Animal Tattoos To Express Your Individuality

The old song says: “You and me, baby, ain’t nothing, but mammals…” There is no need to continue it) However, the idea of being an animal deep inside of us remains. Some of us have traits of character the cat possesses whereas the others are closely related to lions. Some people who like to eat a lot might be compared with hamsters, for example…Therefore, nowadays so many animal tattoos have appeared. We live in this wonderful time when each person can show the animal living inside of him or her by inking a good tattoo.

For example, let’s take butterfly tattoo meaning. Butterflies symbolize freedom and independence. So if you are not afraid to stay alone for a long time and value your personal space, this tattoo will highlight your personality.

There are also many other animal tattoo ideas such as lions, spiders, cats, dogs.


– Lions stand for strength and power.

– Spiders symbolize creativity and ability to be crafty.

– Cats’ tattoos underline intelligence.

– Dogs highlight loyalty and friendship.

– Owls may demonstrate wisdom.

So take time and do a little research to find the best 3d animal tattoos for you or your friend. Remember: each animal tattoo has some animal tattoo meaning, so you’d rather be careful and check everything in advance.




Humming Bird







Hope you’ve found the animal inside of you! Good luck!