5 Greatest Wins around the World

The ultimate dream that every single gambler has it to one day make a big win that will change their lives forever. However, that is just a dream, and even the small wins can keep a gambler going. The idea of just winning can keep you focused on sports betting.

Winning big has happened to a lot of people, some out of sheer luck and some through careful analysis and risk assessment. Winning a slot machine jackpot or a lottery jackpot can transform an ordinary person to a millionaire in a matter of hours.

Here, we take a look at 5 of the greatest wins around the around the world. They are listed in no particular order.’

Archie Karas turning $50 into $40 million at the casino

Archie Karas is one of the most renowned names in gambling history, and he arguably is the man that has gambled with the most money in gambling history. The “King of Casinos” famously turned $50 into $40 million

It all started when he was a poor boy living in Greece. Following a streak of events that made him flee home, he landed in Las Vegas. It was here that it all began. When he started playing poker, he won and lost 2 million dollars, and he was left with only $50 to his name.

It is with that $50 that he decided to go to Las Vegas, and he happened to meet a friend who could lend him $10,000 to play high stake Razz. Within 3 hours, he had won enough to repay the loan with a 50% interest, and have enough left to keep on playing. Having been left with a considerable amount, he then managed to multiply it up to $40 million within three 3 years. His remarkable winning streak remains the stuff of legend.


Jon Heywood- UK Online Casino

Winning millions in jackpots and UK Online Casino bonuses while at the comfort of your home is everyone’s dream. Jon Heywood is one man that turned into reality after becoming an overnight multimillionaire by landing and earth-shattering £13,213,838.68 in a UK Online Casino.

Thanks to a euro-to-pound exchange rate of 1.3531 at the time of the win, Jon’s winnings equated to €17,879,645.12, beating the previous world record €17,861,813, set in Finland in 2013. What made it even more incredible for Jon Heywood is that this life-changing moment came courtesy of just a 25 p stake.

Charles Wells- Roulette

On one day, he won $1 million in profits after playing roulette for 11 straight hours. He literally ‘broke the bank,’ which means that he won more chips than are available on the table. He didn’t just do that once, but 12 times within the 11 hours of the night.

It was after Charlie Wells invented a fraudulent “musical jumping rope” that he decided to try his luck that day on roulette. He took 4,000 francs in chips and turned them into 1 million francs, winning 23/30 successive spins at one point.

After a year, Wells returned to the same casino and won some more a million francs within 3 days. In today’s dollars, those one million francs could be over $20 million worth.

Antonio Esfandiari

Though he has won huge amounts as a poker professional, his most historic win was at the WSOP Charity Poker event. Esfandiari was one of the 48 professional and amateur poker players that took part in the event, where one posted an unheard $1 million as an entry fee to participate in The Bih One for One Drop.

The tournament took place over 3 days, and 37 survived after the first day. By the end of the second day, there were only eight remaining. Esfandiari would go ahead and make history by winning a total of $18,346,673. His totals amounted to $23,245,828, the most any player has won in organized tournament history

Gloria Mackenzie- Powerball Lottery

One of the biggest lottery winners in history was an 84-year-old Gloria McKenzie, in 2012, Gloria became the greatest single winner of the Powerball lottery, with her $590.5 million wins. To win it, she beat odds of 1 in 175 million. This was after buying her ticket at a local Publix supermarket. Funny enough, a stranger in front of her in the queue had let her go first.

It was then the ticket that Gloria McKenzie bought would match all the six numbers of the Powerball lottery to win her the jackpot. She had previously bought for other tickets, with the total spend amounting to just $10.