By the Powers Vested: Why Vegas is the Perfect Wedding Destination

Although Las Vegas has a nickname of “Sin City,” it’s, ironically, been crowned as the wedding capital of the world! From the drive-thru weddings to the tacky chapels with Elvis as the officiant, there’s so plenty of unique options for you to tie the knot in Vegas!.

According to Nevada marriage records, around 120,000 marriage ceremonies are performed in the glamorous city of Las Vegas, Nevada each year. If you want to break that down even further, you can look at it like this: that’s 10,000 weddings each month and 300 weddings per day! For Vegas to be “Sin City,” couples sure are defying those stereotypes!

Why Vegas?

A lot of people have such negative connotations about getting married in Las Vegas, but if they really sat and thought about it, they’d see that there are actually several benefits to getting married in the “City of Lights.” Check out these reasons why “tying the knot” in Las Vegas is more beneficial than you may think.

You Get to Have EVERYTHING in One Location for a Low Price

Las Vegas weddings are the ideal location because you get to combine all aspects of a wedding in one central location. The cost of a traditional wedding can run up to $25,000 on average. With a Vegas wedding, you can spend a few hundred bucks and start sharing forever with the love of your life!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Las Vegas is the perfect spot to have your ‘last hoorah’ before saying “I do.” Your wedding party can experience the nightlife of Vegas with VIP services such as getting on a club’s guest list, free entry, and bottle service. Your bridal party and groomsmen will be able to remember (or vaguely recall) this night for the rest of their lives!


People tend to think that having a bachelor/bachelorette party will ruin your marriage with all the wild and crazy parties, but not all weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties have to be like what you see in the movies. just because you decide to have all of your wedding festivities in Vegas doesn’t mean that you’ll wake up the next morning on the roof of a hotel or with a tiger in the bathroom like in the movie The Hangover!

Wedding Ceremony, Reception, and Honeymoon

Because you’re in the wedding capital of the world, you’re able to not only have your wedding in Vegas; you’re also able to have your reception and not leave your location. For your honeymoon, a lot of hotels have reasonably priced packages that will cater to a couple’s every need.

From private pools to lavish spas, Vegas will treat you right from the moment you arrive up until the very moment you say “I do,” and well beyond!

Stress Levels are Drastically Reduced

When it comes to planning a traditional wedding, you know you can’t just whip it up and make it happen. It takes months of planning (if you want it done right). If you get married in Las Vegas, the wedding chapels have wedding planners and coordinators that will assist you in all your wedding needs.

Your Vegas wedding coordinator will be able to assist you with your bouquet, the officiant, the photography, music, and even toasting glasses! The best part about it is that it can all be done with a simple conversation over the phone or with just a few clicks online!

Even on Short Notice

Depending on which route you want to take with your wedding, hotel, or chapel, booking the venue can be very easy. Most hotels do prefer/require reservations, but there are also chapels that accept walk-ins and are able to have officiants ready to marry you even on short notice!

This is especially important when you and the love of your life just cannot wait to spend the rest of your lives together! Whether you’re the spontaneous couple or the rebel couple, Vegas is truly the best wedding destination for you!

Dress Code is Up to You

In Vegas, you can get as dressed up or dressed down as you want. As a bride, you no longer need to worry about spending thousands of dollars on a wedding gown if you’re just going to pull up to a drive-thru wedding. As a groom, you can ditch the tuxedo and trade it in for a t-shirt with a jacket and bowtie printed on it! That’s yet another frugal perk of getting married in Vegas.

Thank You…Thank You Very Much

Say what you want about Las Vegas… from the wild plush nightclubs to the get rich quick hopes of addicted gamblers, there’s no denying the fact that Vegas has everything you could ever need in a wedding destination. You may not have the officiant of your choice, but imagine being able to tell friends, family, and co-workers that Elvis officiated your wedding!