4 Common Myths About Scars

A scar is the outcome of an injury to the skin. It is the remnant from the biological process of repairing a wound. Although some people dislike having scars to the point of getting it treated, it is a natural part of the whole healing process. Everyone experiences scarring though it differs in appearances depending on the severity of damage and the characteristic of the skin. There are plenty of myths surrounding scars that give false information and unrealistic views of women.

Covering Your Cuts so it Won’t Scar

When you get a cut, it will scar. It’s a common myth that you need to wait it out before you treat a wound so it will not scar. There’s a big probability that a wound will get infected if you do not clean and treat it with topical medicines like hydrogen peroxide and vaseline. If it gets worse, it will get a bigger scar. When you are wounded, no matter how big or small, disinfect first using antibacterial soap and alcohol then apply the medicine. You can wrap the wound using a band-aid to prevent abrasions and damage from sun exposure. Allow it to breathe by removing the bandage at night.

Every Scar is The Same

Not all scars are the same. It depends heavily on genetic disposition. Some skin types are prone to stretch marks, dark skin and keloid. Treatment is different for each skin type. What works for some may not work for others so you have to consult an expert when it comes to treating your scar instead of spending money on things that will not work for you.

You Cannot Treat Scars at Home

Expensive laser treatments and creams are not the only way to get rid of scars permanently. You can buy creams for mild scars by religiously applying them from time to time especially if you have people who are prone to sustaining wounds and cuts. Most children have the tendency to injure themselves from playing and exploring their environment. It is good to keep a scar cream for kids handy to keep redness and thickening of the skin at bay. This will also help them get the best care during the healing process and avoid further damage.

Scars are Marks of Life

It is not true that scars are great reminders of life lessons. Although that can be a good Philosophy, it does not sit well aesthetically. Some scars are produced by accidents, surgeries, and skin breakouts. It’s not always preceded by uneventful life experience. There are cases when scars should undergo treatment because it can impede someone’s life.

Scars are a natural part of the skin mechanism to completely heal itself from damage. There is nothing wrong if you want to cover it up or get rid of it. Busting out these myths can lead to a better understanding of what it really is. It can be useful information so you know how to deal with the scars that you have or you can just leave it alone if you want.