but it is just for a second. We can see rich people happy but in reality they are broken inside.

Value yourself

People meet and separate and that’s life. Some people come so close and hurt us. But we do nothing as we love them. Don’t accept those people who don’t deserve you.

Try to be self-centered

Always start with what you like, what you want or what you desire. Don’t analyze what others will think. Just enjoy yourself nothing else. Pleasing others can’t make you happy so choose it yourself.

Don’t blame others

Knowingly or unknowingly you blame others for your problem.When you realize it it seems too late. So before you say anything try to think what to say and what not to.

Be on time

It can be your work or school, you should be on time.It will give your fellow good impression. Your teacher or boss will treat you best. This will enhance your reputation as well.

Take time

Doing things in a hurry always create mess. Try to take time as much as possible. If you wake up early you can have time to set your time-table. You will get time to get ready and other things too.

Look around

Stop for a second and have a gaze around you. You will see everything beautiful. It can be the people, your pets and so on. You will also understand your worth. Be thankful to what you have and show all that you are happy.

Don’t take money for granted

When you don’t have money, you think that money is solution of happiness. for those you have money it is reason of sadness. It can give you happiness just for sometime. It only creates problems.

Don’t get panic easily

You should be calm when you are in problem. Don’t do things in a rush.  It can create more problem. So, be relax when you are going through some stress. Try to behave softly.

Give more priority to good than bad

When we go through dark phase we don’t think of good side. We only get frustrate and make our self guilty. Try to think others are more hurt than you. You should behave positively in every situation.

Be your own friend

If you feel lonely dont just call your friend to entertain you.Try to spend time with yourself. You can find new things inside you. So be yourself. Make yourself enable to do anything and in anytime.

Speak up

When questions are rendering on your mind then say it to the person. Otherwise, you can’t do anything properly. It might spoil your mood at some point. Talk and figure it out what’s the actual matter instead of keeping your mouth shut.

Don’t get jealous

When your friend has that thing you wanted then don’t be jealous. Try to take it positively. You should appreciate what you have. Don’t think what you haven’t. So, remember good things and throw away those bad thoughts.

Don’t wait

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. It doesn’t wait. If you want to do something in your life then do it now. Don’t pass it for other day. Try to utilize your time, once it is wasted can’t be return.So, if you have enough time then don’t spend it doing nothing.Get it.

No comparison

Comparing yourself to your friend or cousin is the worst thing you can ever do. We always find someone better than us. But that doesn’t mean you are any less important. Just live your life to the fullest and go beyond people’s expectation.

Involve yourself

When you feel alone or depressed, there are always your friends to console you. Try to talk to them in your free time and go for outing. So, you will not get struck with your problem. Try to do things that you like. Enjoy yourself.

Don’t be afraid

People have fear about those things they have never done so far. This fear can burn all your happiness. So, try to face it. make yourself strong enough to accept the challenge in font of you.

Mind your own business

Don’t try to interfere in other’s problem. Otherwise, you might be in a problem. If you drag yourself in someone’s else business then you can sometimes loose your friendship. Sometimes can engage in a fight or anything else. Be on your own.

Don’t please others

We think pleasing others can make us big. But, in reality it has no worth. It’s better to do what you want. They dont see what we did for them instead will watch where we were wrong. Be what you are, impressing others is of no use.

Stop gossiping

Gossiping is just waste of time. Talking about others to other people and laughing is not a good idea. Its better to talk about innovative ideas and thoughts. It will help you to learn more and drives you to a different path. With that you will take a step towards fun.

Have faith

Don’t get frustrated with small-small happenings of your life. Instead, you should stay calm and have faith in yourself. You should believe in yourself in order to prove your ability. Thus, being upset is not a solution. But can disappoint you deep inside.

Keep your promises.

If you can’t keep your promises then dont make it. When they are broken it really hurts. So, it’s better not to hurt others rather than giving them false hope. It can broke someone heart and they can’t trust the one again. Be trustworthy.

Don’t argue

Don’t stop arguing completely. But dont get loud over petty things and sticking to it for long. It help you to remain calm and stay lively in any condition. So, be optimistic, that will take you to the door of happiness.

Do only one thing at a time

Don’t try to do different things at once. It may confuse you and create a mess. Be calm and composed on whatever you do. If many things are done at same time then you can concentrate towards it.Thus, choose single work at a time.

Make up your mind to be happy

Try to be positive in each and every situation.It makes you happy at the same time gives you strength. You will feel yourself as a strong person from inside. Stay calm and try to see the world from different perspective.

Maintain a healthy diet

To have a healthy life, you should follow diet plan. You can change your taste so that your life will be refreshed. Try something that will help you in shaping your body in a perfect shape.

Pamper yourself

Sometime do something for your shake. May be shopping, massage, spa or anything else.Do whatever your heart says.Eat whatever you like to don’t worry about calories. Just make sure you are happy in what you do. Got it?

Be more creative

Try something different than you usually do. Be creative in what you do. Like, when you express your feelings to someone just pick something interesting. May be the place, your words or the way you are with fusion. It will be the amazing stuff to be a happy person.

Handmade gifts

When you make simple stuff by yourself then what can be the most thoughtful,  instead of getting them from markets.They may be expensive but can’t be as precious as the stuff made personally. They can anyone’s heart without anything beside them.

When things aren’t going well; know that it will pass

Be it happiness or sadness, they don’t remain long. Don’t think what’s going wrong instead cherish about the things that makes you happy. Try to walk with time otherwise, you will have to suffer a lot.

Memorize your past

If you’re feeling lonely, you can re-read some of your old conversations. It’ll remind you of all the good times you’ve had and all the people that adore you  and will always be there to put a smile on your face. With that, you will get reasons to be happy.


It’s up to you to mediate or not, as you can’t do it forcefully. As we all know, meditation can make you feel calmer and generally a happier person.The important thing about it is it’s not for a short time but could do wonders in a long run to increase your happiness.

Attempt to take a break from bad habits

Try to avoid the bad habits in you that’s the way you can do something useful.It will lead your health and your mood in a good way. Suppose if you smoke and can skip for a day, it can be a victorious moment or you. So, try and stop it and surely  you’ll feel happier.

Reach one of your life goals

There might be something  that you’ve always wanted to do but never got chance then what can be the better way to excite yourself with reaching toward your life goals. You’ll feel awesome while achieving it. isn’t it?

Have manners

Always remember to say ‘please and thank you’ to anybody you pass. Behaving with others as you’d like to be treated is an amazing way to feeling you can ever have. If you do good in return you will get better.

Be at one with nature

Thinking to go on holiday with the friends?  Go for a place with natural beauty. It might not suitable for everyone, but there’s something really relaxing about such places.The soft fresh air and smell of the environment will drive you crazy.


Yoga can do wonders when it comes to distressing and relaxing yourself. It’s not compulsory to have a flexible body to get start your yoga sessions. With turning on videos, you can exercise yoga at your home and start feeling losing all your stress and the door to your happiness opens.


It can be a simple restaurant to try something new or a park you’ve been wanting to go for a walk , don’t put yourself from exploring something different. It doesn’t have to be far, or expensive and do these little things can really mesmerize you life.


Gardening can make you feel happier not only because of the sense of pride as you see your plants grow but it’s also a great way to get some relaxation. These factors proves to help you fight against depression.The time you spend for gardening, you forget everything rounding in your mind.

Scream loudly

When things gets messy or sometimes in the way you wanted then, shout aloud. Letting out this inner anger or happiness can relief your mind. With the burst out, you will feel chilled and relaxed in every possible way.