42 Stunning French Nails You Can Go Crazy Over……

Nails seem to be smallest part of us. But you know what it can replicate our personality. It can grab attention of all. If you want your nails to be attractive then you can try French tip manicure. You can do it at saloon or at your home. With some practice and endurance, you can have a fancy French manicure any time you want. Here are some of the ways through which you can get some fascinated nail designs. So, what are you waiting for just grab them.

Black and Silver French Tip


Nail reflects your personality so be little trendy towards your nails. You can try the combination of black and silver using glitters. You can also add a stripe of transparent nail color with your brush and then give a touch of glitters over it. With that you nail will look amazing.

Long French Naildu

If you have long nails you can simply try French manicure. It will give you elegant look. For French manicure, take a cream color base and add white polish. Then, you just can’t get your eyes off from those classy nails.

Funky French Tipsf1

It depends on how your personality is. For funky designs, you can add different colors in one go. It will make your personality look more stylish and trendy. It will add a vibrant glow in your hands in any season.

Glitter Ombref3

Ombre is latest trend and it looks lovely on your nails. You can have it on usual days or for some special occasion like wedding and so on. It makes your nails delicate and attracts the attention within you. If you want to add glitter you can.

Flower Nail Artf4

Give your nails a different touch with floral designs in French tip manicure. You can use matte nail polish and colorful colors to design your nails with flower. Its very easy and looks perfect mainly on spring season

Matte Blue Nailsf6

Matte nail polish looks really stylish these days. You can try this if you want to have something different. Try a matte blue polish or use normal blue polish but before that use matte effect transparent polish to make the nail polish look like matte. After that you can use a normal blue polish with glitter on the top for the tips.

French Tip Nailsf7

The blend of French manicure and floral design add a unique charm. You can have delicates deigns with flowers using acrylic designs in it. It’s a nice combination. You can use them anywhere at anytime. So try it.

Classy French Tip Nailsf8

A bright and unusual French manicure mostly seen on summers. You can have them with your own way. It’s a simple French manicure but you can add your own idea. To add your style, you can paint one of your nail with different color. You must try once, it really works.

French Manicure with a Twistf10

It’s a typical French tip with a twist. It would look simple but for a change you can blend red color in your end of your nail on both sides. It will give a radiant look to your nails. It will not only glow your hands instead your personality too. So girls what are you waiting for, just try it.

Pastel Pink ombre nailsf11

Ombre nails are looks really modish. French tips nail designs can be charming and combining ombre it present a spectacular finish. The both colors gives authentic look to the nails and can attract anyone.

Royal Blue French Tip Nailsf12

This is an easy but an elegant French tip for square shaped nails. You can start with a base with a white color. When it’s completely dry, you can add a think layer of blue strips which will beautify your nails.

French tip Rhinestonesf13

Acrylic design is one of the hottest trends. Using glitter you can create a pretty acrylic nail design which will present a glamour element. Its simple yet can create a magic and make you look beautiful.

Animal Accentf16

If you love animal then you can add them as your nail art. Include strips of golden color in your nails. Then, spread correct amount of glitter that will surely help your nails to look chic.

Orchid style French Tip Designf18

It’s a new style having a new and a better theme.  Everybody is not gifted with good shaped nails so for them it’s the time to create your nails with beautiful shape and cute designs. For that you can add different design, like in picture flower designed have been used.

Green colored Acrylic Nailsfrench tip nails

Acrylic nails are very creative to see. If you are interested in decorating your nails you can apply this. For this you should use green color as a base with that use transparent polish to add a shine. You can also have beads or stones to give a delicate look.

French Tip Stiletto Nails


Stiletto nails gives a beautiful look in one’s nails. The shape it has is just out of the box.  It’s a perfect style to have them for grand occasions. The design can grab attention of all. Not only this, you will be showered with compliments.

Black with Silver Strips Nail Artft

It’s a casual style nail art. This nail art is simple but gives your nails an elegant look. If you want to impress someone try black nail polish and blend it with silver color. Then have a look at your nails, aren’t they looking beautiful.

French Manicureft1

Soft and cute French tips having a light pink color. Use white coats as a base in this French manicure. Then you can choose your color, we have used pink and its looking really superb. Try yours and charm your nails.

French Tip Nail with a Bow


Make your nails happy with your cute nail arts. You can coat your nails with white color and again add a thick layer of it. With that you can add a bead or stone of a bow as we have used. If you try this one, no one can stop you to dazzle.

Leopard Printpink

Leopard design is not that easy as it seems to be. This design really needs an artistic hand. If you good in arts, you can just pick up the colors you want and start. I have used pink and blended with white. It’s looking a great combination.

Pointed French Tip Design


A pointed shaped nail doesn’t suits to everyone. It depends on their hands and their nails they have. If you are the lucky one then you can simply try the combination of white and black. This colors match in every dress and at everywhere. You don’t have to change the colors with every outfits or season

Colorful French Tip Design


It’s a simple technique to make your nails looks beautiful. I can in sure that with this design your nails will look adorable. The multi-color will increase your glance your manicured nails. It will go with every occasion or with your casual days too.

Acrylic French Tipsring

Are you interested in giving your nails a different shine? Then, choose your nail color with a blend of glitters. We can choose white color as golden glitter goes well with it. Try to select your color wisely so that we can get a new look for our nails.

French Tip with Floral Design


French manicure is very common nowadays. That’s the reason it has added more design into it. And one of them is the floral designs which look dynamic on nails. You can design them for special occasion it can be wedding or any other function. I you like it, go for it.

Star Studded French Tip Nail Artstar

You can create your nails in different shape and size. One of the cutest designs is star studded French manicure. This looks subtle in nails and gives your nail a perfect look. Check this out.

Glittered with Black French Tips20

You can blend your French nails by using glitters. It will beautify your nails and also add originality to the French manicure and it makes it stand out. I like these because I’m crazy about black, but you could use your own color.

Simple French Tips21

It’s not necessary to have glitters and beads in your nails. Sometimes simple French manicure can look perfect. It can go with any theme or any event. Just try to use a color, with that your nails seems appealing.

Black Nail Art Design


You can help your nails to look more stylish than before. For that you need to add some designs in your French manicure. You can use your colors and draw strips. Then you will get to see your nail in different mode.

Simple French Tip Manicure with a Twist


You can make your nails more precise by adding a twist in your French tip nails. Although the rest of the nails look like your average French tip; light pink base and white tip, the other nail is colored in pastel pink. To add something different we have added a bow with use of glue you can stick it in your nail.  You can use stone or beads it’s up to you.

3D Nails


3D nails design can be said as new version of floral French design. The nails are coated in transparent colors for the base and poured with plain white polish. Different design can be used but I have selected a bow, as I find it really cute. Like this, you can choose yours and make your nails alive and awesome.

Kitty French Nail Art33

If you know how to draw pictures then you can do that in your nails now. You can sketch a picture of kitty. It’s so girly and any girl would love to have it. For this, you need use clear nail polish as the base of the French tip and white for the tips themselves. Draw the kitty starting with its eyes with black over the white polish. For giving it a glow, you can also add glitter as I have done.

Black French Nail Art


Natural nails are perfect in their own way. For this design you don’t need fake nails. Just need your natural nails grow a bit, and give them a shape. Use black nail polish only for the extra length, and transparent for the rest. At the end, you will see your simple nails in a different manner suitable for every occasion

Acrylic French Manicure


The combination of blue and glitters in a subtle amount is different and attractive. There are various elegant qualities of acrylic design. Here both the color is complimenting each other. In this design you should choose color carefully, sometimes it looks dull if it’s not chosen wisely.

Pink and White Animal Print


Pink is a color of bubbly nature. Most of the girls are fascinated to this color. The color of the nail polish goes from hot pink and white. It’s such a delightful combination. This design not only enhances your nail but captures the eyes of all towards you.

Flower Nail Design


Fun, flowery nails are wonderful for the summer season. The French manicure featured in the picture below is fabulous. The blend of black and white is giving a perfect picture. This design can be use by teen girls as well the women. You can have the design and can go with any dress.

Glitter French Nail Art


Its one of the ombre nails art design. The way the glitter is spread all over the tips it really looks pretty. First of all, the design is amazing and then the glitter added the charm in the nails. But keep one thing in your mind, use the glitter carefully. And if you liked the design, try and with that you can mesmerize the party or other events.

French Tips Acrylic Nails


Its one of the ombre nails art design. The way the glitter is spread all over the tips it really looks pretty. First of all, the design is amazing and then the glitter added the charm in the nails. But keep one thing in your mind, use the glitter carefully. And if you liked the design, try and with that you can mesmerize the party or other events.

Colorful French Nail Design


This design makes your nail ready for all seasons. The colorful nails shading with white dots add an amazing texture in your nail. Colorful French white manicure nail paint is a great way to possess as both unique and gorgeous. And it’s looking really marvelous

French Manicure with Matte Tips


If you want to stun and excel through your nails then try this matte design. It will give your nails an outstanding look. We all adore the matte and gloss blend; it adds innovation to the manicure, and it takes the design to the next level. So, just don’t say wow instead try it will look fab.

Crystal French Nail


This design is very popular among youngsters. You can say it as a fake nails. It’s not a real name but with a gel or glue they stick it on to their nails. The nails don’t need any polish as they already have such eye-catching nails. The nails are covered with glitters and some are with stones and so on.  If you don’t have long nails but love to have them then you can add these nails.

French Tip


This design is one of the simple and sweet designs for your nails. The attractive look and graceful French manicure starts off with a cream colored nail polish as its base and tipped with white polish. It seems very fashionable in whatever you do and you wear

French Manicure Design on Ring Finger


Always going with simple is sometimes boring. So you need to think for a better option. For that you can add something in your French manicure. You can design something unusual on your ring finger. That will not only enhance your nails but you will also get attention from your loved ones. One more thing, these design has no expiry date you can use it anytime.