55 Beautiful Bird Tattoos

http://www.thisistattoo.com Bird tattoos are all the rage nowadays.  There is such a multitude of types and variations of birds to choose from.  There are also a multitude of significances and meanings that are special to each individual person with a tattoo of a bird.  This article will give you some ideas on bird tattoos and their meanings behind them so that you can make an informed decision about what kind of bird tattoo would suit you the best.

One of the most popular types of bird tattoos that people receive is of doves.  They are most commonly known to represent purity, peace, love, goodwill, and faith.  There are references to doves in the Bible and many religions use doves to represent different values and things that are important to them.  Many people have doves at weddings to symbolize eternal and unending love.  They are often allowed to fly away to represent a fresh start in life.  Often, people with dove tattoos get them so that they can constantly be reminded of values that are important to them and to always be a good and loving person.

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Swallows are often had by sailors because they symbolize their experiences at sea.  One swallow represents the sailor having traveled 5,000 nautical miles.  Therefore, two swallows represents having traveled 10,000 nautical miles and so on.  It was very difficult for sailors to travel that far back then so having a swallow tattoo symbolized their strength and courage and what an accomplished sailor they were.  They represent loyalty because they choose one mate for life and will only nest with that bird.  Many couples receive swallow tattoos to stand for their love and dedication to each other.  Swallow tattoos are also known to represent love, freedom, and hope.

Feather tattoos are becoming very widespread as well.  Some are closely related to the Native American culture and heritage and are often incorporated into tribal tattoos.  The meanings can differ with each type of bird, although some people just receive generic feather tattoos.  Some represent the element of air, possibly because feathers often come off birds in the sky and float down through the air for people to find.  They can also represent flight in a variety of contexts such as starting a new life.  Often it means to break away from someone or something such as leaving home and moving on in life with something new.  Many others have feather tattoos as spiritual representations that differ with each religion.  The saying “free as a bird” has often sparked the idea that it means freedom which goes along with the flight significance.

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Not too often do we see people with owl tattoos, but there are a huge number of people out there with them.  Owls symbolize wisdom, knowledge, and education.  Owl tattoos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be tailored to each individual’s desire.  The owl has related to many different cultures and has symbolic meaning to them.  These tattoos often remind people to be wise in their decisions and to learn as much as they can in this life.

Eagles are popular among people in the military and patriotic people in general.  Bald eagles are the national animals of America and signify freedom and bravery.  These specific tattoos are often very detailed and beautiful and require many tattooing sessions to complete them to perfection.

Now for the less popular, but still beautiful bird tattoos.  Peacocks are not seen very often in body art, but are beautiful none the less.  These pieces of artwork are usually big and colorful, making, quite the statement.  They often symbolize royalty, kindness, rebirth, luck, and compassion.  They are often some of the most colorful and detailed bird tattoos that people receive.

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Swans tattoos are also rarely seen but are a great idea for someone who is looking for a bird tattoo idea.  Swans usually represent purity, good luck, dreaming, emotions, creativity, enduring love, grace, beauty, faith, and elegance.  They also represent growth and change because of the story of The Ugly Duckling.  Baby swans are not that cute, but they become astoundingly beautiful when they get older. Swans in general are elegant and beautiful.  These tattoos may mean something different to each culture.

Crow tattoos have good and bad representations.  They can represent death and darkness or wisdom and intelligence.  They also stand for a bad omen.

There are hundreds if not thousands of types of birds for people to choose from when it comes to bird tattoos.  There are many meanings and significances that come along with them.  Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for your tattoos.