Building Your Own Cruelty-free Makeup Kit

Makeup has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury for many women in this beauty-centric world. There are numerous products and brands to choose from. You can also notice new and upcoming trends every now and then. One such trend, rather conscious step, is the advent of cruelty-free makeup. It is one of the noblest steps that can be taken towards saving the lives of numerous animals.

With the increasing awareness of the tests run on animals, cruelty-free makeup is currently trending. A lot of makeup users are also getting conscious and adapting to cruelty-free and vegan makeup to contribute to the environment.

We’ll be discussing this type of makeup, to calm your curiosity, and how to build a cruelty-free makeup kit without a hassle.

What exactly is cruelty-free makeup?

Cruelty-free makeup, in basic terms, refers to the makeup products that are not tested on animals at any stage of production, whether it is during manufacturing or after production. Products are certified from an organization called Leaping Bunny, which indicates that the products are cruelty-free. Lists from PETA and Logical Harmony also help in recognizing cruelty-free products. With the advent of modern technology, lab technicians are using lab-grown human and animal cells instead of animals to test products. Human tissues that are donated voluntarily are also used.

Many users confuse vegan makeup products with cruelty-free products. Vegan products contain absolutely no products made from animals, whereas cruelty-free products only indicate that they are not tested on animals and can contain animal products.

A lot of countries are opting for cruelty-free products and have completely banned testing products on animals. Germany took the first step towards banning animal testing in 1986, followed by other countries such as Israel, India, Taiwan, New Zealand, and various other European countries. However, makeup products that are sold in China are not cruelty-free. Whether you are manufacturing or selling your products in China, they will not be certified as cruelty-free.

It was difficult to find cruelty-free and safe makeup products in the past. However, the beauty industry today is advancing towards providing safe and environmentally-friendly products to their customers, which is why makeup expert Jane Iredale believes in offering makeup that is not only cruelty-free but also safe for your skin. Your makeup products should offer various skincare benefits and long-lasting coverage. Also, they should be safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Here is what the most basic cruelty-free makeup kit should include:


Finding the right foundation shade is always tricky and often nerve-wracking. But what’s even harder is finding a natural foundation that is cruelty-free and vegan and contains natural ingredients to improve your skin’s quality. As mentioned earlier, a lot of companies are progressing towards making natural and vegan products, which can help you find a suitable and animal-friendly foundation of your preference.


Not only should your concealer be capable of providing full coverage, but it should also be animal-friendly. Look for a concealer that is not too cakey and dry (obviously) and contains natural ingredients, such as Albizia Julibrissin tree bark or Japanese green tea for hydrated and radiant skin.


Any basic look is enhanced with mascara and good lip color and so it is a requisite for your kit. Opt for a product that does not contain beeswax, because most of the mascaras are made from it.


Opt for organic eyeliner that is perfect for all kinds of eyes, normal and sensitive. It’s a bonus if it has soothing ingredients and antioxidants. An eyeliner with plant wax will be easy to apply and blend. It is a great substitute for products made from beeswax and ticks the vegan checkbox.

Eye Shadow Palette

Eye shadows are a must for any makeup kit. A good eye shadow palette can instantly uplift a plain look and give your face a pop of color. Opt for an eye shadow palette that does not contain carmine, which is made by crushing dead bugs.

Lipstick and Lip Balm

A lot of lipsticks might contain lanolin (made from sheep’s wool) or beeswax and the bright red color mostly comes from carmine. Opt for a lipstick that is vegan and made of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, jojoba esters, and shea butter.

Makeup Brushes

A lot of makeup brushes are made of animal hair, mostly ponies, squirrels, and goats. A wiser option is to choose brushes that are made of synthetic materials. With the onset of cruelty-free ethos, more companies are opting to develop synthetic brushes, so you can find them easily.

Make sure that these products are 100% cruelty-free. Apart from these products, you can also look for cruelty-free and vegan highlighters, blush, setting spray, loose powder, contour products, makeup removers, primers, and moisturizers to add to your kit. It is high time that we start making changes in order to save the environment and become ethical consumers. Building your own cruelty-free makeup kit will not only fulfill your necessities but also save a lot of animal lives.