32 Adorable Water Marble Nail Art That Can Make You Look Out of the Box..

Nails looks great after you get a perfect manicure. When you have manicured them with water marble designs then, words are useless. The designs says it all. If you look at the style, you  may find it tough and confusion but it’s not that hard. You just need to have focus and correct technique. With that, you will get  your way and start to blossom your nails.You know, hard work always do wonders same thing happens here. As these nail designs makes you look even more gorgeous than ever. If you desire to look amazing then here are 32 adorable water marble nail art, you can pick one and stand out of he crowd for sure.

Matte in Water Marble Style

An eye catching combination of matte and water marble nail art design using salmon, and bright yellow nail polishes.

Matte looks perfect with each and every design you go for. It adds a different effect in your nails and makes it more impressive. Have a look t this marble nail art, isn’t it flawless? If you think so, you can get it done by yourself. For this, you should have salmon, and bright yellow nail color.

Pretty Water Marble Nail Art

Water marble petals with glitter polish

It’s on you to go with such an amazing nail art or not. Look at the colors, aren’t they pleasant to your eyes? If you think so, then pick the colors and start. You can take white, violet, orange and pinkish yellow to give the same effect. All in all, having such a design on to your nails, you will be at ninth star.

Pastel Color Creation

Pastel colored water marble nail art design in shape of flower pattern,

When you find colorful colors glowing in your nails , don’t you feel great? You definitely desire to have such a nail art that’s gorgeous and can go with anything you wear. If so, have a view at this pastel nail design. It can easily go along with any of your dress and you can flaunt your pastel nails at any events.Thus,girls create it in your nails to mesmerize yourself.

Heart Water Marble Art

A heart and flower shaped marble nail art design using white and red polish.

Heart are seen in most designs of nail art. If the designs are modified and re-created with flowers then what’s say?Combining suitable colors like white and red, you can take this nail art to next level .You know it very nicely, hearts are symbol of love . If you want to express your love, you must have it done.

Patterns of Flower

Simply make flower patterns using blue and pink polishes in water marble nail art design and add blue beads on top for effect.

If you love to have bling in your nails, then simply go for this style. The blend of pink and blue is appearing radiant in every way. With that, the marble designs are creating wonders to these nails. To embrace your nail, all you have to select this nail art and glam yourself.

Swirling Designs

Create white swirling patterns for your water marble nail art design and paint them on your nails in contrast to a black base color and enjoy the results.

The combination of black and white is something we usually see . But the design is something out of the box. The swirling designs in this nails are appearing different. To have it on to your nails, you just need little patience. If you think it’s little tough,  you can check out some nail art tutorials. So that you can make exactly the same in the picture.

Sparkling Nail Design

Give life to your nails with a combination of yellow, violet and red polishes created with water marble nail art design plus silver dust on top.

Are you planning to stun everyone then, you should choose a correct nail art . If the nail art is like this in the picture, no one can stop you to appear beautiful. When these charming colors, violet and red are mixed together you don’t need anything  else. In my opinion, it’s just superb.

Theme Designed Nail Art

Add sparkle to your Fourth of July theme with a white, red and blue flower patterned water marble nail art design.

You can choose a theme and add design on your nails. Likewise, you can see in the picture a themed creation. You too can make your own with your theme. Maybe a Christmas theme or a New Year, you can get it done. Thus, style yourself with your own thoughts to add more spark to your work.

Splashed Effect

Loving the splashed paint effect on the nails? You can easily do this with help from water marble nail art effects.

Splashed effect nail art are incredible. With spreading of different colors on your nail, you can give them sophisticated look.You can easily create them on your own.  Just be little careful, while you scatter one after another. If you do that, your nails will appear flawless foresure. So, are you paint to set your nails with splash effect?

Gradient Style

Make your gradient nails perfect by adding water marble nail art designs using black polish and creating flower patterns.

Adding  flower designs with  colors can beautify your nails. You can’t top yourself to look at your nails again and again. The nails polish in multiple colors appear amazing .The color and design compliment each other perfectly. This design cant go wrong in any occasion. Try this nail art to create magic in your nails.

Apply More Colors

Paint your nails in abstract colors using water marble nail art design in blue, sky blue and violet polish.

You can make your nail a canvas, you can paint to. Applying different color splash you can get a adorable design. The mixture of blue, purple violet can make your nail look beautiful then, it used to be . So, girls make this style yours and be prepared to drive men crazy.

Go with Bright Colors

Light but classy water marble nail art design using baby pink, periwinkle and white colors.

This design is something you all look forward to. Whether your nails are long or short, you can create this design. Sometimes light colors can look classy such as in this picture. But to get such an innovative design, you need to do lots of practice. If you will do that, you will be gifted with dynamic nails.

Bubbly Design

Candy colored water marble nail art design in pink, blue, orange and green polishes.

Girls nail design are simply eye-caching . Like this one, full of colors and something that attracts you.With blue, pink orange and green color you can easily get this nail art.Keep one thing in mind, have patience while doing this. If you don’t, you will spoil your design. So, be careful.

Add Some Spice

Add dram to your gradient nail art theme by adding strips of white water marble nail art polish.

By applying two different shades, you can create a nice effect on your nails. You don’t believe me then check out this picture. The colors are looking adorable together. If you add white color stripes on these shades, it’s charm will definitely increase. So, try this nail art on your own and pamper yourself.

Floral Design in Water Marble Nail Art

Amazing looking flower patterned water marble nail art design in dark to light forest green shades and silver dust on top.

Green shades along with silver dust is creating magic. The design is out of the box and alluring too. It’s a perfect nail art for every occasion and events. You can use this nail art with your dresses and appear fabulous.Try to make this design yours and beautify yourself even more.

Add Confident

Add attitude to your marble nail art design by adding silver sparkles on top of the abstract pattern.

You can get varieties of nail art designs. But you won’t find such an amazing piece for yourself. Have a look at this design, you will fall in love with this for sure . By applying this nail art, you will feel like a princess. So, if you wish to feel like this, go for it.

Ocean Layer Design

Water marble nail art design in baby pink, yellow and blue colors.

These marble designed nails are really beautiful. If you want to show-off your nails but finding difficult to choose your perfect design, then here it is. Having such an adorable design you can impress anyone. At the same time, you can add charm to your looks as well.

Bubble Styled Nail Art

A bubble patterned water marble design using black polish against a gradient background.

Bubble designs using amazing textures is probably the delicate nail art. It goes along with any of your dresses in your wardrobe. As well as, having such a nail art you can rock in any events or even parties. So girls, take it seriously and start painting your nails with these lovely designs.

Flowery Water Marble Nail Art

Flower patterned water marble nail art design using white, violet and pink nail polishes.

Let’s try to change the style, you used to have . Can’t you think of something different that can strike others towards you. For that, you can wear this design adding white, violet and pink colors to it. This summer, you can style yourself using such design. I’m sure, you wont regret it.

Vibrant design

Fiery and a sure stand out, this water marble nail art design plays around with the orange, white and black color combination.

If you adore dark nail polish, you can go for this this nail art. The designs are something you might get to see less often. Using orange, white and black polish you can make the manicure look stylish and chic.As well as, you can amaze others with your nail art designs too.

Zigzag lines

A zigzag patterned water marble nail art design in black polish over a pink and blue gradient base color.

Stripes looks trendy and are in fashion . Then, how about using the same style with a twist. Drawing the lines in a zigzag manner, you can create your own style. You can apply this design all over your nails with adding gradient colors. Sketch the zigzag lines with black one. Now, your nail art is ready to make everybody go mad over you.

Lively Colors

A radical and sassy water marble nail art design in white, blue and green blue polish patterned together to create intersecting lines.

Blue, green and white colored design on your nails is a perfect nail art for you. This combo gives you a radiant feel and you will fresh as well. Doesn’t matter what types of nails you have, it will mesmerize your look from top to bottom. You can then, pick any dress with this nail design.

Polka Dots with Flowery Designs

A very pretty flower patterned marble nail art design along with white polka dots and flower details on a copper polish base

You can never go wrong with such an elegant nail art style. But you might think it’s little tough to get, do some practice you will surely get this done. For this design, all you need is grayish color as a base. With that, you can add flower design and polka dots using white nail color. All in all, your nails are ready to blossom.

Radiant Water Marble Nail Art 

This water marble nail art design is very creative in making white swirling patterns on top a gradient base color.

Fusion of white swirls over gradient colors looks absolutely amazing. These fabulous deigns gives you a vibrant feel. Your standard will be raised through your style. You can then,adorn them with dresses in hot summer season. Let everybody acknowledge your style.

Rainbow Colors

This water marble nail art design can easily remind you of sweet gummy bear colors because of its quirky color combination.

This water marble nail art appears like a rainbow. The colorful nail are appearing chic and stylish. Gives you a radiant look and presents our nail a charming appeal. If you feel to have such an outstanding design on your nails then,go for it. It’s really very easy to create.

Dazzling Water Marble Nail Art 

Awesome looking water marble nail art design in abstract pattern on top of a black base polish

Give your nails a spectacular look and flaunting this design among your friends. This color combo is little different and quirky one. But marble nail art merged with black is appearing really stunning.If you go for an outing near a beach, these colors can enhance your beauty at it’s best.

Eye-grazing Water Marble Nail Art

Another swirling marble nail art effect in neon colors against a black base polish.

The pretty nail design is something you can’t keep your eyes off. The different colors incorporated in one are looking highly magical.  Marvelous for every season, this nail art is something women die for. So girls, if you want the same get it now or else you will miss to look beautiful.

Incredible Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art-2

Women simply love manicure with beads into it. As they beautify your nails and drags everybody’s attention over you. If you wish to be the one, try this nil art and add some shine to your looks. You just need to have light blue as a base. Then, apply pinkish purple and white for the design. And you are done.

Amazing Water Marble Styled Design

French Water Marble Manicure Nail Art-9

Are you going to host a party or attending stuffs like that and worried about looking the best? Then, don’t you worry. You can switch your accessories with astonishing nail art design. You don’t need anything else. Just paint your French tips in white and violet nail color and stripes with silver beads in it.

Remarkable Flowery Nail Art

Petal Water Marble Nail Art-30

This nail design can make you appear out of the box . The flowery design gives your nails a different appeal. It goes well with any aged women. As the design is subtle and used in every seasons. To get this design, create the flowers with black and keep the base gradient like pink and purple. At the end, spread the silver dust to enhance it more.

Have Fun with Colors

Play along with various colors with this water marble nail art design in pink, yellow, orange and blue combos.

Adding different colors at once can sometimes a great feeling. Like this on the picture, you can apply sophisticated designs on to your nails. Such phenomenal manicure that blow everybody away. You can make way with this design going for outing with your friends. Thus, you will glow a bit more then you used to.

Something Creative  Nothing like making your nails into your personal works of art with water marble nail art design using white as your base color and black for the dripping details.














Are you finding a artistic nail art? If so, your wait is over. Have a look at this creative nail art design, isn’t this cool? You can blend it with your casual  wear and spread your charm. The black and white color are appearing like twinkling stars. Something that can make you get attracted towards them. Just love this one.