5 Best Tattoo about Casino Games

Tattoos are not a new phenomenon, but they have become a prevalent international trend over the years. More and more people around the world are getting inked with designs that have personal significance, or that just give them personal satisfaction.

Every single person has their reason for getting tattooed. Some consider it a unique form of expression and believe that it looks beautiful. Some use tattoos to express their view of the world, and others attach a spiritual significance to the design.

Casino Game Tattoos

Casino game tattoos are most used to represent good fortune and luck, money and thrill of the unknown. They may also be just an expression of love for the game.

Gambling tattoos can also be symbolic of the lifestyle of a person who flies by the seat of their pants. This is because the real gamblers are usually willing to make an audacious risk that most people can’t, to put everything on the line for the sake of that next rush. These people tend to extend their luck to romances, their business life and they somehow have a lady luck on their side that can turn everything they touch into gold.

Casino game tattoos can be used to represent any type of game such a card games like blackjack, poker games, dice games, etc. This means that the wearer of the tattoo has many choices from as many casino games as there are. One can choose one keeping in mind his personality and association with a particular casino game.

If you are not a gambler, you can also have one of the best tattoos about casino games. These tattoos are not only won by gamblers, but they are also worn as a symbol of good luck. A good luck tattoo design will also have a few symbols and elements that are often regarded as good luck signs in the society. These can be a leaf clover, a ladybug or a swallow. Some people believe that if you have such, they can save you from bad lucks and even change your fortune.

There are hundreds of casino game tattoos that you can choose from, and we have selected for you some of the best that you can have.

The Ace of spades Tattoo

The Ace of spades has been a very symbolic design for centuries. It is referred to as the highest valued card, even if this doesn’t work for all games. Though it was used in the 17th century by Vietnam soldiers symbolize death and afterlife, it was also used a form of good fortune.
Nowadays, it is symbolic of either having or wanting prosperity or needing the power to deal with the death of a loved one. With this tattoo, one is always hoping for good fortune and is strong enough to take chances in life with a strong mental toughness and without fear.

The 8 Ball Tattoo

When it comes to the most symbolic tattoos, the eight ball tattoo ranks among the best. A design of an 8 ball tattoo can include anything associated with gambling or any other symbols of your liking.

This tattoo is a symbol of both good and bad luck and therefore represents a mixture of fortunes. Sinking the 8 ball can have you win in many games while sinking it at other times can have you lose. It, therefore, represents ‘Chance.’ It is perfect for anyone who lives life on the edge or presses their luck.

Flaming Dice Tattoo

Dice tattoos have been used since ancient times, and they typically symbolize an unknown future. They are easily customizable to any theme to include various elements and symbols and give a particular meaning. A flaming dice tattoo majorly represents having a lot of luck on your side or shows your passion for gambling.

The Lady Luck Tattoo

The lady luck tattoo is an interesting tattoo that symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. It has a great sense of elegance by portraying a beautiful woman sitting or standing amongst dice, cards, and treasure.

Casino game tattoos can be done in different styles, variations, sizes, and colors. A man or a woman can have such a tattoo, and they can be done on any part of the body. To make them big, there are various elements that you can have included as fillers. Most casino game tattoos are filled with many small jewels, diamonds, crowns, balls and some other symbols. The best tattoos about casino games are usually stunning, colorful and full of artwork.