5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Intimate Moments With Your Partner

It is always possible to benefit much more from your relationship. The more you put into your intimate moments, the more you get out of them. Close, healthy and rewarding relationships can improve your mental and physical well-being. As such, it is important to make sure that your relationship is giving you the most. Here are 5 tips which you can use for this.

1. Identify the specific aspect of your relationship which improves your personal self-worth

A relationship can influence your life in two ways. It can give you intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. An extrinsic reward is the specific social standing that it gives you. An intrinsic reward is fulfilling your need for communication and companionship. According to a study, men place a higher value in extrinsic rewards while women place a higher value in intrinsic rewards. As a matter of fact, women value the ability of a relationship to increase their self esteem. Therefore, it is very important to identify what type of benefit you get from your relationship. Also, identify how it affects your personal self-worth.

2. Focus on how to improve communication with your partner for a deeper relationship

If your sense of reward from a relationship is more extrinsic in nature, it is possible to make it deeper. This is so that you don’t miss out on the intrinsic benefits of your relationship. Communicate more honestly and openly with your partner. This will inspire them to reciprocate. In doing, so you will make your relationship deeper. Not only is an open, honest relationship capable of lasting longer, it also provides more satisfaction for both partners.

3. Enhance your sex life

The bond between partners is made stronger through intimacy. Sex is therefore an important part of any relationship. For this purpose, maintain your sexual health and assist your partner to do the same. An effective way of achieving this is by using sexual stimulants. The Orgasm shot can increase vaginal sensitivity. It promotes a lady’s ability to achieve orgasm. It is one of the methods that you can implement to improve sexual satisfaction.

4. Make an effort to work on your relationship

For a relationship to work out, it is necessary for both partners to make an effort into it. Studies have shown that a reciprocal relationship where the husband and the wife exert conscious effort delivers more satisfaction for both parties. When you put substantial effort in your relationship, your partner observes that it matters to you. This makes them more satisfied and less prone to conflict. Putting more effort in your relationship does not mean that you buy expensive gifts. Showing that you care, fixing problematic behavior and sharing responsibility are ways to make an effort in your relationship.

5. Seek your partner’s opinion

In most cases, the person who knows you best is the easiest to be honest with. As such, your partner is bound to give you more honest and constructive advice than anyone else. If you have a problem in your professional or social life, share it with your partner. They know your strengths and weaknesses. As such, they are most likely to give you the best advice.


A relationship is a wonderful thing. It promotes your well-being and allows you to experience life in a brand new way. The guidelines above can help you to get the most out of intimate moments that you share with your partner. They are effective and can promote the health of your relationship!