50 Beautiful Hairstyles That Enhance Your Round Face…..

Every women wants to transform her look. When you have a same look for weeks then months you get bored. So for a change, you can opt for a new hairstyle. With that, you will get an amazing makeover. Women with round faces can enjoy varieties of mesmerizing look. Some of them may be appropriate for you as well.

Straight Layered Hairstyle:round faceStraight layered hairstyle suits to all round-faced women. Although you have a long or short hair, having it pointed at the end will make it look subtle. This style stretches towards your neck and defines your chin.

Grunge Flower Child1If you love to have a short hair at the same time wanna look girly then you can try this hairstyle. It really looks gorgeous on round face girls. You can have this hairstyle done by cutting it up to your chin. Then for little messy hair you can use your hair products.Try it for a trendy look for all season.

Messy Updo Hairstyle:2Messy Updo Hairstyle is the coolest hairstyle for the average length hair. Styling this updo needs huge and thick hair. In this look, the trimmed hair is lifted upwards so that they don’t cover the face. You can amaze people with your good looks. You can use this hairstyle at ceremonies as well as on wedding.

Young Stylish Hairstyles3

This hairstyle is for those who want something different in their look. This appearance is splendid for round faces because it add outlook and shape to your chin and forehead.  It doesn’t twist like long hair does and an open neck can give a feel of sexiness.

Center Stage:HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 21: Actress Mila Kunis attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Ted" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 21, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)Long hair separated at the center with lightly narrow ends. This hairstyle enhances structures of your face. The style does wonders to those of us who likes to put dark eye make-up.

Wavy hairstyle:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You can use this hair style if you don’t check the mirror to time and again. This hairstyle is little messy. It’s for those who love to flaunt their hand through their hair, this hairdo works with them.

Fierce Pixie:6

This hair cut will memorize the look of fairy-tale creature. Hair gel helps to style those girls who are some how like tomboy.  This cut includes spikes and locks that smoothly wrap their forehead. With this hairstyle you can have a bold avatar.

Bangs Bob:7

Are you looking for a haircut which is easy to carry? Then you should try this cut. This hairstyle looks really good at office or any where you go. You can use any products as you like.

Short layered chic hairstyle8This Short layered hairstyle brushed on one side looks stylish as well as easy to handle. It addresses curves and showcases your round face in a subtle manner. This hairstyle is simple but trendy too.

Wind-Blown Glamour11

Wind-blown cut simply gives you an authentic look. This hair style can be used in casual as well as in parties. For this appearance you need a hair spray to give it a messy touch.

Refined Pixie12

Refined pixie hairstyles go with all round faces. This look adds a charm to the personality.  The hair displaying on forehead is creating magic on this lovely style.

Simply Sassy13

If you don’t really care whether what other talks about you then this style is for you. This style defines simplicity with elegance. And you won’t need any other hair product. It goes with jeans as well as with dress as well.

Wind Sprite14

This short hairstyle is manageable and simple to have them. In this style, your hair is flounced to one side and gives an amazing look to your round face.

Sweeping Bob15

Sweeping bob looks good on round faces. This style needs lot of strength to carry it. It gives a different spark in your appearance.

Medium hHair with Chic Curlsarrives at The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and InStyle Presents "A Night Of Firsts" at Cecconi's Restaurant on December 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.With your medium hair you can look stunning you know how. Try this hairstyle by adding curls only in your tips which will frame your face. And you are set to go for all occasions.

Teased Bob18If you have a short length hair you can grab this hairstyle. This hairstyle will not only make you look glamorous at the same time you will make men swoon.

Lavish Twists19You need to do is zigzag your hair before having curls on your up to down. You’re your hair towards the face after using hair cream. It will make your bouncy. You can also add volume at the top of your hair.

Royal and Attractive20For a splendid look try this hairstyle. It seems lovely on round faces. Divide your hair and make them straighten. You can do that using iron and it will give you an appealing glance.

Sweet and sSexy21This hairstyle requires a long hair. You just need a curling iron to make your hair tips wavy. It enhances your face composition and allows you to have it anywhere and at anytime.

Pulling Parts22

Its something different are you interested to do this? This is one of the pixel hairstyle, where you can separate your hair as much you want. It not only amazes the entire crowd but will blow you too,

Urban sStyle23Are you one of those who feel lazy to style your hair? If it is then, check this hairstyle. This hairstyle is simple and goes with all your outfits isn’t this amazing.

Busy BusinesswomanNEW YORK - JANUARY 06: Writer Deborah Kaplan attends the premiere of "Leap Year" at Directors Guild Theatre on January 6, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)This hairstyle presents you the feel of Business woman who believe in what she does. The style changes the structure of the face and connects you with the people around you.

Vintage hairstyleIf you’re the one who always wants to look different then why you don’t try this style.  This style increases its charm when you add a hat to this look especially in winters.

Grown-Out Bob32When you already had the bob and you are thinking to thicken them then you just have to give a layer end. With that, you can use your regular shampoo

Lively Layered and Sparkling33This one is another pixie-swept layered style. For this look you need to use hairspray or hair cream to have messy ends.

Bumped Ponytail34Wrap your hair around the ponytail’s hair band and apply pins to lock it. If you want to pull out few tresses on to your face, make sure they are arranged properly. Or else it will appear untidy and would look awful in formal events.

Mermaid Strands36You need to have long hair for this look. This style gives you a mermaid look and all you need to do is straighten your hair. If you can also divide your hair as you like.

Burst of BrillianceShort layered style is not that easy to carry. This style is specified only when you divide it from single point. It gives you an appealing look.

Magical Disappearing Tresses39Although you have short or long hair, this look can be carried as you’ve a layer of hair that plunge on to your chin. If you have long bangs then pull them on one side. This style will present your face with an elegant structure.

Classy Bun40Are you bothered to keep your hair in perfect style? Then there is an amazing hairstyle for you.  Tie all your hair up and make a bun. It’s an easy hairstyle as well as becoming famous in these days. With bold eye make up you can stun all the public. So what are you waiting for grab this style.

The Rogue41New haircut not only gives you look but changes your personality. Not every woman has the guts to shave their hair and those who do are exceptional.For round faces women this hair cut looks damn gorgeous. If you want a hairstyle like this, then go for it.

Shabby Updo with Bangs42This is a messy hairstyle requires soft and glossy hair. This style doesn’t hide your face but will frame your face in a subtle manner. Suits mainly on round faces and make it seem polished and oblong.

The Graceful Musician43With a simple ponytail you can drive the crowd crazy, just part your hair and leave rest things for your round face. This look will add outlook to your face.

Elevated Fashion44Form this style by binding your hair in a low bun at the nape of your neck. You can pull some tresses of your hair to fall your face. This look can be used in special occasion too.

High, Teased Bump45This only and only suits on round faced women. It is classy as well as easy to have. This style can give you pleasant look.

The Carefree style46Tie your hair in a ponytail and allow your front hair strands to flow around your face. Try to knot your hair loosely so that it can provide you a chic appearance.

Braided and Beautiful47Hair with braids is in fashion in today’s generation. It goes with all faces yet mostly on round faces. To include more glam on your face you need to have dark eye make up. With that your look is perfect for every occasion.

Modern Sensation48This hairstyle goes best with round-faced women especially those who have a curvy shape. It also makes your face look longer and graceful. You can have this hair style by straightening your hair tips and allow hair tresses to fall around your face which will give you can fluent look.

Humbly cComfortable49This is a style with simple medium hair with curly ends. With this look you can appear elegant and natural.

The Baby-Doll50Those who have round faces can easily have this look. This style gives you the look like a doll. You just need to have confident you carry it off. And what else, you will surely rock.

Timeless Mystique51Falling tresses down your ears can make you feel great on cold season. On summer, you can tie them with your pins. You can just curl your hairs from up and flaunt them easily.

Out of the BoxTop 100 Hairstyles for Round Faces_005

If you want to have some lively look with your bob then you can do it flaunting the tresses of one side higher than the other. With that you will not only have a new cut as well as can have a new appearance in the mass.

Tamed Bump54You can use this look wearing formal dresses or jeans. For this look you just have to strap your hairs with a bobby pin and tie your hair upwards. To add more glam to your look you can put on long earrings which will create wonders.

Long copper waves55You need to have long layered hair for this hairdo. This style frames you and your face in an appealing way. It maintains the softness of your round face and focuses on lips and eyes. To grab this style use volume-enhancing styling spray on wet roots before drying it with your brush.

Medium Bob56If you are interested in styling you’re your with bob then all you have to do is part your hair. Before parting straighten them or if you want to go with your natural look its up to you. Both look amazing on their own.

Playful pixie cut57With short hair you can look astonishing. If you want a short hair with a twist then you can go with this style. It looks little funky and can amaze the people around you.

A-Line58For round faced girls, this style is very beneficial. It helps you to present you the shape of your face. It gives your face a perfect finish. So go for it for a classy gaze.

Simple and subtle cut59Simple look for round faced girls. You can have it anywhere just by parting them. You can use the same old hair products for this style.

Messy cut with bangmessy bob hairstyle for round faces

This hairstyle not only exposes an influential outlook but also presents a cute composition on round faces. This cut is usually seen in teenage girls enjoying their school and college life. It is the style for those who love to experiment.

Lively and Energetic60This hairstyle not only exposes an influential outlook but also presents a cute composition on round faces. This cut is usually seen in teenage girls enjoying their school and college life. It is the style for those who love to experiment.

Coiffed bob61For a round face this hairstyle is lovely to have. Having a short hair you can have curly bobs on your lower tips and appear glamorous. To add some more elegance you can use dark makeup.

Long, tousled waves62In a round face, this style gives you a princess look. Having a long with wavy bands enhances your face structure. They give us the outlook and add an eye catching view. This look appears great with big lips and if you want more add dark red lipstick it will spark your persona

Feathery blonde waves63If you are fan of having bangs with medium hair then you are at correct place. This style is especially wonderful for those who are troubled with their broad forehead. Separating the hair to the side will give you a classic appearance and it mainly draws attention to your eyes. With this style you can impress anyone.

Casual curls64Hey are you concerned whether this style will look good on you or not. Let me tell you go for it won’t let you down. It not only looks good on round faces but embraces your face. The thick curls cover your eyes and you appear somehow mysterious.

Free Spirit65In this style, you simply look sexy. You just have to straight your hair and then flaunt your long hair all around. Try to use that hair product which adds volume to your hair.

Wild Sweeping Short66Looking at this haircut we remember Rhianna. This style is for those girls who don’t wants to pass their time styling their hair. For this they just have to blow their hair with hair drier and they are set to go.

Winding Tresses

With dividing your hair, your face gets a different composition. It really goes well with long and medium length hair. You can part your one side more than another. To add a little more chic you can use soft make-up.

Sensual and Voluminous

69It is for them whose hair is strong and soft. Before you grab this style, make sure you use anti-heat irons. And for more glam you can have your hair in a zigzag position.

Dreamy Girl-Next-Doorhairstyles for round facesEvery round face girl doesn’t look for long hair. You can look smart in short hair cut too. It goes wonderful for those who wear specs. With this style you can have sharp locks at your tips which will make your neck appear longer. All in all you look lovely.