Benefits of Green House Cleaning

Green cleaning is the use of products that have environmentally friendly ingredients and cleaning methods with procedures designed to improve environmental quality and preserve human health. Going Green has numerous benefits to the health of clients and employees in a business environment. Implementing a green cleaning program at home is important in creating a conducive and healthy environment. It is also beneficial in the house since it helps in protecting freshwater from toxic products and chemicals.

Some of the benefits include:

Protecting your health

One of the benefits of going green is protecting an individual’s health from various harmful health effects brought about by conventional products. Symptoms such as headaches, sneezing, coughing, and skin rashes are brought about by using toxic chemicals. Some of the dangerous chemicals in conventional products are often mutagens, teratogens, neurotoxins, and carcinogens. Using green products will not harm your family or pets.

Makes cleaning easier

Greenhouse strategies make cleaning activities easy since the products take care of the overall hygiene in the house. For instance, vinegar can replace window and mold cleaners. This main benefit is also recognized by House Cleaning Portland locals who prefer eco-friendly products to conventional products since they make cleaning easier and faster. Portland residents also appreciate green cleaning products because they minimize the risk of bleaching their clothes or mixing dangerous chemicals. An individual can also easily tackle cleaning at home without having to switch cleaning products.

Cleaning your indoor air

Some of the convectional cleaning products can contribute to serious health complications and higher pollution when used inside the house. Convectional products contain volatile organic compounds that have been associated with health problems such as damaging the central nervous system, kidney, and liver. Using green products will not introduce harmful toxic substances in the air, thus ensuring that your indoor air remains clean and fresh.

Saves money

Green cleaning is also an economical and cost-effective way to keep your house clean and safe. The products do not have concoctions or chemicals but are made of natural products, for instance, essential oils. Thus the products can be homemade and money is saved when buying all-purpose, eco-friendly products that can do multiple jobs. Many manufacturers are entering the green sector, making natural products competitively priced and cheaper than the chemical-laden or conventional products.

Helps the environment

When deciding to use green products you are choosing to protect and preserve the environment. Most of these products are made in sustainable manufacturing practices that do not negatively affect the environment. Purchasing eco-friendly products will also allow an individual to give back to the community and also protect the environment. The ingredients are safe, naturally derived, biodegradable and non-toxic. The conventional products, however, contain ingredients that are from non-renewable resources, hazardous, toxic and non-biodegradable. Conventional products adversely affect the environment and the earth’s ecosystem.


People should use eco- friendly products to make their homes safer. Conventional products have many chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine which are extremely dangerous. Some of the products are toxic, flammable and hazardous. Pets and small children are vulnerable due to their high exposure levels. Starting green house cleaning today will minimize the high risks since the products are non-toxic and safe.