Cute Nicknames your Boyfriend will Love

There comes a time when you feel the need to give your guy a nickname. Of course, if he already has a nickname bestowed on him from family and friends, you may want to stick to that. But if you are trying to come up with a really cute nickname for him there are plenty of options to choose from. Just make sure you take the time to decide on a moniker he will actually like and appreciate. In your heart you may feel that schnookums is the perfect nickname for him, but imagine the embarrassment he will have to endure if you say that name in front of his friends. Think of the famous shmoopy episode on Seinfeld.

Traditional nicknames for your boyfriend are endearments like honey, dear, sugar or sweetie pie. You might come up with a shortened version of his real name, like Eddie for Edward. But if you want to be more creative, chose a nickname that fits him and puts him in a good light. You can use a cute nickname that shows what a hunk you think he is, a name that tells the world that he is funny and makes you laugh, or that he is good looking or romantic. Another way to go is to use a nickname that reflects his physical attributes, as long as you are complimentary and do not call him something like big ears. Foreign names have a sophisticated, romantic ring to them, and choosing coordinating names for you and your boyfriend can make your bond to him even closer. Nicknames tend to stick, so choose wisely. Some of us know who George Herman Ruth was, but the name Babe Ruth is instantly recognizable.

Cute Nicknames your Boyfriend will Love

Names of Endearment

Just like the Motown Temptations song, sugarpie and honey bunch are terms of endearment still used today to show affection. Other tried and true cute guy nicknames like cupcake, pookie, and pumpkin can show how much you like him. If he has an especially outgoing and sunny personality, sunshine can work. Just be careful if you get into names like snuggle bunny, buttercup, bunbun, baby boo or peachy pie. He may feel that these nicknames go a bit too far in a mushy direction. And these days, snookie has a whole other connotation.

Wordplay on His Real Name

An easy way to pick a cute nickname for your boyfriend is to wordplay on his real given name. Maximilian can become Max, Andrew can become Drew and Nicholas can be called Nick or Nicky. Similarly, Anthony becomes Ant, Eric becomes Air and Carl becomes Car. Using his initials is another way to go. A cute nickname for a guy named Alexander John makes use of his initials, AJ. Another way to use his initials is to just call him by the first letter of his given name. Sometimes his surname or last name is easier to pronounce than his given name, so you might want to call him by his surname or a variation thereof. In that case, Zachary Rose can become Rose or Rosy. Sometimes you get lucky and your boyfriend has a surname that just begs for a cute nickname. If his last name is Baer, you could call him huggy or fuzzy.

Play Up His Attributes

Calling your man by a name that reflects his attributes makes a lot of sense, but make sure you do not go negative. For a boyfriend with gorgeous blue eyes use blue eyes, and if he has a great sense of humor, try chuckles, McJokster, giggle guy, or the comedian.  If he is really built, how about calling him muscles, hunk or Tarzan. Casanova is a traditional favorite, along with dreamboat, doll face and Romeo. For guys who are really good in the romance department, jock, stud, loverboy, hottie, tiger and superman are sure to please. And of course, you could just sum it all up and settle on Mr. Wonderful if the name fits.

Funny Nicknames

One of the all time greatest nickname for a guy belongs to Shaun White, the professional snowboarder and skateboarder called The Flying Tomato. With his red hair he could have just been called carrot top, but The Flying Tomato is much more descriptive and way cooler. Get inspiration from other sports figure nicknames, like basketball star Magic Johnson, Action Jackson, the football star, and Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain. If your guy is large, you might call him Stretch, Fatty Bom Bom or Tons of Fun. For sarcasm, try Shorty for a tall guy or Tiny for a big guy. When in doubt, just add pants to a descriptive word for a nickname like sillypants or smartypants.

Foreign Nicknames

Foreign nicknames can sound tres romantic. Like the male rendition of ma Cherie Amour, you could call your man mi amor, mon cher or inamorato for my love, my dear or lover in Spanish, French and Italian respectively. Other Spanish nicknames are Querido for darling, Papi for sweetheart and Tesoro for treasure.

Couples Nicknames

Cute couple’s nicknames can emphasize the bond the two of you have together. If you are a passionate couple, try Romeo and Juliet. If he is the man of your dreams, you can be Cinderella to his Prince Charming. If you and your man like to take a walk on the wild side, go with Tarzan and Jane. For pure comic effect, Popeye and Olive Oil will work, especially if he likes to show off his muscles and you are tall and thin. Or, you can have one cute nickname for the two of you, a la Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Brangelina.