The Best Places To Travel On A Budget

Let’s face it we can’t all afford to spend thousands of bucks on our dream getaway every year, but the good news is that there’s plenty of places across the globe worth visiting without breaking the bank. Sure you may need to be a little adventurous and willing to ‘rough it’ upon occasion, but more often than not such vacations will be more rewarding than their air-conditioned and finely polished equivalents. Here are a few ideas on the best places to travel on a budget destinations from across the globe.

1) Central America

Don’t be put off by the scaremongering tales of high crime rates – the vast majority of serious incidents are rarely directed against tourists, and tend to be limited to certain easily missable hot-spots. The tourist dollar is essential for these economies and it means that even the cheapest traveler will always be looked out for (unless you do something crazy). Bold and well-prepared travelers will instead find a superb value for money and an astonishing amount to take in and enjoy. World class beaches, ancient jungle ruins, hospitable people and easily done for just $20-30 a day the likes of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama can deliver the vacation of a life time.

2) South East Asia

Forget the various miseries of the big cities, get out into the countryside and prepare to be absolutely awestruck. Cambodia is one of the best options, with honorable mentions to Laos and Vietnam (Thailand can be great but is more of a package resort place nowadays). The people again depend upon foreign income and will be incredibly hospitable the more off the track you go – which conveniently also corresponds to ever lower prices. Jaw dropping culture, history, and scenery will be found pretty much everywhere. If you spend more than $30 a day for accommodation, travel, and sustenance you will be running out of things to spend your cash on before long.

3) South Korea

The dollar is doing very well against the won right now making this a perfect opportunity to take in the bright lights of Seoul. It is rare to find any equivalent better value city destination to use as a base to explore the rest of the country. Super hi-tech with all the trappings of a modern big city, don’t be too worried about their petulant brother a little to the North. South Koreans have been living with it for decades and are reassuringly carefree. There’s a vast array of attractions and world class museums to check out around the country, with a top class travel infrastructure that helps getting around easy and affordable.

4) Eastern Europe

Take your pick. Croatia is the trending destination at the moment but for a budget traveler, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring at least three or four countries within a couple of weeks. Everything is cheap – and we’re talking restaurant quality meals for the equivalent of a Big Mac meal. As for where to go, special nods go to Slovenia for a budget alpine break (time it right for perfect snow holidays), the Baltic states for culture and variety, Hungary for the beauty of Budapest and of course Croatia for a little of all the above plus stunning beaches.

5) Portugal

For some unknown reason, Portugal tends to somehow not be one of Europes top tourist destinations. This is despite it being much cheaper than Spain, with gorgeous cities, breathtaking coastline, and a sumptuous interior. There has to be some kind of ‘keep it under your hat’ mentality shared between those who have visited, as there is simply nothing not to like. Lisbon is basically the San Francisco of Europe, just a lot cleaner and safer. Expect a warm welcome and a very easy going attitude/lifestyle (dinner is typically served around 11pm).